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    Nanjingball (Nankingball) is the capitalball of Jiangsuball, China-icon (subdivision).png PR Chinaball, and one of historical capitalballs of Chinaball. It is also the claimed capitalball of the Taiwan-icon.png Republic of Chinaball (known as modern day Taiwanball) and where the Nanjing Massacre happened. It can also into vice-provincial cityball. Nanjing in Chinese means South capital. it also has the west, east, and north version.


    Nanjingball was born as a 1ball, adopted by Dynastic Chinaball, Taiwan-icon.png ROCball and PRCball. In 1851, when it was known as Tianjing it became the capital of Chinese Jesus Land. After Qing-icon.png Qingball's collapse, it then became the capital of the new Taiwan-icon.png Republic of Chinaball. In 1937, it was infected by a Japanese Empireball and raped to near death. However, it has since recovered and is prospering.


    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Learn your lesson from your father!! He did brutally genocide me! And you denied Nanjing Massacre that never happened?? Despite this, you are still fine with me for now. Now I accept its citizens coming to my clay.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - I still follow your policies although I live with PRCball.
    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - Just because I'm a capitalist doesn't mean I'm no longer a communist state? HAH? ALSO, STOP RUMBLING ABOUT NUKES! I HOPE YOU WILL GET ANCHLUSSED BY PRCball! XIXIXIXIXI!
    • Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball - F***kKK YUOOO!!!! YOU ALMOST NEARLY KILLED ME!!! GOOD THING I DEFEATED YOU ALONG WITH KUOMINTANG REBELS!!! Also, your child feels ashamed of what you did about the MASSACRE! YOU WILL PAY FOR WAR CRIMINALS!!

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    Other ancient cityballs of Chinaball:

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