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    Urartuball was an ancient empireball situated in what is now the clay of Armeniaball, Turkeyball, and some of Iranball and Iraqball. Urartuball was the spouse of Nairiball. Its parent was Hayasa-Azziball.


    Urartuball was created when a group of Middle Eastern 4balls wanted to unite against Assyriaball. By accident Assyriaball recorded Araratball, which was actually the capital province not the kingdom, as Urartu. Urartuball's real name was Kingdom of Vanball (in its own language, Biainiliball).

    It sprung up around the Lake Van in Anatolia. Urartuball became very stronk in the 700s BC, taking clay from Assyriaball and surrounding areas, stretching east into Ararat valley and Lake Sevan, and north toward Black Sea, but it declined in the next century.

    Ironically, Assyriaball and Urartuball got so caught up in removing one another and swapping clay that both were weakened and then overtaken by Scythiansball, Cimmerianball and finally Medesball, the predecessor of Persiaball. Urartuball's child Armeniaball survives into the present day, and actually gets along well with Assyriaball's descendants.

    Urartuball was into founding the cityball of Erebuniball, now called Yerevanball, the current capitalball of Armeniaball, in 782 BC. Urartu's own capitalball, Tushpaball, eventually became Vanball, which is also still around, though taken by kebab.

    Since Urartuball is too old for flag, its symbol is the Tree of Life, found engraved on many of its bronze helmets.

    How to draw

    Draw Utartuball isn't very difficult:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this yellow
    2. Draw a black border of a Tree of Life
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

    Additionally you can add a pointy bronze helmet at the top, but this is optional. Some of its helmets are a golden bronze, others are gray due to age, but can still into looking badass. Sometimes includes designs that symbol the lightning of the god Theispas.



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