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    ¡Al combate, corred, bayameses!,

    Que la patria os contempla orgullosa; No temáis una muerte gloriosa, Que morir por la patria es vivir.

    — Himno de la Bayamesa

    Cubaball, officially the Castroist Republic of Cigaretteland Cubaball, is a cube countryball in the Weed Caribbean islands. The country is divided into 15 provinces, and 1 Special Municipality, including its capital Havanarawr, giving it a total area of 42,426 square miles, making it the largest countryball in the Caribbean. With a population of 11.32 million as of 2021, Cubaball ranks 82 in the most populous countryballs in the world.

    Since its revolution, Cuba has been suspended from OASball due to making links with Soviet Unionball. However, it does maintain membership in UNball like almost every other nation in the world, and is a founding member of ALBAball.

    Much like other socialist/communistballs, it does not do so well in regards to political or social freedom. However, Cubaball can into having a high human development index, unlike its fellow counterparts. Despite the trade embargo placed on it by USAball, it has done well in regards to education and health - even becoming the first to eradicate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis in 2015. Many other countries in the Caribbean tend to rely on Cubaball for aid.

    Its national day can be either October 10, for when it declared independence from Spainball in 1868, or July 26, for when it had its revolution in 1959.

    The most popular way to represent Cubaball is with the countryball using a cigar and a military cap, which would be a reference to the late Fidel Castro, the country's former president.


    Inhabited by the Tainoball, Cubaball was not a colony of Spainball until discovery in 1511. Cubaball, the largest island of the Antilles, was originally divided into 29 chiefdoms. Many of these later became Spanish colonial cities, preserving their original names, such as Havana, Batabanó, Camagüey, Baracoa and Bayamo.

    It was known after Spanish arrival, on 1514 Spainball started to bulid it's settlements on the colonyball. Spain went on to enslave the Tainoballs in slve mines, although the "Laws of Burgos" revoked that, but then again rights didn't improve after that. Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar founded what was today Havanarawr evolved as a colonial settlement. Havanarawr gained city staus on 1519. A few years forward, 8ball was brought by Spainball as its slave. While as a slave, the effects 8ball would have was spreading the African based religion of Santería to Governorate of Cubaball.

    The Governorate of Cubaball became updated to a Captaincy by 1610, and Havanarawr became capital. The main goYurt²

    Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, pirate and quite serious wars were waged for Cubaball between the Dutch Empireball, Great Britainball, Franceball and its owner Spainball. But even after the signing of peace in 1762, the British fleet invaded Cubaball and captured Havanarawr. To avoid losing its strategic position in the Caribbean, it handed over Spanish Floridaball to Britainball to keep it its special child. In the 1790's, many Haitiballs fled to Cubaball's clay to escape the violent revolution on Haitiball's clay. This is why Cubaball is part Haitian today and considered Haitiball to be "its Francophone sibling".

    Cubaball eventually despised slavery of the 8balls, the high taxes, and the corrupt system, so it revolted from Spainball's control in the "Guerra de los Diez Años". USAball didn't like Spainball growing slave plantations near its clay, and Dominican Republicball used to suffer a similar problem with Cubaball before it was independent, so they both supported Cubaball. The war failed in 1878, a decade later from where it started, but Spainball thought slavery should be banned in Cubaball like how it was in the remaining Spanish colonies, and it was in 1886.

    Cubaball was still unhappy, and revolted again in 1895. USAball wanted control over Cubaball´s clay for a long time, so it was willing to help the Cuban rebels. So, USAball blamed the Maine incident on Spainball starting the Spanish-American War. Cuba, together with it sibing and its new ally, kicked Spainball's ass in that war. USAball who now has parent custody, tried it's best to raise Cubaball as it's puppet in the next few years to server its capitalist American ideals. Cubaball also signed a treaty with its parent that gave it access to Guantánamo Bay. The first half of the twentieth century was marked by the decline of Cuba on the world stage. Presidents, dictators and rulers changed like gloves, and Cubaball itself tolerated US invasions of its territory. As a result of all this lawlessness, Cubaball moved closer to the United Statesball and became a paradise for the mafia, gambling rich and "sinful dealings."

    Cubaball's hate of fascism lead to it declaring war on Nazi Germanyball and Empire of Japanball in 1941.

    In 1952, Fulgencio Batista took power with a military coup. Under his rule, the economy was of great but 1/3 of the Cubaballs were of very poor. Fulgencio was also responsible for many deaths in the country. Then in 1959, The Cuban revolution began when a young Cubaball went on its revolution that things should change, and thats where the famous Fidel Castro kicked out Fulgencio Batista, who went to exile in Portugalball and later Spainball. Cubaball went up to its adoptive parent and said "FUCK CAPITALISM" and moved out of USAball's house into Soviet Unionball's home. Soviet Unionball then gave Cubaball some free nukes to scare away American invaders which pissed off USAball fearing that the nukes would obliterate even the White House and 54 years later they became friends again.

