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    Time to split the Nazi scum, "Ally"
    USAball and USSRball in 1945

    The Cold War was a period of absolute tension between USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, caused by their conflicting ideologies and territorial disputes in Europe and Asia, fought with proxy wars by countries with either Soviet or American support, but never directly because of the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) caused by the invention of nuclear weapons. The Cold War lasted between 1945 and 1991.

    This article will contain tons of links to Wikipedia articles for convenience purposes. The Cold War also helped to cause the collapse of the Soviet-icon.png USSR.


    USA-icon.png Germany-icon.png Iron Curtain rises East Germany-icon.png Soviet-icon.png (1945-1949)

    All started when Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball and Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japanball were defeated and USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball took over his former clay. His sons Germany-icon.png West Germanyball and East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball were respectively adopted by USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball. However, in Berlin, (part of Soviet-icon.png Sovietball/East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball's clay), ReichRawr-icon.png there were also parts of it belonging to UKball, Franceball, and USAball. Germany-icon.png West Germanyball was later given those back in 1948, and East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball was given his own clay in 1949 by Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, who had also taken over most of Eastern Europe's countryballs and their clay (sometimes unwillingly), and forced them into Communism-icon.png communism.

    However, in 1948, Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball argued with Soviet-icon.png Sovietball over how communism should be like, and was then expelled from the Eastern Bloc. He was replaced by China-icon.png Chinaball (PRC) in 1949, after he killed his father Taiwan-icon.png Nationalist Chinaball and exiled his brother Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball, before taking over Tibet-icon.png Tibetball the following year.

    Soviet-icon.png Sovietball also developed nuclear weapons of his own in 1949, after USA-icon.png USAball had tested them in 1945, and dropped two on Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japanball in the same year. Making him surrender. As a result, USA-icon.png USAball formed NATO-icon.png NATO in 1948/9, to ally the capitalist countryballs against Soviet-icon.png Sovietball and his friends. In 1948 however, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball tried to take over Germany-icon.png West Germanyball's sector of Berlin-icon.png Berlin, and in response, USA-icon.png USAball airlifted supplies in, and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball ended the blockade a few months later. This was the beginning of the fall of an Iron Curtain across Europe, which would last four decades.

    Meanwhile, USA-icon.png USAball was trying to convince European countryballs not to join Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, by giving them aid, and (for Japan-icon.png Japanball) therapy, via his Marshall Plan, and helping them rebuild their war-devastated clay. In 1945, he had agreed to split Japan-icon.png Japanball's dying former slave South Korea-icon.png Koreaball's clay between himself and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, and adopted its daughter American Korea-icon.png South Koreaball, while Soviet-icon.png Sovietball adopted its son Soviet Korea-icon.png North Koreaball. South Korea-icon.png Koreaball than later died.

    On an unrelated sidenote, the Israel-icon.png Jewcubes not killed by Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball in the Second World War were placed in British Palestine-icon.png British Palestine territory, displacing him and forming Israel-icon.png Israelcube by the UN-icon.png UN.

    UK-icon.pngUSA-icon.pngSouth Korea-icon.png Korean War North Korea-icon.pngSoviet-icon.pngChina-icon.png(1950-1953)

    In 1950, under Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's encouragement, North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball invaded South Korea-icon.png his capitalist sister's clay, and almost succeeded in taking it all, but USA-icon.png USAball and the NATO-icon.png NATO members intervened, and took back all of South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball's clay, as well as most of North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball's. However, China-icon.png Chinaball joined the war, and pushed the NATO-icon.png NATO members and the war's front-line back to the 38th parallel, where they started peace talks at Panmunjom in June 1951. In 1953, they finally agreed to an armistice, but as of today, North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball and South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball still really hate each other to bits.

    In the meantime, USA-icon.png USAball developed a cure for polio, while going through some anxiety and developing some sort of a communist-phobia known as McCarthyism. UK-icon.png UKball fought a war with his adoptive son Malaysia-icon.png Malayaball who wanted his independence, and had also been forced to grant independence to India-icon.png Indiaball in 1947. Independent countries soon began to spring up all over the place, as USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball scrambled to claim them and convert them to either capitalism or communism.

