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    The Iroquois Confederacyball was a former confederacy in what is now upstate New Yorkball and the Great Lakes region. It was initially allied with Thirteen Coloniesball, but after It became USAball they became enemies. The nations of the Iroquois Confederacyball and others from the North American continent who shared the same language family lived in what is now New York an the Great Lakes Region. The Iroquois Confederacyball was made up of five nations which functioned as administrative divisions before the European colonization of America.

    Purple color to flags are so expensive, they have a great solution to make it much easier, Wampum.


    Iroquois Confederacyball was born when Mohawkball, Oneidaball, Onondagaball, Cayugaball, and Senecaball united after a devastating war amongst themselves where they almost destroyed each other, the war was only stoped when Dekanawidah, the Great Peacemaker, brought them together and showed them that they are stronger together then alone, and wrote the Great Binding Law. All of this happened in the 1500s. The tribes became known as the "Six Nations of the Grand Riverball". After the seven year war and the revolutionary war, USAball began to take away some of their clay through various treaties. They were the left alone with small bits of clay until the Indian Citizenship Act in 1924 made them no longer a countryball.

    How to draw

    That's how to draw Iroquois Confederacyball:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this violet
    2. Draw a white evergreen tree in the center
    3. Draw some white rectangles: two at left and two at right of the tree
    4. Connect all with the border using a white line
    5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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