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    Persia just made persia persian again. Let's make it the other kind of islam, the one where we thought the first guy should've been the other guy.
    — bill wurtz

    Safavid Empireball was an Persian empireball that lasted from 1501 to 1736. It also fought against rosbif and hue.


    At the end of the 1400s, when the Timurid empire was weakened by other Turkic empires, Safavid came from Persia and Tabriz, crushing Timurid's clay in Persia. After that, it took the whole of Persia.

    When the Mughal empire was doing conquests in India, it helped and gib Mughal many muskets and cannons. At last, Mughal became stronk because of its aids.

    In the early 1500s, when it and Mughal traded in Java and Sumatra island, it spread Islam in Java and Sumatra after Umayyad.

    In 1514, it declared war against Ottoman. Because of that, it lost land. In the 1530s Ottoman and Safavid started fighting again. This time it lost Iraq and was entirely pushed out of Mesopotamia.

    In the early 1700s, it was weakened by the Hotak dynasty which came from Afghanistan. Then, an Afshar tribe leader, Nader Shah helped it retake its clays from Hotak. Then its child Afsharid Empire replace it as the new Iranian power and pushed the Ottomans out of Iran.



    • Afsharidball - My child. Thanks for helping me repelling Hotak Idiot. Ok, yuo can replace my reign.
    • Kingdom of Englandball - One of the few true foreign allies. Helped me against the ottomans by teaching your modernizations , helping me deal a crushing blow against the ottomans between 1603 and 1605. But can yuo please tell your son to not carve up my descendants, even if I really dislike them.
    • Republic of Veniceball - Another Great foreign ally , we did a lot of trade and even exchanged diplomats !
    • Habsburg Monarchyball - Yet another friendly power , even made an alliance to deal with Sunni Bastard.


    • Mataram Sultanateball - Javanese friend. Thanks for became kebab. But stop being friends with Mughal because it is Sunni and not Shia!
    • British Empireball - Unlike your father . You have to be such a nuisance bothering my descendants and trying to grab their clay . REMOVE !!!


    • Timuridball - Barbarian who got killed by me. Hehehehehehe....!!!
    • Aq Qoyunluball - You lost to my 13 year old shah and a bunch of red hats ! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    • Hotak Dynastyball - FUCK OFF YUO AFGHAN RUINERS!!!
    • Ottoman Empireball - Fuck you Sunnis we were supposed to unite all the Turkish Alevis (Shias) under one banner, one empire but you destroyed us as long as we arrived in Turkey. Especially fuck you Sultans 4th Murad and Bayazıd!
    • Mughalball - Stop ruining my eastern clay! I helped yuo when yuo are doing conquests in India. Why yuo not becoming Shia? Just Because I cruel to sunnis? WELL, EXTREME WAR THEN!
    • Dutch East Indiesball - Stop taking my sea yuo Western piece of shit!
    • Kingdom of Portugalball - Screw yuo ! We have given the spices and other stuff that yuo wanted yet yuo took my islands ! GIVE BACK HORMUZ NOW !!!
    • Russian Empireball - Fuck off from the Caucasus and Central Asia, Tsarist scum!
    • Qajarball - Yuo piece of shit killed my only son and pretended to be me ! I am grateful that yuo are burning in hell.
    • Saffaridball - Name stealer! Remove!


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