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    It's finger lickin' good!
    — Colonel Sanders
    I'm too drunk to taste this chicken.
    — Colonel Sanders

    Kentuckyball, officially known as the Commonwealth of Kentuckyball is a stateball of USAball. Abraham Lincoln was born here. His favourite food is fried chicken. His favorite hobby is the kentucky derby. He literally spends all his money on the kentucky derby. Also do not assume that the grass in his state is actually blue. Kentuckyball's abbreviation is KY. He really really really likes horses, and sometimes argues with Illinoisball to give lincoln back. He likes watching the Thunder over louisville event he hosts with Indiana, sometimes Ohiorawr joins in as well.


    Kentuckyball was first inhabited by a 3ball for a very long time. Then, Kingdom of Englandball colonized the east side of North America in 1607 and called it Thirteen Coloniesball, and later there was also some territory east of the Mississippi River, which Kentuckyball was a part of. Back in the British Isles, Kingdom of Englandball and Kingdom of Scotlandball merged to become Kingdom of Great Britainball. Then, after some time, Thirteen Coloniesball became tired of Great Britainball's rule and wanted to secede, which started the American Revolution. With Kingdom of Franceball's help, Thirteen Coloniesball got independence and became USAball. USAball, after some time, made Kentuckyball the 15th stateball in the Union on June 1, 1792.Then, In 1818, the state of  ​​​Kentuckyball (and  USAball) baught the Jackson Purchase from the tribe of  Chikasaw. After a while, USAball wanted to stop having slavery, but the stateballs in the south still wanted to have slaves, and so they seceded as CSAball in 1861, which started the American Civil War. CSAball claimed Kentuckyball but USAball had more control over him. 

    Kentuckyball normally had the same hat as Canadaball, until 7/1/2022, where the first Kentuckyball with a gray hat was made. This has influenced many other users to give kentucky this gray hat and has became a tradition to do so. The first gray hat kentuckyball was submitted by Kaylee Thompson, a resident to Kentucky in the Bullitt County area. The hat represents Daniel Boone's hat, although at the time, kentucky referred to the hat as unstylish, soon he got used to it and wears it every day.



    • USAball - My Father i am the state of him
    • Muh - all my fellas i hang out with expect ohio is a bit awkward
    • Indianaball - It's close to me and we are besties
    • Chinaball - No. 1 KFC fan expect father hates you
    • Nigerball - clay is shaped like a fried chicken


    • Israelcube - Altrough i opened KFC in your clay and my Daddy likes you, but why did you hating KFC?


    How to Draw

    Drawing Kentuckyball is somewhat easy to draw.

    1. Draw a circle with a black outline & fill that circle with blue
    2. Draw Kentuckyball's seal inside
    3. Draw the same hat canada wears, (most commonly and traditionally gray colored)
    4. Draw small yellow leaves surrounding the bottom and top outside of the seal.
    5. then write "commonwealth of kentucky in yellow letters. You could also include the "united we stand divided we fall" on the bottom*
    6. Inside of the circle, draw 2 countryballs, one that looks orange and one that looks grey. If this is unrealistic for you, draw the original countryballs on the flag, (for instance the one on the left is from virginia so draw a virginia ball) and give them the orange and grey colored suites.
    7. Done.


    We would love some more art of Kentuckyball down here. The Last 3 peices of art has been made by the same person due to art shortages with Kentuckyball.

    -More pictures of Kentuckyball will be coming soon, and quicker than before- (written by Kaylee Thompson and Kentuckian 1 on February 3rd 2023)


    zh:肯塔基球 pt:Kentuckyball

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