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    Saint Petersburgball (Florida)

    Saint Petersburgball Saint Petersburgball is a city of Russiaball Floridaball that has the same name as the famous and second largest Russian cityball. Calls himself St. Peteball sometimes. He is located across the bay from TampaRawr, on the west coast of Floridaball. His neighbour to the north is Clearwaterball, the Pinellas County seat.


    Saint Petersburgball was founded in 1888, named by a Russiaball immigrant who was homesick for the other, Russian St. Petersburgball. Because this was before communism, USAball allowed it. He was named from a coin spin, and the St. Peteball name wins. If the other side won, which was Detroitball's name (from a Detroitball immigrant, also homesick for the other, Michigan Detroitball), he would've been way more irrelevant today. At least Detroitball's name can into hotel name in St. Petersburgball.

    The two cityballs were declared Twin Cities much later, but still get annoyed by one another for having same name.

    St. Petersburgball developed into a booming cityball with nice beaches to attract Canadaball and US Stateballs from the north during winter. He hopes to become as noteworthy as TampaRawr. Can into fancy restaurants of craft beer and organic food, as well as some art museums, and even BASEBALL, although TampaRawr wants to take baseball, but he doesn't know what to do. He likes Salvador Dali a lot and is known for it's Anti-LGBTQ Pride parade every June.


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