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    If you are looking for the current form of North Vietnamball, see Vietnamball.

    Welcome to the rice fields, motherf***er!

    North Vietnamball is today's Vietnamball before the end of the Vietnam War.


    North Vietnamball was born as a 1ball. He was originally part of French Indochinaball and Franceball's colonial empire by extension. During World War II, Empire of Japanball invaded and occupied Indochina and he fought an insurgency against him until the war's end in 1945. He then fought against Franceball in the First Indochina War until he emerged victorious and he was formed from French Indochinaball's clay along with South Vietnamball. He then went to war with his southern neighbor attempting to take him over, but had to fight a guerrilla war because of USAball. He managed to wear down USAball with his Tet Offensive and by 1975, he had successfully taken over South Vietnamball and seized its clay for himself unifying the two countries.





    • South Vietnamball - FAKE VIETNAM! You are a burger puppet and dicatorship that killed many of you own people! AT LEAST I LIBERATED YOU!
    • USAball - We beat you using jungles! And think of all the innocent Vietnamese you murdered. REMOVE NEOCONS!
    • Franceball - We kicked your ass frog! Never come back you capitalist-imperialist scum!
    • Thailandball, Australiaball, New Zealandball - They founded SEATOball to kill me and remove communism.
    • Philippinesball - Although you hate Fake Vietnam, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN PUPPET!!!

    How to draw

    1. Draw the ball.
    2. Color it with red.
    3. Draw a yellow star in the center.
    4. Draw the (Asian) eyes and you're finished.


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