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    Delhiball is a union territoryball of  Indiaball. It is pretty much the capital of Indiaball, but officially Indiaball's capital is more specifically Delhiball's child, New Delhiball


    Delhiball was founded in 1520 by Delhi Sultanateball and became capital of the Mughal Empireball, British Rajball and was later adopted by Indiaball. Today, it is the capital of Indiaball, but it suffers from overpopulation and severe pollution now.



    • Uttar Pradeshball and Haryanaball - I is connected to yuo by metro, but that doesn't mean that yuo keep polluting me! Stop immigration pls!


    • Mumbaiball - Annoying sibling. Actually is frenemy. Yuo thinks that yuo is better than me when yuo is obviously not? Lol. But I still into liking yuor movies. But we is bros, right?


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