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    Hey! Dis movie is actually pretty good!
    — Wake Islandball reacting to the movie called Wake Island

    Sorry, this beer has sand in it.
    Wake Islandball sharing drinks with Hawaiiball


    Wake up Islandball is one of USAball's many oil bunkers a territory of USAball. It lives on a coral atoll, which is a kind of island clay. It is part of the US Minor Outlying Islands, even though it doesn't like being called minor. It calls itself Wake Island because it is always the first one awake in USAball's family. It hates being called the "Irrelevant Czechiaball" because they have similar flags and drink lots of beer.

    Its old names were EnenKioball (It will be my name again soon!), San Francisco Islandball, Halcyon Islandball, and Otori-Shimaball (Bird Islandball; JAPAN IS PIG!!!) It loves playing battlefield 5 because it is in it.


    Wake Islandball was born as a 7ball and was discovered by Spainball in 1569. Although it discovered Wake Islandball, other countryballs forgot about that and then they thought that they discovered it. After some time, Wake Islandball was adopted by USAball in 1796. In 1941 it was attacked by Empire of Japanball. USAball tried to help it, but it later became more interested in taking down Japanball on other lands. Wake Islandball had to defend itself, for which it couldn't do it alone as Guamball and Hawaiiball were also into fightings. After some resistance, Empire of Japanball can into conquer, as Wake Islandball surrendered.

    Wake Islandball was then named Bird Islandball, for which Wake Islandball would've killed anyone who called it "Bird Island", but not this time. After some years and nukes, Empire of Japanball surrendered and Wake Islandball was then returned to USAball in 1945. It changed its name back to Enenkioball Wake Islandball. It helped Vietnamball refuge from the Vietnam War and Philippinesball from the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Wake Islandball wanted to help Bikini Atollball seek refuge from the "gifts" USAball was using on its clay, but USAball refused. As for now, it is also claimed by Marshall Islandsball.


    Wake Islandball is usually nice and helpful to everyone who needs help, but it becomes merciless and evil to Marshall Islandsball because Marshall Islandsball wants to anschluss it. Also, since Wake Island can into bars, it gets drunk often with its pal Hawaiiball. It tends to destroy ships that are coming its way, which tends to piss Northern Mariana Islandsball off.

    Islets ("Provinces")

    Wake Islandball has three islets.

    • Wake Isletball- It is the one that can into an airport. It is also the biggest. Most military stuff that USAball and Wake Islandball does is located in its clay.
    • Peale Isletball- It basically has the biggest "city" in Wake Islandball's clay. This is where Wake Islandball gets drunk, eats some food, and goes to sleep. Pls visits!
    • Wilkes Isletball- It is the isolated and useless one. It is also the smallest. All it has in its clay are trees and storage tanks. It actually can into oil, so maybe it isn't that useless after all.



    • USAball - My humble parent that didn't help me from banzais. He confuses me with Texasball, Chileball, and Czechiaball because we have similar flags. Pls don't test nukes on me! I HAVE OIL STORAGE TANKS!
    • Hawaiiball- Another friend that visits me frequently.
    • EnenKioball- A seperatist group that wants me to be their ruler? Sounds like a good idea!


    • Spainball- My parent discovered me. I respect it and all, but it always called me useless!!! Look at me now! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HA! YUO COULDN'T BEAT MY PARENT AT WAR!


    • Empire of Japanball- REMOVE KAMIKAZE!!! It brutally banzai'd me! It ate all my native birds and it still calls me Bird Island???!!! YOU RUINED MY BIRD POPULATION!!! I'M SO GLAD MY PARENT NUKED YOU!


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