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    Dutch Republicball, also known as United Provinces of the Netherlandsball or Dutch Empireball, was one of the first European republics. It is the grandparent of Netherlandsball. was part of HREball for many years until 1648, when the 30 Years War ended. It had a successful empire that spanned the seven seas. It created a large trading post empire and was one of the first capitalist countryballs. It ate all Dodos into extinction in Mauritiusball. It also got angry at HRE because someone shot its soup kettle. it also was very fond of capitalism.





    • Spanish Empireball - Adopted parent who oppressed me for being Protestant.
    • Portuguese Empireball - Rival who is my relative. I launched an invasion on its child but it didn´t go well. At least I got some sugar cane.
    • Australiaball - Was the first to discover its land but it ignores this.
    • New Zealandball - Also original discoverer, New Zealand ignores that too.
    • Johan de Witt - at least you taste good....


    West Indie Possessions

    East Indie Possessions


    Republic of South Africa - Unity in Diversity
    Provinces and dependencies Western Capeball Northern Capeball Eastern Capeball Free Stateball KwaZulu-Natalball Gautengball Northwestball Limpopoball Mpumalangaball Robben Islandball Marion Islandball
    Capitals Pretoriaball Bloemfonteinball Cape Townball Johannesburgball
    Former entities 8ball Kingdom of Mapungubweball Dutch Cape Colonyball Ndwandweball Natalia Republicball Griqualand Westball Griqualand Eastball Goshenball Stellalandball Upingtoniaball Nieuwe Republiekball Klein Vrystaatball Zulu Kingdomball Orange Free Stateball Transvaalball Colony of Natalball Cape Colonyball British Transvaalball Union of South Africaball Bantustanballs
    Tsamina mina eh eh wakka wakka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa, This time for Africa!
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