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    Look at the size of this country! It is the second largest country on Earth-icon.png Earth by land area, and you might think, 'Wow, it must also be the second largest by population, because it's got so much land!'. No. It's not even in the top 10.
    — ibx2cat
    There is nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it. Anything is possible.
    — Rick Hansen
    With Glowing Hearts we see thee rise the... (shouts) TRUE NORTH Strong and Free...
    — Canadians singing their anthem

    Canada-icon.png Canadaball,monarchy syrup land formerly the Dominion of Canadaball, is a countryball living in North America. Its clay mainly borders its sibling USA-icon.png USAball via Alaska-icon.png Alaskaball. It also has a tiny border with Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball via Greenland-icon.png Greenlandball. The countryball is divided into 10 provinceballs and 3 territoryballs, including its capital Ottawa-icon.png Ottawaball. Canada-icon.png Canadaball has 9.98 million square kilometres (3.85 million square miles) of clay, and only Russia-icon.png Russiaball is larger. As of 2020, it maintains a population of about 40.12 million inhabitants, small for the 2nd largest countryball. This makes it the most sparsely populated countryball in North America.

    Being a highly westernized countryball made Canadaball one of the founding members of NATO-icon.png NATOball, and being geographically in North America makes it a member of NAFTA-icon.png NAFTAball. It is also a member of the G7 and the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon.png EUball.

    Canadaball is often seen as USA-icon.png USAball's little sibling who is more peaceful and tolerant. It welcomes refugees and immigrants such as Syria-icon.png Syrians and Mexico-icon.png Mexicans and even including USA-icon.png Americans to come and live in its clay, and has even recently legalized marijuana, something USA-icon.png USAball despises. Though, while there are a few things Canadaball is more tolerable at, it still follows in the footsteps of its sibling, doing things like hating Russia-icon.png Russiaball and Iran-icon.png Iranball and helping to lead NATO.

    Its birthday (Canada Day) is on the 1st of July. Its astrological sign is Cancer. In 2017, it celebrated its 150th (looking good!). It celebrated its 154th B-day on July 1st, 2021. It is also located in the same latitude than countryballs like Greenland-icon.png Greenlandball and Norway-icon.png Norwayball (in the case of Northern Canada), UK-icon.png UKball and Ireland-icon.png Irelandball (in the case of Newfoundland, Central Canada and Western Canada) and France-icon.png Franceball (in the case of the Atlantic provinces and the south of Ontario). Also, all Canadaball is in the same latitude as Russia-icon.png Russiaball.


    A long time before becoming a dominion, Canadaball was also known as born as a mixture of 3-icon.png 3balls and 7-icon.png 7balls who had settled during the ice age. The tribes were known as the Inuit-icon.png Inuit, Iroquois Confederacy-icon.png Mohawk, 3-icon.png Ojibwe, 3-icon.png Metis, Newfoundland and Labrador-icon.png Beothuk, Lakotah-icon.png Sioux, and many more. They made stories about crossing from Asia at the ice age.

    The first settlement was then in 1608 by Kingdom of France-icon.png Franceball (who had claimed it as hers in 1535 before her arrival to the new world) who adopted her and French Canada-icon.png Quebecball. By 1690, UK-icon.png UKball had also landed near Canadaball, it landed in present-day Virginia-icon.png Virginiaball and met its present-day sibling USA-icon.png USAball who was at the time was still a 3-icon.png 3ball. They fought King William's War (1689-1697), Queen Anne's War (1702-1713), and King George's War (1744-1748). British America-icon.png Rupert's Landball and New France-icon.png New Franceball eventually became the two big powers of Canada. Then in 1754, France-icon.png Franceball and UK-icon.png UKball fought the Seven Years' War until 1763, when the Treaty of Parisball gave UK-icon.png UKball adoption rights to France-icon.png Franceball's child New France-icon.png New Franceball (AKA Canadaball). Soon afterward, UK-icon.png UKball's other North American child ColAmerica-icon.png Thirteen Coloniesball rebelled against its parent and became independent in 1783.

