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    Tangball, also called the Tang dynastyball or Tang Empireball was a juice drink brand historical countryball representing the Tang dynasty of Chinaball.

    It was of very stronk and glorious China. It could into many land, including Mongol clay. It also was into silk, paper, art, poems and monies, while the Europeans cannot into stability after the breakup of SPQRball. Chinatown in Chinese is literally translated into (Street of the Tang people/唐人街).


    In 618, it was founded by Tang Gaozu. In 630, it conquered Eastern Gokturkball. In 649, Tang Taizong died. In 658, it conquered Western Gokturkball. In 660s, it conquered Goguryeoball. It set up protectorates in the conquered regions.

    It was briefly interrupted by Second Zhouball, caused by the ascension of Wu Zetian to the throne of China.

    In 751, it was defeated by Abbasidball. It then had a rebellion against itself by Great Yanball. Tangball would never recover from these events. Gokturkball became independent, and it lost its route to Central Asia.



    • Sillaball (sometimes) - My tributary, vassal and sometimes ally. Yuo weak, you defeated evil goguryeo and baekjae!
    • Rashidunball - Xie xie for bringing Islam to China. Yuor delegation (Saad bin Abi Waqash) was a good man. He never attacked me, unlike filthy Abbasid.
    • Tibetan Empireball - My best friend. I allowed it to marry my child to show and deepen our friendship. It seems to like my farming, gifts and technology very much.
    • Fulinball - Xie Xie for bringing Christianity to China. You are good at treating the sick when about parasites. Maybe... just maybe... you are civilized... as me. No SCRATCH THAT! You are civilized. That's why I made an embassy in Junshitandingbao (Constantinople). If you weren't civilized I would do no such thing. You have an embassy in my empire too. We are good trading partners.


    • Abbasidball - Filthy Invader who helping the Turks and Tibetans! Yuo are nothing like this Rashidun and also inferior to glorious China!
    • Tibetan Empireball - HOW COULD YOU! You lying and filthy scum! Never forget 763 when yuo capture great capital Chang'an! Yuo pay tribute!
    • Göktürkball - Yuo filthy barbarian! Yuo are worst Tengrist Turk and ally of my greatest enemy, Tibetan Empireball! Yuo pay tribute!
    • Second Zhouball - TRAITOR! Usurped my throne! Yuo are worst China!
    • Great Yanball - STUPID REBEL! REMOVE! REMOVE!
    • Khitanball (sometimes) - Why did yuo support Great Yanball, now mine popuration is half gone!



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