    The communist revolutionary Castro showed great improvement in the social fields during his 53 years of communist rule, reducing the illiteracy rate, implementing a universal public health system and decreasing the infant mortality rate. Between 1960 and 1990, Cubaball supported many socialist countries and communist movements in Latin America and Africa. Cubaball was almost the main ally of the Soviet Unionball, but perestroika and the collapse of the "Soviet Empire" led to a rapid decline in the country's economy and ambitions. Many predicted the imminent fall of the Castro regime to Cubaball, which, surprisingly, unlike the regimes of many other countries of the Soviet bloc, did not happen. Despite this, with the death of his great friend, the communist regime lives a very delicate economic situation: the Special Period, his oil disappeared and the time they had electric light was so short that, instead of talking about blackouts, they talked about alumbrones. (“Accessions”). Even cats went hunting to eat. In the 2000s, Cubaball was already in a more or less stable state.

    In 2015, USAball re-established diplomatic relations with it.

    Cubaballs's best friends are the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, but many countryballs in said alliance are as troubled as it.

    Cubaball is also very sad over Fidel Castro's passing in 2016. Cubaball also closed its borders.

    Since the end of 2018, Cubaball, which throughout the American embargo has suffered a series of economic crises, has faced a widespread shortage of food and hygiene products (such as soap and toothpaste), which has worsened in recent months.

    Raul Castro has recently stepped down as first secretary of the communist party from April 19th 2021.

    On July 11, 2021 there were quite strong protests due to the "democratic" group MSI (San Isidro Movement), the Cuban government decided to detain many of their influencers in their homes. Obviously, this situation caused many protests against the Cuban government currently presided over by Miguel Diáz-Canel, causing some fights, stone throwing, vandalism and violence by some protesters. The protests caused by the MSI call for the end of the Cuban government (which they recognize as a communist dictatorship) shouting "LONG LIVE CUBA LIBRE" and are supported by USAball and several countries of European Unionball in their fight against the government. On the other hand, websites in Cubaball such as "EcuRed" have branded the MSI as "anti-Cuban", "provocative" and "disrespectful" The Cuban protests were brutally crushed by the security forces by August 2021.

    Information for Artists

    Flag Colors

    The flag of Cuba has five stripes each alternating between blue and white and a red equilateral triangle on the left side with a five-pointed star. Some might argue that Cuba's flag was inspired by USAball's flag, but others believe it to be an idea from Narciso López, one of the main liberators of Cuba from Spain.

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Resolution Blue 0, 37, 144 C100-M74-Y0-K44 #002590
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Venetian Red 204, 13, 13 C0-M94-Y94-K20 #CC0D0D

    The blue stripes refer to the 3 old divisions of the island, the two white stripes represent strength and purity of ideas, and the red triangle stands for equality, fraternity, and freedom, as well as the blood of those who fought in the wars.

    How to Draw

    Cubaball has a drawing rating of easy.

