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    Horthy Miklós katonája vagyok, legszebb katonája,
    Vígan élem katonaéletem, nincsen gondom másra,
    Masírozok káplár úr szavára,
    Úgy gondolok az én Violámra,
    Horthy Miklós katonája vagyok, legszebb katonája.
    Kingdom of Hungaryball about to sing its patriotic song dedicated to its heroic (yet, confusingly controversial) Regent Nicholas Horthy

    Kingdom of Hungaryball was a European countryball. It was made from the clay of Austria-Hungaryball after its death at the end of World War I and the after the end of the Hungarian-Romanian War.


    Kingdom of Hungaryball was born as a 2ball, adopted by Hunball, Principality of Hungaryball, Ottoman Empireball, Habsburgball and fused with Austria to become Austria-Hungaryball before becoming independent.

    Interwar Era

    In March 1920 Miklos Horthy took the reigns of power from Hungarian Republicball. But only three months later, the Treaty of Trianon forced it to give some clay back to Yugoslaviaball, Kingdom of Romaniaball, and Czechoslovakiaball. In 1938 Nazi Germanyball gained some of Czechoslovakiaball's clay in the Munich Agreement. In 1939 Naziball Anchlussed and Kingdom of Hungaryball got some of Nazi Slovakiaball and Kingdom of Romaniaball's clay, but they became friends after they came to the Axis (all without a king). Hungaryball shifted right-wing and became scared of Communism and so joined the Axis Powers.

    World War II

    After World War II began, the Kingdom of Hungaryball would join the Axis Powers in 1940 once the alliance was formed. It would first gain territory with the First and Second Vienna Awards and gained Northern Transylvaniaball. It would take part in the Invasion of Yugoslavia and would annex clay from Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball after it was defeated and seized clay with majority ethnic Hungarians in it.

    In April of 1941, he allowed Wehrmachtball to station troops on its clay and would participate in Operation Barbarossa against Soviet Unionball on fought on the Eastern Front of the war. By 1943, Axis troops were on the retreat and he was taken over in 1944 by Nazi Germanyball and transformed into Government of National Unityball until 1945 when Sovietball occupied it.

    By the end of the war, it was under Allied occupation and transformed into Republic of Hungary in 1946 and then PR Hungaryball in 1949.






    pl:Kingdom of Hungaryball

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