    Nuclear Arms Race (1953-1963)

    In 1953, East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball tried to rebel against his adoptive father, so Soviet-icon.png Sovietball formed the Warsaw Pact-icon.png Warsaw pact, in 1955 as a reaction to NATO-icon.png NATO. In 1956, while USA-icon.png USAball was going through his Civil Rights Movement phase, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's kidnapped liberated slave PR Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball tried to rebel against his master. As a result, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball raped PR Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball, right in his Budapest, with tanks. But in 1957, he sent a satellite into space, Sputnik I, the first artificial satellite to ever be in space, beginning the Space Race between himself and USA-icon.png USAball.

    At the same time, they were also building lots of nuclear weapons, and in response to USA-icon.png USAball installing the Jupiter missiles in his ally and fellow NATO-icon.png NATO member Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball's clay. In 1959, a revolution occurs in Cuba-icon.png Cubaball which makes it a communist country, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball took advantage of Cuba-icon.png Cubaball's new communism fad in 1959 to install some of his own missiles there in 1961, within striking distance of most of USAball's clay. In response, USA-icon.png USAball blockaded Cuba-icon.png Cubaball's territorial waters, and demanded Soviet-icon.png Sovietball remove his missiles from Cuba-icon.png Cubaball's clay. Cuba-icon.png Cubaball claimed they were to protect his clay after USAball's failed attempt to invade it in 1961, at the Bay of Pigs. UK-icon.png UKball and several other countries built nuclear shelters and panicked. Tensions grew between USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, until peace conditions were reached in October 1962, with both the Jupiter missiles and the Cuban missiles being removed, and the world narrowly avoided a global thermonuclear war. A line was set up between USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, to ensure clear communications between the two superpowers.

    Meanwhile, Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball became violent, causing USA-icon.png USAball to intervene on his clay, and France-icon.png Franceball lost control of its adoptive son French Indochina-icon.png Indochinaball, after Dien Bien Phu was lost, and his sons Vietnam-icon.png North Vietnamball and South Vietnam-icon.png South Vietnamball became enemies. Their brothers Laos-icon.png Laosball and Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball could into dictatorships, as were many of the anti-communist dictatorship countryballs that USA-icon.png USAball supported, such as Nicaragua-icon.png Nicaraguaball, while Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball developed split personality syndrome in the early 1960s. Algeria-icon.png Algeriaball also gained his independence from his mother France-icon.png Franceball, in 1962, and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball built a wall around East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball's Berlin-icon.png Berlin clay in 1961, to stop Germany-icon.png West Germanyball's capitalist influence from slipping through. Also, Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball's forcibly adopted son Congo-icon.png Congoball became independent in 1960, France-icon.png Franceball and East Germany-icon.png West Germanyball had a son, EU-icon.png EUball in 1957, and USA-icon.png USAball protected Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball from China-icon.png his evil communist big brother.

    USA-icon.pngSouth Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam War Vietnam-icon.pngSoviet-icon.png (1955-1975)

    In 1964, USA-icon.png USAball became wary of Vietnam-icon.png North Vietnamball's successes against South Vietnam-icon.png his non-communist brother, so he fabricated an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, as an excuse to intervene in the Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball's clay. In 1965-67, USA-icon.png USAball destroyed hundreds of acres of rain-forests that were in his way, in an effort to stop Vietnam-icon.png North Vietnamball's evil communist influence, but the 1968 Tet offensive saw Vietnam-icon.png North Vietnamball gain the upper hand in the war, and his usage of guerrilla warfare against USA-icon.png USAball was taking it's toll. After USA-icon.png USAball's intervention became unpopular, he eventually gave up and pulled out of Vietnamese clay in 1973, allowing for the eventual victory by Vietnam-icon.png North Vietnamball over South Vietnamball when Saigon fell in 1975.

