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    I'm the predator of the prey that is hiding!
    Oh my, oh my, I have found you, [REDACTED]!
    Don't you run from me, lil' [REDACTED]!
    You are not fast enough,
    You are not brave enough,
    You are out of luck,
    Now it's time for you to die very rough!
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    You'll become one
    Freaky creatures
    Monster party
    Eyes of yellow
    Scales and feathers
    Tails in tethers
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    Well, I do, so fuck him and fuck you too!
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    Go Traxman, hit it from the back
    DJ Assault, bitch, let me bang
    Bruiser Brigade, we run that train
    Put that thang in her caboose
    Only way you hang is with a noose
    Beef with us, it ain't no truce
    — Danny Brown
    Today is gonna be a fuckin' happy day in Hell!

    Pure Michigancube is a Good Old statecube in the midwest of USAball looking over Canadaball ( Ontarioball).

    Unlike the state itself, its cities within his clay are ball shaped.


    Michigancube is known for his great lakes, natural beauty, sandy beaches on the west coast of the state, mountains in the upper peninsula, and hating Ohio. He is one of two states of USAball  that are not ball-shaped (the other being OhioRawr). Also, it is the only state to be separated into two sections with the upper one represented as Yooperball.

    Michigancube had the inventor of cereal and Henry Ford in their history. His capital is Lansing and his largest city is Detroitball. He has a close relationship with Canadaball.

    Michigancube has an increasingly good reputation, Detroitball is currently the comeback city while Flintball just got federal grants to fix it's pipe infrastructure. Flintball will be entirely lead free soon. Meanwhile, every other USAball city will still have lead pipes.

    Michigancube is known as "The Great Lake State", because it's surrounded by four Great Lakes, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Superior. Michigan and Huron are really one lake, but Michigan says it's two so he sounds more important.

    Michigancube is, of course, a cube, like Israelcube. If someone asks why Michigan is a cube, the proper thing to do is respond with, in all caps: "CIRCUMSPICE".

    In 2018, Michigancube voted to legalize weed. Even if it could become an invasive species.


    Colonial Roots

    In 1668,  Franceball set up Sault Ste. Marie in modern-day Yooperball which became part of New Franceball. Then after the Seven Years' War  UKball took over that land and it became part of British North America.

    After USAball got independence from UKball, they created the Northwest Territory. That became the Michigan territory in the early 1800s but then...

    Toledo War

    In 1835-1836 Michigancube and  Ohiorawr were at war over the Toledo strip, which was valuable due to it's connection to the Great Black Swamp. Both Ohiorawr and Michigancube pussied out and fired into the air in their one confrontation, leaving no casualties and only one Michigander wounded. Ohiorawr gained the Toledo strip, but Michigan was given the Upper Peninsula to calm the butthurt, which proved more useful later in history due to its surplus of copper, iron, and wood. However, Michigancube and Ohiorawr are still pissed at each other, the bitterness showing in the intense rivalry between the football teams of University of Michigancube (Wolverines) and Ohiorawr State University (Buckeyes).

    Civil War

    During the American Civil War, when USAball called for a new regime, Michigancube went forward and gladly volunteered. He was given the name the 24th Michigan. He was put into the Iron Brigade with Wisconsinball and Indanaball. Michigancube´s biggest battle was the Battle of Gettysburg, where he was the 1st Brigade, 1st Divison, I Corps. When, on July 1, 1863, he was the first to defend Gettysburg from the  CSAball. He fought hard and with might and would fall. Due to Michigancube´s fighting, he gave the rest of the army time to prepare for battle and get a needed victory in the war. Michigancube´s motto was ¨No ball may take those colors and live!¨ and that´s what he did. Michigancube was recognized for all he had done throughout the war.

    Early 1900s (Fordism)

    Ford Motor Company is made in 1903 with a fixed budget of $28,000. They would go through many models of cars from 1903 to 1908 before reveling the Model T, the first mass produced car. In 1913, the first moving assembly line was indroducted. The Model T would well over 15 million cars because of it extremely cheap price and always decreasing prices throughout the years of productions. 


    During World War 1, in 1918 Michigancube was called to fight in the war with  Wisconsinball for the allies. Their name given in the war was the 32nd Infantry Division. They were the first Americans in WW1 to fight against  German Empireball. They were put in the Battle of Marne and Oise and the Meuse Argonne Offensive. Every counterattack that Germanyball would do they would push them back and they destroyed 23 German divisions. Also, they would push for 20 miles against Germanyball in the capture of Fismes. When  Franceball saw how the 32nd cleared the Germans he called them Les Terribles (The Terrible) when bring them to meet at North Soisson. On their uniform was a red arrow because of how they penetrated Germanyball's defensive lines, giving them their other nickname The Red Arrows. After the war ended they would stay till April 1919 as an Army of Occupation in Germany. Both Michigancube and Wisconsinball were given the Croix De Guerre by Franceball in honor of what they did.


