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    Holyfuxball Halifaxball is the capital cityball of Nova Scotiaball, one of the Atlantic provinces of Canadaball.

    A very vibrant and very friendly cityball, Halifaxball is always showing its pride in its people and culture. People from other countryballs long ago came to Halifaxball by boat to start a new life in Canadaball, and it welcomed them with open arms. This major immigration centre now stands as a museum. It has a very good major junior hockey team, the Halifax Mooseheads, who won the Memorial Cup in 2013, and Sidney Crosby, the NHL's best player right now, is from it.

    It has also proven to be very brave and resilient. In 1917, a Franceball-owned ship blew up in its harbour, devastating its clay. Bostonball was the first to help it out, and as a thank-you Halifaxball sends it a Christmas tree. And during 9/11 when USAball's airspace was closed after Al-Qaedaball attacked New York Cityball, it took in the most diverted flights as part of Operation Yellow Ribbon, along with help from Torontoball, Vancouverball, Calgaryball, Edmontonball, Monctonball, Montrealball, Hamiltonball, Whitehorseball, Yellowknifeball and Winnipegball as well as a few other cityballs.

    In 1998, Swissair flight 111 crashed into the waters by Peggy's Cove outside Halifaxball's city limits. As a tribute to the victims, Canadaball sends flowers to Switzerlandball every year.

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