    Canadaball fought with its parent UK-icon.png UKball against its sibling USA-icon.png USAball when it was still only a colony. The war eventually was simplified to two sides peppering away at each other while Europe was busy attacking Napoleon and Franceball. In 1814, UK-icon.png UKball burned down the White House in DCball, something which USA-icon.png USAball is still sore about. Political unrest in 1837 led so responsible government and the Durham Report, which united Upper and Lower Canada into Canada-Unis. These movements led to a more progressive political situation.

    In 1864, Canadaball's children met at Charlottetownball to discuss confederation, which was accomplished in 1867, resulting in Canadaball becoming a Dominion of the UK-icon.png British Empire. UK-icon.png UKball rarely had trouble with it after that point, except in 1885 it had to help crush the North-West Rebellion. In 1914, Canadaball went to Europe to help its parents fight File:ReichTime-icon.png Reichtangle (German Empire-icon.png German Empireball) in the Great War. In 1919, it sat at the Paris Peace Conference as well and received its own seat in the League of Nations.

    Canadaball did well in the 1920s, but the Great Depression affected it, and in 1939 it went to Europe again to help fight Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball. Its help in liberating Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball won it another friend. In 1949, Netherlands-icon.png Newfoundlandball agreed to move into Canadaball's home. Canadaball helped fight China-icon.png Chinaball in the Korean War, and changed its clothes in 1965, to celebrate its centenary of federation. In the 1970s and 1980s, Canadaball became a developed country, gaining more and more autonomy from UK-icon.png UKball, and eventually creating its own constitution in 1982. (However, Canadaball had been independent before for decades, granted a status of dominion in 1867 and de-facto independence in 1931, where it gained diplomatic and internal autonomy, among others.)

    As of 2000, Canadaball is well-known and liked around the world for being the liberal and most friendly figure that it is.

    Canadaball is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world, with the tenth highest nominal per capita income globally, and the ninth highest ranking in the Human Development Index. It ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education.

    Canadaball will co-host the 2026 FIFA World Cup together with USA-icon.png USAball and Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball.

    Canada will also host the 2023 Canadian Federal Election but if it has to share its opinion, it thinks the Conservatives might have a chance.

    In July of 2021 South western Canada as well as a few US states suffered a heat wave, it was mostly active in the US-Canada border near British Columbia and Washington(state), as of now, since autumn is near and summer is ending, so is the heat wave.

    Canada Day 2022.

    With the passing of the queen. Canadians now have King Charles III as head of state


    It has a very kind personality, but if you mess with it it will gut you like a seal... It has a respectful amount of China-icon.png Chinese-Canadianballs around 1.7 million of them though. It formerly removed Dim Sum through the Chinese Head Tax. Now it feels sorry for that, much like everything else. Not only this, but it also made several apologized to LGBT people, Indigenous-Canadianballs, Japanese-Canadianballs, and Indian-Canadianballs.

    Its polite attitude leads it into a more stable relationship with commies such as Cuba-icon.png Cubaball; however, Canadaball has historically been (and still is) under UK-icon.png UKball's influence since the constitution of 1982.

    Canadaball shares a historical relationship with USA-icon.png USAball. Well, Canadaball is known for being a peacekeeping nation and always will be glad to negotiate and make friendly talk.

    Although Canadaball hates losing hockey games. When Vancouverball lost to Bostonball, they started to riot like crazy. Although Boston Disagrees.

    However, Canadaball is not friendly with Chinaball, so those two states do share a rocky and political disagreement over several things, such as the Meng Wanzhou crisis by siding with the Americans, stealing its sibling Hong Kong in 1997, condemning Chinaball for its harsh political treatment of Canadians and weirdly enough the political status of Taiwan. However, Canadaball will not tolerate unjustifiable actions towards innocent lives as it feels like it is the caregiver. Meng Wanzhou has recently been released in 2021.

