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    Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, JOLEEEEEENEEE
    — Dolly Parton
    Rev up Yer Engines!
    — Scotty Kilmer

    Tennesseeball is a Dragon Ball stateball of USA-icon.png USAball.


    Tennesseeball was a 3-icon.png 3ball adopted by USA-icon.png USAball. They officially became a state in 1796. They later joined CSA-icon.png CSAball in the American Civil War in 1861, later reuniting with USAball. Finally, in 2020, their capital Nashville-icon.png Nashvilleball got badly hurt because of an RV bomb. They are a former Confederate State and are currently protesting the Covid-19 vaccine.

    How to Draw

    Drawing Tennesseeball is simple:

    1. Color the basic circle shape red.
    2. Draw a blue vertical stripe on the right, with a thin white line bordering the blue and the red.
    3. Draw a white circle in the center.
    4. Draw a blue circle in the center of the white circle that is slightly smaller.
    5. Draw 3 white stars in a triangle pattern in the center of the blue circle.
    6. Draw the eyes and you've finished.​

    Main Colour

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Guardsman Red 204, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K20 #CC0000
    Midnight Blue 0, 45, 101 C100-M55-Y0-K60 #002D65



    • Wales-icon.png Walesball - Sort-of half parent maybe? Didn't even know we were related. Lots of my population is descended from Welsh migrants, though...
    • Texas-icon.png Texasball - I helped you against Mexico and we both like country music. Sam Houston was a Tennessean, too!
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - I named an entire neighborhood after him. I also made lots of German restaurants in my state.


    • California-icon.png Californiaball - Nashville Predators will always be better than the Ducks! ALSO STOP INVADING TEXASBALL'S CLAY! REMOVE LIB!
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball, Idaho-icon.png Idahoball, Kansas-icon.png Kansasball - Moscow stealers, u suck.
    • US Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball - I consider myself to be a grounded individual but you betrayed us all. YUO ARE NO LONGER ON MY MIND! TRAITOR!!!!
    • NorthCarolina-icon.png North Carolinaball - Muh big brother who used to own me. All I coul' say is his hurricanes suck, man.



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