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    The Ryukyu Kingdomball WILL RETURN ,historically known in English as Lewchewball or Loo Chooball, is a pro hero from My Hero Academia was a countryball in what is now the modern-day Japanese prefectureballs of Okinawaball and Kagoshimaball. It lasted from 1429 to 1879 and was close to Tokugawaball ( Japanball then).

    From 1609 to 1872 Ryukyu kingdomball was a vassal state of the Satsuma Domain. Then it was a vassal state of the Empire of Japanball from 1872 till 1879 CE, when the Japanese Empireball formally annexed the Ryukyu Kingdomball. Despite its small size, Ryukyuball played a crucial role in East Asian maritime trade.

    Many important Ryukyuan castles of UNESCO heritage are still at Okinawaball, such as Shuri Castle, Nakagusuku Castle, Katsuren Castle, Zakimi Castle, and Nakijin castle. Ryukyu Kingdomball should be noted for its fancy royalty hats.


    • Mingball and Qingball- My cousins. I was also their voluntary vassal and a cross -rading partner.
    • Tokugawaball - REMOVE!! It attack me in 1609 and made me pay tlibute! Gib back Amami Isrands!!
    • Indonesiaball - My other half-cousin and trading partner. I also was inspired by its clothing.
    • Empire of Japanball - My older sibling. Annexed me in 1879. It also attack my culture and language!
    • USAball - "Liberated" me from Japan. I was revived for a while until I was returned to Japanball. WHY YUO NO GIB ME INDEPENDENCE!!
    • Tamnaball - My Friend from the Korean Clay who is just like me


    map of ryukyu before the unification

    zh:琉球球 ja:琉球

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