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    Massachusettsball or Massacreball is a stateball in northeastern USAball and known for the settlement of the Pilgrims who came from Plymouthball and migrated in 1620.
    . After many centuries it became partly Irish. It is famous for John Cena its cod, sports teams (especially Red Socks and Patriots) and its interesting history. REMOVE YANKEE!

    Massachusettsball is also one of the smallest states, being 7th smallest state.

    The flag of Massachusettsball was used to have a front and back that are different until 1971!!


    Massachusettsball was officaly born as a 3ball. Massachusettsball derived its name from the Massachusettball, 3ball tribe also existing in Connecticutball and Rhode Islandball.

    The first settlement was on 1620, where Englandball founded Plymouth Colonyball majority of settlers descended and left from the port at Plymouthball.
    Massachusetts Bay Colonyball was born in 1628. Plymouth Colonyball was quickly absorbed into Massachusetts Bay in 1636 and started putting claims on its younger sibling's New Hampshireball and Maineball. Maineball quickly submitted after its governor died. New Hampshireball refused Massachusetts' demands, but Massachusetts Bay used the King William's and Queen Anne's Wars to its advantage, and Massachusetts Bay was allowed to govern New Hampshireball, but New Hampshireball was still de facto independent because it was not Puritan. Massachusetts looked South to its other younger siblings, Connecticutball and The Providence Plantations.

    They refused solely, however. Massachusetts and its siblings helped their parent UKball and the rest of its family win the Seven Years War against New Franceball and all of Canadaball became an official family member. Happiness did not last, and UK started taxing the colonies. Massachusetts started hanging dummies from a tree that were tax collectors. The American Revolution started on its clay in 1775. It, along with 12 other states, formed USAball in 1776. After many revolutionary movements, UK declared war against the patriots occupying parts of Massachusetts. The Patriots eventually won and Massachusetts Bay became known as just Massachusettsball.

    It was the sixth state to ratify the Constitution, on February 6, 1788.


    In 1912, the city of Lawerenceball faced a lot of conflict due to wage cuts. It invented basketball in 1891 in a school. It became the first state to legalize homosex marriage in 2004. On 2016, even though it was the worst year of its life, because Hillary lost, it allowed and now can into weed, and the next year, its own football team, the Patriots came back and won against the Falcons after the first OT, setting a record in Super Bowl history. GO PATS!!!!


    Friends and Allies

    • Bostonball - My cool and famous son, diverse and intellgent at one moment and chaotic and "hood" at another. He can't beat Cambridge
    • Vermontball, New Hampshireball, Rhode Islandball, Maineball - New Englander club, assemble!
    • Maineball - Lil' Canada, eh? I used to own it until it got tired and became independent. But one day I'll annex it!
    • - My Weed Buddies!
    • USAball - Parent. I'm pretty much where it all started. Also I'm smarter than most of the family hehe.
    • UKball - Grandparent. Never forget the Revolutionary War, where you annexed me multiple times and my parent kept on having to get me back! Dumping tea into the sea was the best time of my life!
    • Thailandball - King Bhumibol was born in my clay, I'm so sad when he's gone..
    • Dominican Republicball, Haitiball & Puerto Ricoball - I have many immigrants from the Caribbean here, but it's mostly these countries. Like sibs, I really, really, love their koompa music, dancing, and cooked food!
    • Cabo Verdeball - Similar to the Caribbean trio, I let its diaspora check 'Cabo Verdean' as their ethnicity. Also, you seriously need more rain...

    Complicated and Neutral


    • New Yorkball - Mixed bag of emotions about it, mostly negative. This prick thinks it's better than me at football, Ok let me just say: CRINGY YANKEE, RED SOX IS TOTALLY BETTER YOU STIPID DUNCE! Otherwise doe, some aspects of it seem cool. Please DON'T tell them I said that
    • Georgiaball - Cope harder you vodka puppet! WE CAME BACK TO DESTROY YOU IN THE NFL!
    • Pennsylvaniaball - They beat us in the Super Bowl...
    • Molossiaball - YOU STOLE MY CAPITAL NAME!!! REMOVE!!!

    How to draw

    Like almost every US state, Massachusettsball is a coat of arms on a background:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Draw the coat of arms of Massachusetts in the centre
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    zh:ι¦¬θ–©θ«Έε‘žηƒ pt:Massachusettsball

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