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    Ancient Medinaball was the first Islamic countryball, led by Muhammad (pbuh).


    Ancient Medinaball was born after Muhammad and his followers were exiled from Ancient Meccaball, afterwards being invited to rule Medinaball by the city leaders to solve internal disputes.

    When the prophet was exiled, Muslims living under Ancient Meccaball were persecuted, thus making Medinaball raid them, but then Meccaball allied with other Arabian tribeballs to siege Medinaball, but they failed and eventually Meccaball was annexed by Medinaball.

    After conquering Meccaball, Medinaball continued to united the Arabballs until the death of Muhammad, which turned Ancient Medinaball into Rashidunball, and also divided Sunnis and Shias.



    • Roman Empireball - Fellow monotheist! Ok I know that John the Baptist (Yahya) is a prophet, but why did yuo not believe in Muhammad PBUH? He is also a prophet!


    • Kaffir Quraysh - Remove that dirty and silly Al-Latt and Uzza idol from the Holy kaabah! And stop trying to anschluss me! But yuo yuorself got anschlussed!
    • Pagan Arabballs - Allies of Qurayshball, I and my successor removed it.
    • Sassanianball - Allah predicted yuo would lose! Also, why did yuo reject my letter!? You tore it apart you jerk!!

    How do draw

    Ancient Medinaball is one of the simplest countryballs to draw:

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Draw two circles for eyes
    3. Color body black

    You are done.

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