    It is usually very kind, especially when someone is depressed.

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Red 255, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K0 #FF0000
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF


    Friends/Mes Amis

    • Barbados-icon.png Barbadosball - Many of yuo people in my Clay! Also I invest very heavily in yuo Stocks. I love yuor Beaches as well.
    • Cuba-icon.png Cubaball - A friend who Trudeau visit during its vacation. "Viva Cuba" (Pierre Elliott Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada). But USA-icon.png USAball doesn't like it and is gonna destroy it with the McDonald's so I'll be sad :C. But since about Joe Biden can into president, I saw you improving my sibling so it might be OK. BUT STOP SUPPORTING China-icon.pngCHINA.
    • Greenland-icon.png I will always be there for ya... - GIMME YOUR HANS ISLAND NOW! Canada-icon (tangle).png Or else... Canada-icon (tangle).png Actually, I have a better idea! Let's split the island! It's better!
    • "Weird Al" Yankovic - You made a song about me!
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - Home to many Israeli's in my nation. I voted in favour for the Arab-Isreali Parition despite my parent wanting me to abstain, You're always welcome to be my friend. But attacking Palestine-icon.png Palestineball isn't very nice. There are pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protests happening in my clay. Pls stop :(
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - A great influencer and a friend. We both established embassies and I gaved it a Consultate-General. Also there were many Serbs living in my clay which i also appreciate! I'm sorry for the tragedies committed back in 1999, It was by force and I recognized Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball which My sibling forced me to do it. However outside from the politics, they really like us.
    • Czech-icon.png Czechiaball - I LOVE YOUR NATION! YOU HAVE THE BEST PEOPLE ON EARTH! :)
    • Finland-icon.png Finlandball - I can't believe you did it. Congratulations on winning the IIHF 2019 and World Juniors. Three times champion.
    • Slovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball - Thanks for hosting the IIHF. It was fun. :)
    • Poland-icon.png Polandball - HAPPY 100th ANNIVERSARY POL POL TO YOU! MY 2ND BEST SLAVIC FRIEND EVER!
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - THANK YOU FOR BEING GOOD FRIENDS WITH ME MY GOOD INDIAN FRIEND. JAGMEET SINGH THOUGH HATES YOU MODI :( at least it can't into prime minister. Vegetarian friend. Alot of Indians live in Toronto, Mississaugassisauga, Surrey, and Delta. And it can into hug! Anyone who likes hugs is my friend.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - My dumb and annoying best friend/sibling. Even though it's cooler than me by a whole lot, it is really annoying sometimes and being its neighbour really sucks. We all fought in the same wars though, we're part of the same alliance, and we, along with Mexico, always seem to get along in one way or another. What on Earth ARE YOU CRAZY?! ARE YOU TRYING TO DESTROY CAPITAL HILL?! But anyways, The Weeknd sung for your superbowl. :D
    • Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball - My cousin. Unlike my sibling, I'm actually tolerant on your people coming to live in my clay. I'm very large and I don't even have a population larger than California-icon.png Californiaball, so your people are always welcome in my clay if USA-icon.png my sibling doesn't let you in.
    • Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball - you just created Subway Surf on my clay since 2014. but give me Greenland, please or else... See also § Greenlandball.
    • France-icon.png Franceball - My parent. This morning in Paris, 100 years after the WWI Armistice, leaders from around the world came together to remember the fallen, and pay tribute to their sacrifice. Today, we commit to preserving their legacy of peace and freedom. :)
    • UK-icon.png UKball - Best Parent Ever! Someone from my clay was in its old show Fawlty Towers, and we did the Mr. Hell Show together! RIP Elizabeth God Save the King
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - I'm glad to have business with you. Please keep giving me anime to translate into English, eh! RIP ABE! Oh and Adagio Dazzle from MLP Equestria Girls is of Japanese descent!
    • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball - We're both famous for being polite and liberal... and we both regularly get mistaken for foreigners, so I feel you, bro.
    • Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball - Liberated them from Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball and protected their royal family, we get tulips from it every year because of this. We are best buddies, and Mark Rutte honours us every year.
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - It is one of the Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball's child and I always help it and it is happy because I liberated its stepparent. But today it loathes my Israel-icon.png buddy and my France-icon.png parent... Well, at least you didn't loath my UK-icon.png parent. * Whispers* Don't let it know about this.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - My colonial-minded friend and old ally. It doesn't like its own music, it prefers the songs of mine. Now I know why it said "Gib Avril, Bieber and Celine plox!" so many times, despite it likes Kpop so much. Also, it likes our PM so much (it also gave me Jollibee), BUT WHY DID YUO PHYSICALLY PUBLISH AND FILM MY STORIES IN MY EBOOK APP?! Also please gib Olivia Rodrigo, a lot of people in my clay like her. Sorry for accidentally sending you trash, please don't declare war on me :)
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - JEON SO-MI IS BEST! ONE OF ITS SINGERS HAS SOME SORT OF A CANADIAN HERITAGE AS WELL. It is true and best Korea. We were third-best in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir to be remembered as Canada's faces of 2018!
    • Turkey-icon.png Türkiyeball - Best Middle Eastern friend since 1944. Canada home to best Canadians of Turkish Descent! We have 63,955 Canadians who claimed full or partial Turkish descent!
    • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball - Best Hockey Rivals (better than Russians) Thanks for giving Henrik and Daniel Sedin to the Vancouver Canucks The epic Sedins combine on OT winner in the final home game! It's sad to see them go and retire. I wish the Sedins a well and fair retirement. Congrats on winning the gold medal:) ELIAS PETTERSSON IS THE BEST HOCKEY PLAYER FOR THE CANUCKS THANK YOU! GO CANUCKS GO! Bye Markstrom, enjoy Calgary. OH WE HAVE ANOTHER ELIAS PETTERSSON?!!! :D
    • Switzerland-icon.png Switzerlandball - I gave it flowers to remember victims of Swissair! It gives me Swiss cheese and yummy luxury chocolate that USA-icon.png USAball can't believe. Congratulations on Beating me in the IIHF! It was nice playing you good luck beating the Swedes for us. WOH THERE, you almost beat me this year in the IIHF Heart Attack there eh. Good play buddy. Oh, I also let it borrow Celine Dion for Eurovision in 1988 - it won by 1 point! Also my mountains are way better than yours... sorry
    • Quebec-icon.png Quebecball - We used to have a difficult time thanks to the Attempted Quebec Separatism in 1980 and 1995. René Lévesque was particularly a threat until it died in 1987. We now have a softer relationship. BUT STILL NO INDEPENDENCE FOR YUO
    • Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball I helped the Hungarians during their revolution of 1956 and I accepted 50000 refugees. We have 348,085 Hungarians living in our country. Hungarian girls are adorable (I have a Magyar Girlfriend (wink wink!)) But I'm so sorry for Caillou that little brat, it talked smack about your country. Speaking about family, it is mon Step-Uncle.
    • Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball - Another Good South American Friend, We both legalize Marijuana and Same Sex Marriage.
    • Brazil-icon.png Brazilball - Another Good South American Friend, i have some brazilians in my clay about 56.000!
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - SLAVA UKRAINA! Chrystia Freeland is the best Ukrainian Canadian. Did you call me your best friend? Well, you are my best friend! And lover as well! I'll protect you and send volunteers against Russia-icon.png that big bully.
    • Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball - It likes me. So I like it!
    • Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball - FINE! I take back my plastic---Like, COME ON, those are recyclable plastics and you're saying it's not... Oh... I didn't know it was unrecyclable. Sorry, please don't start a war. PLEASE, NO WAR. I WILL REGRET, TAKE IT BACK! SORRY?! Also, I'm not sure whether Mount Kinabalu has enough snow for us to ski with. Also, why do you look like my sibling?
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - I recognize the Armenian Genocide. I'll support it against the Azerbaijan-icon.png Ə spammer.
    • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - A lot of Ethiopians live in my clay; The Weeknd and twomad are both of Ethiopian descent as well!
    • Iceland-icon.png Icelandball - My people respect it, and it likes maple syrup! Also, it may into loonie.
    • Sykkuno: Best man to visit Canada