    Instructions TBA



    • Galiciaball - ¡Fidel Castro! It helped me build the Grand Theater of Havanarawr and its anthem was first played in my clay.
    • Argentinaball - ¡Che Guevara! Is of great friends!
    • Dominican Republicball - Mi other hermano who loves beisbol, Te quiero mucho!
    • Boliviaball - Evil Jeine Áñez, the oppression you brought to Bolivia was horrible! At least Arce won and she's gone. But did yuo just kill Che Guevara in yuor clay?! WHY?!
    • Chinaball, Vietnamball, Laosball, North Koreaball - Comrades, We are the last 5 communist countries left.
      • Chinaball - My comrade in East Asia. Older sibling in common of Communism.
      • Vietnamball - I absolutely love doing business with this comrade from far away Asia, but needs to be friends with Chinaball por favor?
    • Nicaraguaball, Venezuelaball - Mis hermanos anti-imperialistas, Te quiero comrades.
    • Haitiball - Many of my people have Haitian ancestry! We were close at some point, and relations have gone better! Irrevlant French Cuba?
    • Iranball, Syriaball, Belarusball, North Koreaball, Myanmarball, Western Saharaball and Zimbabweball - Other Comrades!
    • Indiaball - 10000 ton wheat, 10000 ton of rice. Eternal friend, I can't say anything bad about it, it is real friendly.
    • Peruball - Congratulations to Pedro Castillo for winning your elections! Now that he is your president, I hope we can establish relations and ties. You are also of anti-imperialist now!
    • Japanball - Its product are imported here! Also its Anime called Charlotte filmed on my clay. Muchas Gracias! And thanks again for giving me Voltes 5 (Voltus Cinco)!
    • Palestineball - You are an independent country, Israel is a pendejo for bullying you!
    • Serbiaball - Kosovo jis Serbia.
    • Luxembourgball - Your duke just married to Cuban-born also we always supportings LGBT
    • Palauball - Mi amigo and a child of mi amigo Filipinas who is in Pacific Island now. I hope we will see each other soon.
      • : Oh, I wouldn't say "amigo". More like, "hermano".
    • Philippinesball - I sent missionaries to its clay, before I went into communism. It is similar to me cause it is now removing USAball. But then, it improved relations with it because of Donald Trump. I can't hate its because it's one of my favorite siblings.
    • Indonesiaball - My leader were best friend of Sukarno. But why did yuo ban communism?
    • Algeriaball - One of my first allies in Africa and main trading partner on the continent.
    • Ethiopiaball - Back when he was of Dergball. I helped it deal with its sibling, but then eventually it ditched communism. It was also having a civil war with Eritreaball for a period of time. I do not like the fact that it left communism, but I do not hate it. I hope its economy and downright hunger times improve.
    • Angolaball - OLD FRIEND IN AFRICA! I helped you a lot, thank God you still appreciate me. Unfortunately he is not holding to being a revolutionary anymore...
    • Mozambiqueball and Guinea-Bissauball - Fellow African friends I helped gaining independence, and they are grateful to this day, so we are still friends.
    • Namibiaball - We fought together against Apartheid.
    • South Africaball - I helped ending Apartheid in his lands! Nelson Mandela was a great friend of Castro.
    • Burkina Fasoball - I heard you are back on following the path of Thomas Sankara, who was the Che Guevara of Africa, so we can into friends again.
    • Canadaball - Mi closest cousin, it always buys my cigars and loves to come over and pay me a visit when I'm lonely, Te amo comrade SINCE 1976.
    • Mexicoball - Mi media hermano was where Fidel Castro and Che Guevara met and planned my revolution! It is still good friends with imperialist despite its divorce with it. But still gpod amigo.
    • UKball - Although you're friends with Burger, you opposed its embargoes on me, and we still have some relations. So we're fine I guess. Why are you capitalist??!!
    • Soviet Unionball - 8-0 Never forget!!, It was my best friend forever, I'll never forget you comrade. You gave me some nukes to wipe Imperialist burger off the map permanently protect me from Imperialist burger when he tried to invade me and remove communism out of my clay.
    • Russiaball - I am sorry that your parent passed away, but I’m glad that you are still following its policies.
    • PRG Grenadaball - My fellow revolutionary Caribbean little brother who was killed by Imperialist burger. RIP Maurice Bishop.
    • East Germanyball - It's secretly alive in my basement. Shhhh.
    • Italyball - My medical workers will help you for COVID-19 Pandemic, Tio! I like your Pizza!


    • Brazilball - Cousin and I built a port together on my clay. WHY YOU ELECTED BOLSONARO!? AND WHY YOU WANT REMOVE MIS MEDICOS OF YOUR PAÍS!?
    • Puerto Ricoball - Mi hermana más joven, my people love it so much!! But why are you part of my enemy, and why did you steal my flag?
    • Bahamasball - Stop whining about your patrol vessel you burger puppet. At least our relations improved after that.
    • South Koreaball - North Korea is my friend but South Korea esta bien, both Koreas are good. Quite much South Korean Tourists coming to me. Not a time to establish diplomatic relationship just yet.
    • Spainball - Parent who raised me before USA. But I hate Kings, so REMOVE MONARCHY!! And of course, don't think I forgot when it went through fascist phase. I declared 3 days of mourning in Cuba for yuo.
    • Vaticanball - It helped improve our relations between my parent. But... ¡Jesus was un comunista! ¿Who did he choose to catch los peces (fishes)? ¡Sí! ¡Los pescadores (fishermen)!


    • USAball - A good trading partner for mi economy, But it takes in a lot of so-called "refugees" who are gusanos and Batista supporters who want to destroy my nation! REMOVE THE EMBARGO, NOW! But it’s starting to hate his own president for stopping its own petroleum production. Maybe this could be a chance for us to try to improve relations?
    • Portugalball (formerly) - It hated me because it thought I was being a bad influence on Angolaball.
    • Swedenball - 8-0 NEVER FORGET!! REMOVE PEWDIEPIE!!
    • Israelcube & Moroccoball - They occupy my friends Palestineball & Western Saharaball. F**k off. Yuo're lucky that yuo are of together with Philippinesball now. Free Palestine and Sahrawi now!!
    • NATOball - You are of imperialist and western puppet, FUCK YOU!!! AND FUCK YOU FOR HELPING TO KILL MY FRIEND MUAMMAR GADDAFI!!!
    • Ukraineball - Remove Salo! CRIMEA, DONBASS AND KIEV IS RUSSIA!!!… I like your past self.
    • Albaniaball - UBI! ZAKOLJI! DA SHIPTAR NE POSTOJI!!!
    • Molossiaball - Wh- What are yuo doing here?! You're finding East Germanyball? Well, it's in my basement and YUO ARE DECLARING WAR ON ME FOR THAT?! Well NICE TRY with THAT, you are a micro-nation! ALSO you are a burger state puppet!
    • CIA - He was of trying to kill my leader 638 times and still failed. What a joke!!
    • West Papuaball - Flag stealer.


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