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    New Brunswickball is a maritime Provinceball in Canadaball. It has international borders with Maineball, USAball. It also has a bridge connecting to Prince Edward Islandball called "Confederation Bridge".

    Of Canadaball's provinces, only New Brunswickball can into perfect Bilingual but not into English (Mais qui a besoin de l'anglais quand vous pouvez en français?)

    It can also into Lobster, too! With big market for the tasty seafood in New Brunswickball!

    It suffers from floods on It's clay and get's aid from programs and organizations such as The Canadian Red Crossball, Flood Damage Reduction Program(1976-2000), and Environment Canada Sea Level Rise Project.


    New Brunswickball was officially born as a 3ball, then it was adopted by Franceball and was part of the New Franceball colony in Acadiaball. Franceball then surrendered New Brunswickball and Nova Scotiaball to UKball. New Brunswickball was considered part of Nova Scotiaball but there was a partition in 1784 and Nova Scotiaball was divided into two and that's when New Brunswickball was officially born(Still under British rule). It later joined Nova Scotiaball, Ontarioball, and Quebecball in a confederation to form the Dominion of Canadaball. It's economy got better and New Brunswickball was happy.

    How to draw

    DrawING New Brunswickball is a pain:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this yellow
    2. Add three wavy lines on the bottom, blue, white and blue
    3. Draw a brown ship with a white sail sailing the wavy lines
    4. Draw a red upper stripe with a yellow horizontal heraldic lion on it
    5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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