    Neutral (Frenemies)/Amis Neutres

    • Hawaii-icon.png Hawaiiball - Sorry, It's just a prank bro, I didn't mean to invent Hawaiian pizza! I put pineapple on pizza just to prank you and I thought it was funny. I didn't know that your uncle Italy-icon.png Italy would hate you. (A Canadian Greek actually invented Hawaiian pizza) but give me Alaska and that's NONE of your stuff at all.
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - I may not recognize you, but I'm so sorry my friend is attacking you! I'll try support you with aid supplies, I also recognize your right to self-determination. I hope the conflict ends soon...
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - We now have neutral relations due to us and were making better deals and negotiations.
    • Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball - I'm sorry for what that famous Canadian did to your flag! I understand if you are still mad at me... again, sorry!
    • Burkina Faso-icon.png Burkina Fasoball - Thank you for apologizing me, but NEVER KIDNAP ANYONE AGAIN!
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - We are okay for now. It apologized after shooting down a plane, but NEVER FORGET THAT YOU SHOT DOWN A UKRAINIAN B737 KILLING 63 CANADIANS! ElectroBOOM lives on my clay, however.
    • Peru-icon.png Peruball - Sorry for stealing your flag! But it's my cousin, and I am one of its best friends, as we known each other in the 1940s.

    Enemies/Aversaires (Ennemis)

    • Russia-icon.png Cold Bud - You are my hockey rival, you’re also cold like me. I AM BIGGER THAN YOU. Remove Vladimir Putin-icon.png Vladimir Putin. Also free Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine I have banned you not your hockey players from entering my place for life like you did to me. And AGAIN, STOP THE INVASION OF UKRAINE!! I wont recognize the referendum or any territorial acquistion by the Donbass Referendum
    • Somalia-icon.png Kebab Pirates - I told you million times, I sorry for the thing about Soldiers killing that Teenager! Please move on from the past. :(
    • Soviet-icon.png USSRball - Russia-icon.png Russiaball's parent. HOMOPHOBIC SCUM! We were fine until NATO-icon.png NATOball was born. Then it claimed that it was the best in the world at hockey! Well, you're not your commie poser! 1972, the best year of my life! Canada is the best at hockey! Your child Russia is being a complete IDIOT WITH THE INVASION
    • Majapahit-icon.png Majapahitball - Why did you my USA-icon.png sibling for stealing it flag.
    • Fascist Italy-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball - GLAD YOU DIED GAS CULT!
    • Japanese-Empire.gif Empire of Japanball - Same with Italy, except it's even worse, raping the ethnic Koreans and Chinese people!
    • Nazi-icon.png Anti-Semetic Terrorist Organizationball - REMOVE these white supremacists. GIB FREEDOM TO ALL LIVES!
    • Belarus-icon.png Belarusball - You! YOU HELPED THE INVASION?!! Sanction Time
    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball- Well without yuo our memes would be a lot worse but then again yuo are technically committing genocide so yuo get my drift.

