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    Curaçaoball is a constituent countryball part of the  Netherlandsball. It is an island countryball located in the south of the Caribbean Sea, close to  Venezuelaball. It is part of what is known as the Dutch Caribbean.


    Curaçaoball was a  3ball first spotted by  Spanish Empireball in 1499. They enslaved most of the natives for labor without paying much attention to the clay itself.

    In 1634,  Dutch Republicball, who recently broke free from  Spanish Empireball, invaded and occupied the island, colonizing it. The clay soon became an important port for slave trade due to its location.

    The territories of  Arubaball Bonaireball and Curaçaoball became united in 1815 under  Curaçao and Dependenciesball where Curaçaoball was officially known as the Territory of Curaçaoball. This union was then succeeded by  Netherlands Antillesball in 1954, now including  Sababall Sint Eustatiusball and  Sint Maartenball. This time, Curaçaoball was under the name of the Island Territory of Curaçaoball.

    The union dissolved and turned into  Caribbean Netherlandsball on the 10th of October 2010 when Curaçaoball and  Sint Maartenball became more autonomous, while still part of  Netherlandsball ( Arubaball had already done so earlier in 1986).

    Nowadays, it is a constituent countryball in the  Netherlandsball.

    How to draw

    Drawing Curaçaoball is simple:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue.
    2. Draw a thick yellow horizontal line (decentralized to the bottom).
    3. Draw in the upper left part two white stars (in diagonal up-left to right-down). The right-down one can be turned into an eyepatch.
    4. Draw eyes and you've finished.


    zh:庫拉索球 pt:Curaçaoball

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