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    Éí biniinaa t'áá nanihi'deelyáháá doo níłch'i diyin hinááh nihiihdaahya'áá ge'át'éigo, Táá Diné niidlíígo náásgóó ahool'á. [Hence, as we were created and with living soul, we remain Diné forever.]
    — 1 Navajo Nation Code §201

    Navajo-icon.png Navajoball is the largest Indian reservation and second most populous 3-icon.png Indian nationball of Murica-icon.png Wááshindoon Bikéyah Ałhidadiidzooígíí (a.k.a. USAball). He lives in Arizona-icon.png Arizonaball, NewMexico-icon.png New Mexicoball, and Utah-icon.png Utahball, largely in deserts, mountains, and the intermediate steppe between. When he was independent he periodically fought and raided the First Spanish Republic-icon.png Spanish, Mexico-icon.png Mexicans, USA-icon.png Americans, and were sometimes friendly and sometimes hostile with Apacheball, Hopi-icon.png Hopiball, SPaiute-icon.png Uteball, Comancheball, and other Tribe-icon.png tribeballs. Even though he was taken over by USAball, his reservation has grown through the years. USA-icon.png USAball told him how to design a flag and now he gets mocked by NewMexico-icon.png Maryland-icon.png Alaska-icon.png Arizona-icon.png the states with good flags. He does get to mock Utah-icon.png Utahball though. Also, he loves to be different from others because 1) He observes Daylight Saving Time (unlike the rest of Arizonaball) and 2) No homosex marriage is allowed in his clay despite USA-icon.png USAball allowing it.

    Relations[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    • USA-icon.png USAball - Bossy adoptive father. But am still stronk! At least you remember when I helped you defeat Jap.
    • Arizona-icon.png Arizonaball - You made good deals with me, but could you please help me with my problems? And no I will not give up Daylight Saving Time just for you.
    • Hopi-icon.png Hopiball - An enclaved nation inside me who still says Daylight Saving Time is bad. Our ancestors were sometimes enemies. Anschluss.

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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