    Provinces and Territories


    • Alberta-icon.png Albertaball - Canadian rednecks. Where we get our oil monies. Also where the Heartland TV show takes place. Currently, in hard times because of Coronavirus that crashed the oil prices
    • British Columbia-icon.png British Columbiaball - Hippie pot-smokers. Also soo many Chinese! More Chinese than First Nations wow. Your Chinese language is worsening your Français. It out populated French! Sad. :(
    • Manitoba-icon.png Manitobaball - Dammit Riel!
    • New Brunswick-icon.png New Brunswickball - Totally not of Maine-icon.png Maineball (Nor vice versa).
    • Newfoundland and Labrador-icon.png Newfoundland and Labradorball - My sibling, who is 1949 decided to join me. Last to join confederation, eh? It gave me my first ever Olympic gold medal in men's curling in 2006!
    • Nova Scotia-icon.png Nova Scotiaball - Fish and chips. Also a bit of Haggis. RIP. Worst shooting in Canadian history.
    • Ontario-icon.png Ontarioball - The only province to be American without being American. Also, it wants to secede as well, but not as much as Quebec-icon.png Quebecball.
    • PEI-icon.png Prince Edward Islandball - Charlottetown Conference, potatoes and Anne of Green Gables.
    • Quebec-icon.png Quebecball - Oui je parle français. Merci de renforcer la culture Canadienne! MERCI POUR LA Sirop d'érable!
    • Saskatchewan-icon.png Saskatchewanball - Canadian rednecks.


    • Northwest Territories-icon.png Northwest Territoriesball - Used to have a crapton of clay, until we gave it to the provinces and Nunavut.
    • Nunavut-icon.png Nunavutball - They were like "hey guys, we want to separate from NWT", and we were like "okay". Also, wants to secede as well Iqaluit-icon.png Iqaluitball - The capital city of Nunavut-icon.png Nunavutball.
    • Yukon-icon.png Yukonball - Only has one city, unless Dawson wants to become one since it was growing up fast.


    • Canada-icon.png Canada's name comes from the Iroquois Confederacy-icon.png Iroquois language (Amerindian language) * kanāta (kę) which means "village", "settlement" or "set of huts".
    • Canadians use "Canuck" as a nickname for their nationality. It is not considered derogatory in Canada.
    • It has two official languages; English-icon.png English and French-icon.png French.
    • In the comedy series South Park it is hated by all adults because two of its leading comedians, Terrance and Phillip, are Canadian. (ONLY FOR THAT?).
    • Despite being peaceful, it often accompanies USA-icon.png USAball to deliver FREEDOM.
    • The name of the country is a masculine noun (♂) in one of the official languages of the country (​French-icon.png French). However, in its other native language (English-icon.png English) the names of countries are gender neutral. The current national personifications of Canada are masculine figures: "Johnny Canuck" and "Le Vieux de '37" (French Canada). It can also be personified as a Mountie (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).
    • It is the largest country in the Americas (in size and territory). And the second largest in the world (It is only surpassed by Russia-icon.png Russia).
    • In 1837, it rebelled against its parent UK-icon.png UKball, but was defeated by it.
    • Thirty years after rebelling against its parent UK-icon.png UKball, in 1867, Canadaball peacefully became independent.
    • Its favorite sport is ice hockey.
    • In addition to ice hockey, it also has large franchises of soccer teams that compete in the MLS (Soccer League that it shares with its sibling USAball), these are the Montreal-icon.png Montreal Impact and Toronto-icon.png Toronto FC, considered the best clubs in Canada, the which annually dispute the "Canadian Classic".
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball don't have its own major sports leagues, so many Canadian teams plays in the sports leagues of USA-icon.png USAball. The exception is the Canadian Football League (CFL).
    • From the point of view of foreigners, American football and Canadian football are the same sport, but there are differences between the rules of the two sports.
    • Also from the point of view of foreigners, the two sports and rugby are also the same sport, with the difference that Americans and Canadians wear helmets and "armor"... Again, there are differences in the rules of the three sports.
    • Canadian football and American football emerged from rugby, arising from changes in the rules of rugby matches that were practiced at universities in both countries in the late 19th century.
    • With USAball, it forms the largest border in the world.
    • It likes to kill seals in its spare time. Noo !
    • Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball (when drugged) tends to confuse it and call it "Peru-icon.png Peru with a leaf".
    • While its sibling (USA-icon.png USAball) is stereotyped as arrogant and proud, Canadaball is kind and humble, which makes it well liked by other countryballs.
    • It created the famous Ed, Edd and Eddy series.
      • It also created Total Drama.
    • It is the country of origin of the antiheroes Wolverine and Deadpool.
    • It's Justin Bieber's birthplace (I don't know why I'm putting it here, if nobody cares).
    • Together with its sibling USA-icon.png USAball and Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball they will host the 2026 World Cup.
    • There is a soda called Canada Dry.
    • Together with its sibling USA-icon.png USAball they created the Roblox platform.
    • Currently, due to the encounter of 3-icon.png indigenous children skeletons killed by the UK-icon.png UKball in colonial times, there have been protests in the country.