    In 1967, elsewhere in the world, Israel-icon.png Israelcube defeated the five combined forces of Egypt-icon.png Egyptball, Syria-icon (1963-1972).png Syriaball, Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball, Jordan-icon.png Jordanball, and Iraq-icon (1963-1991).png Iraqball in just six days, which was even more impressive than in the 1948 war. Meanwhile, North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball caught USA-icon.png USAball spying on him in his territorial waters in 1968, and Portugal-icon.png Portugalball fought a series of wars with his adoptive sons Angola-icon.png Angolaball,Mozambique-icon (1975-1983).png Mozambiqueball, and Guinea-Bissau-icon.png Guinea-Bissauball in the mid 1970s, culminating in their eventual independence in 1974/5. In 1968, Comecon-icon.png Czechoslovakiaball rebelled against his master, resulting in another Soviet-icon.png Sovietball rape, this time however, in his Prague. Also, in 1971, Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball was in a war with Pakistan-icon.png East Pakistanball because East Pakistanball wanted independence. This resulted in a war and a genocide against Bengali civilians. Eventually, East Pakistan won independence and became Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladeshball.

    As for the Space Race, in 1961, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball had gone up into space himself, a feat which USA-icon.png USAball matched the following year, and USA-icon.png USAball finally won the Space Race in 1969 by landing on the Moon itself.

    Detente (1973-1979)

    In the mid 1970s, USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball entered a period of relative peace called detente, after the end of the Vietnam conflict (1954-1975), and the Space race (1957-1969). In 1970, Chile-icon.png Chileball transformed to socialism, but after a certain traumatic event it became capitalist. In 1974, Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball invaded Cyprus-icon.png Cyprusball's clay, and raped him, creating Northern Cyprus-icon.png Northern Cyprusball. In 1977, USA-icon.png USAball returned the Panama Canal's clay to Panama-icon.png Panamaball, and celebrated his 200th anniversary of independence in 1976. Guyana-icon.png Guyanaball became suicidal in 1978 as well, and Tanzania-icon.png Tanzaniaball liberated Uganda-icon.png Ugandaball. China-icon.png Chinaball opened up after the Sino-Soviet split in the 1960s to USA-icon.png USAball's trading policies in 1978.

    However, in 1979, Iran-icon.png Iranball experienced a personality change, and held USA-icon.png USAball's embassy in his clay hostage for 444 days, while he could into kebab. Meanwhile, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball invaded DR Afghanistan-icon (1978-1980).png Afghanistanball's clay, to help a local communist government. As a result, USA-icon.png USAball gave weapons and ammo to some of DR Afghanistan-icon (1978-1980).png Afghanistanball's rebellious sons, who would later become the Taliban-icon.png Talibanball and Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball in 1988. This effectively ended the period of peace in the 1970s.

    The Second Time of the Cold War (1979-1985)

    In 1979, Grenada-icon.png Grenadaball became a communist with the support of Cuba-icon.png Cubaball, which caused the USA-icon.png USAball in 1983 to give it a little Freedom and Democracy. In the 1980s, Nicaragua-icon.png Nicaraguaball has a revolution which makes it an ally of the Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, Peru-icon.png Peruball experienced a series of bloody terrorist attacks, while Suriname-icon.png Surinameball plunged into a dictatorship and subsequent civil war, and USA-icon.png USAball and UK-icon.png UKball both had personality changes, and became incredibly anti-communist. UK-icon.png UKball and USA-icon.png USAball could also into Reaganite and Thatcherism, and when Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball invaded his son Falklands-icon.png Falkland Islandsball's clay in 1982, UK-icon.png UKball and USA-icon.png USAball set out to teach Argentinaball a lesson. The same year, NATO-icon.png NATO members protested against Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's rape and curfew of Poland-icon.png Polandball. Then in 1983, when Soviet-icon.png Sovietball accidentally hurt South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball over his airspace, this raised tensions between USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball. Tensions were raised even further later in the year when Soviet-icon.png Sovietball mistook NATO-icon.png NATO members simulating a DEFCON 1 for a war games drill for a real invasion, and almost resulted in global thermonuclear war (again).

    In 1972, A Palestinian nationalist group had caused an incident at Germany-icon.png West Germanyball's Olympic games, so Soviet-icon.png Sovietball thought it would be a good idea to repay the USA-icon.png USAball-led blockade of his 1980 Olympic Games, by boycotting the 1984 Games in Los Angeles. North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball also boycotted his capitalist sister South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball's Games in 1988.

