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    Marseilleball is the third biggest cityball of France-icon.png Franceball. It resides in the southeast and is the capital of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azurball (region of France). It can into soccer team.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Marseilleball is founded in 600 av. J.-C. as the name of "Massalia" by Greece-icon.png Ancient Greeceball, from Phocéeball, and this is why Marseilleball has this surname: "La Cité Phocéene".

    In 49 BC, the cityball was invaded by SPQR-icon.png SPQRball because it refuse to cooperate with it and knows a building period.

    In the Middle Age, it was looted in 838 and 848 and was in conflict with Kingdom of France-icon.png Kingdom of Franceball.

    Between the 16th and the 17th century, it rebelled in front of Kingdom of France-icon.png Kingdom of Franceball again.

    In 1720, it had a terrible plague, causing more than 38,000 victims to die.

    Between the 6 January and the 12 February 1794 (during the Convention, the government of an obscure period after the French Revolution, the "Terror"), it lost its name because it did a revolt, and become the "nameless" city.

    Between the 70's and the '80s, it suffers from some economic and social difficulties and from a bad reputation with banditry (for example the famous French Connection).

    Now there is an important kebab community and the city has some problems due to this one.

    Curiosity:[edit | edit source]

    • Marseilleball is known for its famous soap.
    • Marseilleball has recently been nominated as "the capital of culture".
    • Marseilleball has big Armenia-icon.png Armenian and Comoros-icon.png Comoroan communities.
    • Marseilleball has a football (or soccer) rivalry with Paris-icon.png Parisball.
    • Hosted the 20th stage of the 2017 Tour de France

    How to draw:[edit | edit source]

    Marseilleball is easy to draw :

    1. Draw a cross with this blue and the rest of the circle remain white.
    2. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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