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    Chinese Soviet Republicball was an unrecognized state in Asia. It was born from Communist Chinaball. It was almost killed by Nationalist Chinaball in 1937, but escaped by taking a long march, and became a guerilla.


    Jiangxi-Fujian Soviet Base

    CSRball took part in the Comintern and local communist-led liberated zone in the 1930s south of the Yangzi River. Overtime it had moved to escape full on crackdown by the Republic of Chinaball (1912-1949) under Chaing kai-Shek. Doing so, it bulit 5 revolutionary socialist bases to launch the mighty power of Communism.

    Hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi Soviet Base

    Chinese Soviet Republicball was born in the Chinese Civil War and was part of the Communist side in the war. The Nationalist Forces tried to do one of their Encirclement campaigns on him during the war, but it failed, because Chinese Soviet Republicball launched a pre-emptive strike on Tongcheng, in December 1930, annihilating an entire regiment of the KMT army just before it could begin the first attack of the campaign. CSRball held off danger to the HunanballHubeiballJiangxiball Soviet Base until May 1931.

    Hunan–Jiangxi Soviet Base

    Chinese Soviet Republicball's base in eastern Hunanball and Jiangxiball was the Hunan-Jiangxi Soviet Base. It had started to militarize there.

    He successfully defended himself against a series of Nationalist Governmentball attacks from January 29 to March 24, 1931, known as the Encirclement Campaign against Hunan–Jiangxi Soviet base.

    Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Soviet Base

    On October of 1934, it was established by the Chinese communist general 'He Long', who had brought his Second Army Group out from the collapsing revolutionary base on Hunanball and Western Hubeiball. The new base was bolstered in October 1934 by units of the Sixth Army Groupball (formerly the Eastern Hunan Red Army Independent Division) which had fled the collapsing Hunanball-Jiangxiball base the previous August.

    There's something to add. When Chinese Soviet Republicball arrived in Shaanxiball, it changed its name, to "Chinese Soviet People's Republicball"(Mandarian:中华(華)苏维埃(蘇維埃)人民共和国(國))


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