    How to Draw

    Drawing Canadaball is fun!

    1. Divide the circle by red, white, then back to the red.
    2. Draw the glorious red weed maple leaf in the middle.
    3. Draw two eyes to finish it off. Eh?
    4. You can also draw a coonskin hat.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Canadaball.

    Click here to see it.

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    World War II UK-icon.png UKballUSA-icon.png USAballSoviet-icon.png Soviet UnionballTaiwan-icon.png Republic of ChinaballFrance-icon.png Franceball (Free France-icon.png Free Franceball) • French Indochina-icon.png French Indochinaball (from 1940) • Second Polish Republic-icon.png Second Polish Republicball (Second Polish Republic-icon.png PR PolandballPolish Underground State-icon.png Polish Underground StateballPoland-icon.png Polish government-in-exileball) • Canada-icon (Red Ensign).png CanadaballBritish Ceylon-icon.png British CeylonballBritish Raj-icon.png British RajballAustralia-icon.png AustraliaballPanslavic-icon.png Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball (Yugoslavia-icon.png Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball) • Kingdom of Greece-icon.png Kingdom of GreeceballNew Zealand-icon.png New ZealandballUnion of South Africa-icon.png Union of South AfricaballNetherlands-icon.png NetherlandsballBelgium-icon.png BelgiumballLuxembourg-icon.png LuxembourgballNorway-icon.png NorwayballCzech-icon.png CzechoslovakiaballAbyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian EmpireballBrazil-icon.png BrazilballMexico-icon.png MexicoballGuatemala-icon.png GuatemalaballEl Salvador-icon.png El SalvadorballHonduras-icon.png HondurasballNicaragua-icon.png NicaraguaballCosta Rica-icon.png Costa RicaballPanama-icon.png PanamaballColombia-icon.png ColombiaballPeru-icon.png PeruballPhilippines-icon.png Commonwealth of the PhilippinesballUnited States Cuba-icon.png Republic of CubaballLiberia-icon.png LiberiaballBolivia-icon.png BoliviaballParaguay-icon.png ParaguayballHaiti-icon.png HaitiballChile-icon.png ChileballArgentina-icon.png ArgentinaballTurkey-icon.png TurkeyballSouth Korea-icon.png KoreaballNepal-icon.png NepalrawrSyria-icon.png SyriaballKingdom of Egypt-icon.png Kingdom of EgyptballDominican-icon.png Dominican RepublicballIceland-icon.png IcelandballDenmark-icon.png DenmarkballKingdom of Italy-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball (from 1943) • Kingdom of Iraq-icon.png Kingdom of Iraqball (from 1943) • United States of Venezuela-icon.png United States of VenezuelaballPahlavi Iran-icon.png Pahlavi Iranball Bulgaria-icon.png Tsardom of Bulgariaball (from 1944) • Kingdom of Romania-icon.png Kingdom of Romaniaball (from 1944) • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi ArabiaballFinland-icon.png Finlandball (from 1945) • Mongolia-icon.png MongoliaballVietnam-icon.png Vietnamball (slightly)

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