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    Vijayanagara Empireball was a major Hindustani countryball.


    The empire was founded by two brothers- Harihara and Bukka, sons of a chieftain named Bhavana Sangama. They drove out Delhi Sultanateball from South India, anschlussing liberating the area and bringing it under their control. The Sangama dynasty consolidated its position, conquering many other petty kingdoms and chiefdoms.

    The Vijayanagara Empireball had 4 dynasties-

    • Sangama dynasty
    • Saluva dynasty
    • Tuluva dynasty
    • Aravidu dynasty

    General Saluva Narasimha Raya deposed the last Sangama king to prevent the empire from collapsing. The Saluva dynasty was in turn deposed by the popular Tuluvas. Krishna Deva Raya of the Tuluva dynasty was the greatest king of Vijayanagara. He revived the Vijayanagara power by defeating Gajapati Kingdomball and the Deccan Sultanates (Ahmadnagarawr, Golconda Sultanateball, Bijapur Sultanateball, Bidar Sultanateball and Berar Sultanateball).


    The powerful regent Aliya Rama Raya, son-in-law of Krishna Deva Raya, was very skilled & shrewd. However, his intervention in the politics of the Deccan Sultanates resulted in them uniting against Vijayanagara and defeating them at the Battle of Talikota in 1565. After the crushing defeat, Hampiball, the prosperous capital of Vijayanagara was sacked and looted, burnt to the ground. The Aravidu dynasty would rule the now feeble Vijayanagara Empire for another 2 centuries. With central authority declining, the feudatories of Vijayanagara, especially the Telegu Nayak chieftains grew increasingly in importance and influence. The empire collapsed completely with the deposition of Sriranga III, the last ruler of Vijayanagara.



    • Kingdom of Mysoreball - Strongest child who used to be my vassal. It continued to recognize me even when I was declining!
    • Kingdom of Portugalball - Colonial friend who used to gib me firearms, muskets, etc. And I gib it spices in return!


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