    Michigancube during the Second World War would do many things; produced tanks, men (32nd Divison in the Pacific Theater), guns, and planes. In the Pacific Theater, the 32nd was reorganized and was going to go fight against  Nazi Germanyball but the attack on  Hawaiiball called them to go to the Pacific to defeat the advancment of the  Empire of Japanball . The 32nd was shipped to  San Franciscoball to be shipped out for training in Australia. The 32nd was the first US divison to fight against Japan with a ground assult in the assault against Port Moresby(New Guinea). They would fight all with  Australiaball , in New Guniea, to prevent  Empire of Japanball from advancing in the South Western Pacific, with much sucess. Near the end of the war, the 32nd would fight in the Philippines along side Philippinesball to contest Japan. They would fight in the Battle of Leyte and Luzon (1944-1945). The Battle of Leyte was to completely recapture the entire Philippine Archipelago and end the three year occupation by the Empire of Japanball. The 32nd would push to the Oromoc Valley nearly breaking Empire of Japanball's resistences. In the Battle of Luzon the 32nd would push up the Villa Verde trail and months later they would capture the Cagayan Valley and its supply line. Later that year the 32nd would wipe out the Japenese forces in Agno River Valley and open highway 11. On September 2, 1945 the 32nd captured the general of  Empire of Japanball and had him surrender. Then on August 15, 1945 Japanball surrendered to USAball ending the war in the Pacific. The 32nd was in total given 11 Metal of Honors. This would be the last major war Michigancube would fight in. 

    The Riots of 1967

    On July 23, 1967,  8ball  had enough of the police burtality from  Detroitball's police force and would riot for 5 days straight. This would lead to the Michigancube and USAball being called to Detroitball to breakup the fight. This riot would leave 43 dead and half the city burned to the ground. Detroitball would be in big hole of debt and a ruined repuations for everyone, even his own state for a bit. This is the most costly riot in America.



    • Yooperball - Brother who does better at staying out of trouble than me, even though he can cannot into wealth unlike myself. You can't secede. We are together forever.
    • Canadaball - UNCLE CANADA. We share the Lakes Huron and St. Clair! Gib lakes plox they are all mine. Sound like him but I'm not as friendly as him. PLEASE DON'T LURE ME INTO YOUR HOUSE.
    • Malawiball - Took him out of Africa
    • Israelcube - We're both cubes!MICHIGAN PHYSICS!!!
    • Californiaball - Thanks for making Disney Pixar Cars! I love this movie franchise! We both hate OhioRawr so we're fine.
    • Georgiaball - My fellow friend to the east. He speaks Arabic better than me. He also speaks different languages like Hebrew, Korean, Farsi. He’s a really cool friend. Please help me with my safety checks in Detroit, please? You will?! Awesome! Thank you so much!
    • Illinoisball - Friend from the South West, we like to visit each other's clay, hate that damn monster, have annoying sons and smoke weed together!
    •  Lower Saxonyball - My friend from across the Atlantic! Our visits are great fun and I always have them marked on my calendar. We've been doing this since '75 and everytime we visit each other something has changed, for the better or worse, what does it matter! Here's to years to come.
    •  Japanball - You came in during the 90s and now, we have the highest population of Japanese people (on the east coast)! I know, I know adjusting to a new country is hard. We did have a rough start, but look at us now, we have well over 450 Japanese employment facility providing 35,000 jobs. We both have huge automoblie markets and becuase of this we have great relations for trade. 


    •  Wisconsinball - Well...uh....you are my war buddy. We fought long and hard side by side in the Civil War. "We lead the way in France"   You 'member that don't you? The humid jungles when we went to the Pacific. What ever happen to that? I still have our pictures throughout the years of war we were in. Sorry, not sorry, about me getting Yooperball. Almost forgot, FTP for life!
    • Iraqball - We aren’t really friends but a lot of my immigrants are Christian Iraqis.
    • Poland - We also have a lot of Polish plumbers immigrants. Happy 100th birthday to you!!!


    • Posers - ISLE ROYALE IS MINE!
    • Nazi Germanyball - I'm not of Israel, so don't kick me into a Holocaust! Glad he's dead now.
    • Terrorists - MY DAD WILL BRING YOU DOWN FOR WHAT YOU DID TO FLINT! He attacked Flint, who has already been going through enough tough times already. The people who have the same religion as you, condemn your attacks. Also, I'M NOT ISRAEL! (even though we have the same shape)


    zh:密歇根立方体 es:Míchigancube pt:Michigancube

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