    Fall of the Iron Curtain and End of the Cold War (1985-1991)

    In 1985, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball underwent a personality change, and used his new policies of glasnost and perestroika to help his economy, which had been failing throughout the 1970s and 1980s, to recover, by encouraging foreign investors to invest in his things. However, this backfired when his son Ukrainian SSR-icon.png Ukrainian SSRball accidentally caused a nuclear meltdown on their clay in 1986 at Chernobyl. Soviet-icon.png Sovietball tried to keep it a secret, but when Sweden-icon.png Swedenball detected it, his new policies required him to admit the truth, which unleashed decades of pent-up criticism from his occupied countryballs in Eastern Europe and also from his children, the SSRballs. Sovietball's only comfort was USA-icon.png USAball's Challenger exploding the same year, and his capitalist economy experiencing a severe dip in 1987.

    However, by 1989, there was lots of unrest in the Warsaw Pact-icon.png Warsaw Pact nations. Romania-icon.png Romaniaball could into democracy in 1989, and Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball left the Pact the same year. By August, Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball had torn down the border fence between his clay and Austria-icon.png Austriaball's, and Czechia-icon.png Czechoslovakiaball and Poland-icon.png Polandball held their first free elections that year. Later In November 1989, East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball and Germany-icon.png West Germanyball tore down the Berlin Wall, and they were reunified in spring 1990, forming a united Germany-icon.png Germanyball. Soviet-icon.png Sovietball was forced to withdraw from DR Afghan-icon.png Afghanistanball's clay after that.

    By 1990, all the Eastern Bloc countries had left, and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's sons started to hate communism and than began to rebel against him, taking advantage of his ailing health. In 1990, Estonian SSR-icon.png Estonian SSRball, Latvian SSR-icon.png Latvian SSRball, Lithuanian SSR-icon.png Lithuanian SSRball, Transnistria-icon.png Moldavian SSRball, and Ukrainian SSR-icon.png Ukrainian SSRball left Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, and by summer 1991, only 3 were left. Soviet-icon.png Sovietball died when his son Russian SFSR-icon.png Russian SFSRball took power in a coup in August 1991, and was dead by 25th December, 1991. In 1992, Russian SFSR-icon.png Russian SFSRball renamed himself Russia-icon.png Russiaball, and the Cold War had ended.

    USA-icon.png America was trying to stop the spread of Communism-icon.png communism, making the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Union mad, so they both built nukes but were too scared to use them because they feared of nuclear war (who didn’t?). This continued until the fall of the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Union.


    NATO-icon.png NATO/Western Bloc members

    Global Western Bloc (outside NATO members)

    Warsaw Pact-icon.png Warsaw Pact/Eastern Bloc

    Other Soviet Allies

    Non-USSR aligned communist states


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    2-icon.png Migrants from South (Steppe Peoples)Bukhar Khudahs-icon.png Bukhar KhudahballPrincipality of Farghana-icon.png Principality of FarghanaballSamanid Empire-icon.png Samanid EmpireballGhaznavid Empire-icon.png Ghaznavid EmpireballSeljuk-icon.png Seljuk EmpireballGhurid Dynasty-icon.png Ghurid DynastyballAbbasid-icon.png AbbasidballQara Khitai-icon.png Qara KhitaiballKhwarazmian dynasty-icon.png Khwarazmian dynastyballChagatai Khanate-icon.png Chagatai KhanateballMongol Empire-icon.png Mongol EmpireballIlkhanate-icon.png IlkhanateballKurt dynasty-icon.png Kurt dynastyballTimurid Empire-icon.png Timurid EmpireballKhanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of BukharaballSafavid-icon.png Safavid dynastyballEmirate of Bukhara-icon.png Emirate of BukharaballAfsharid dynasty-icon.png Afsharid dynastyballKhanate of Khiva-icon.png Khanate of KhivaballRussia-icon.png Russian TurkestanballTurkestan ASSR-icon.png Turkestan ASSRballKhorezm SSR-icon.png Khorezm SSRballTurkmen SSR-icon.png Turkmen SSRball