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    — Shanxiball

    Shanxiball is a provinceball of Chinaball. It is famous for its knife-cut noodles and so much coal ore. It is where the Jin Chinese dialect is spoken.


    Shanxiball was born as a 1ball, later adopted by Dynastic Chinaball. Taiyuanball was established by Tangball. The lands were called "Jin," referring to the Great Chinese Plains. The region developed under Songball as the northern capital. But the province's global economic and cultural development was severely damaged by the early modern era.

    In ROCball times, it was the most stable warlord state. It was controlled by Yan Xishan who wanted to unite China by nationalism. His ideology was built around a position that was held by Chinese Conservativism and semi-religious organizations called "Heart-Washing Societies" (洗心社)., but later on he brought himself into the Communist rhetoric. that only through ethical progress could true economic and social progress be achieved. In all, Yan Xishan combined the "best elements" to run the province, elements that were both from the oriental homeland as well as the western world.

    Shanxiball is an old revolutionary. In 1921, early Chinese communists formed a socialist youth league in Taiyuanball to carry out revolutionary activities. After the Long March of the Chinese communistballs arrived in northern Shaanxi, it led the main force of the communistballs to cross the river eastward and spread the seeds of revolution in all parts of western Shanxi, central Shanxi and southern Shanxi.

    After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, the main force advanced into the Shanxi Cliqueball and established the anti-Japanese base behind the enemy. During the eight-year war of resistance against Japan, Shanxi was an important strategic fulcrum of the national war of resistance; local party ball organizations in Shanxi cultivated 150,000 Communist Party balls and sent 600,000 enthusiastic young people to the base.

    In April of 1949, Shanxiball was liberated and currently remains a part of PRCball.


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