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    There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves.
    — Jose Rizal

    Asian Czech Republic Philippinesball, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, or the ASEAN Republicball, is always using instagram, facebook, youtube to try to make good foods but ends up with a crappy food like balut a sovereign archipelagic countryball in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. They do not border any country except Sarawak and Kalimantan due to being an archipelago in the Pacific but is located North of Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball, Northeast of Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball, Southeast of China-icon.png Chinaball, South of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball, East of Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball, and West of Palau-icon.png Palauball. The country is divided into 17 regions, with the capital Manila-icon.png Manilaball located in Manila-icon.png NCRball, giving them a total area of 120,000 square miles (300,000 Square Kilometers), making it the 72nd largest country in the world. As of 2020, it maintains a population of 109.581 million inhabitants, making it the 13th most populated country in the world and the 3rd most populous island countryball, just behind Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball and Japan-icon.png Japanball. But future projections say that it will be the 2nd most populous island countryball, still behind Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball. Like all countries, the Philippines is a member of UN-icon.png UNball, and due to having close ties with the West, it can become a major non-NATO ally. She was the chairman of ASEAN-icon.png ASEANball, but it later passed it on Singapore-icon.png Tringapore. It is also the only Christian majority country in Asia.

    Its national day is on June 12.

    The Philippines joined ASEAN-icon.png ASEANball on August 8th, 1967 as one of the founding states. Even if the character doesn't have an exact gender (like all the characters in the Polandball universe) its name is a female noun in the native language of the country (​​​​​Rizal-icon.pngTagalog). In 1986 and 2001, Philippinesball can into Female Leadership!


    The Community As A Boat (Precolonial Epoch)

    The Philippinesball was first inhabited by Negritos, then they were supplanted by 1-icon.png Malay-Polynesians who established city-states known as Barangays. When Chinese, Indians, and Arabs arrived in the Philippines, the barangays developed into several competing prehispanic states which were: the huangdoms of Ma-i and Pangasinan, the kingdoms of Tondo, Maynila and Namayan, the Kedatuan of Madja-as, the rajahnates of Butuan and Cebu and the sultanates of Lanao, Maguindanao, and Sulu.

    These states were under the domination of Majapahit-icon.png Majapahitball and then, the Manila, Tondo and Sulu soon came to be invaded by Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball, with the rest of the Philippine prehispanic states going to war against Bruneiball.

    Their strategic location in Asia made them an especially important hub for trade, earning them the title of "Pearl of the Orient".

    The State as a Convent (Spanish Era Spanish-Empire-icon.png)

    In 1521, Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball, sailing from Latin-America, gasped and invaded these islands states, naming the territory "Las Islas Filipinas" (King Philip the Second's Penthouse of Death.) Later on, Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spainball landed in Limasawa Island in 1521 and held the first Catholic Mass in the Philippines. He then found Cebu Islandball where he met the first few natives. After converting some of the 1-icon.png natives, Spainball received a complaint from one of the Rajahs about another Rajah who doesn't want to recognize Spain's influence, Rajah Lapu-Lapu. Determined to teach this "infidel" a lesson, Spain launched an attack on the island of Mactan. But since it's low tide season the galleons cant get in the small harbor, so Spainball and his men went on waist-deep water, Only to be ambushed and "Injured" by Rajah Lapulapu. Spanish-Empire-icon.pngSpanish Empireball then left the Philippines, only to return in 1565, starting the long 333 years of Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball rule over the Philippines. Spainball quickly organized his new colony according to his model. The first task was the reduction or relocation of 1-icon.png native Philippinesballs into settlements. The earliest political system used during the conquista period was the encomienda system, which was relevant in 2-icon.png Europeball. Spainball's friars, governors, and generals governed the Philippinesball in exchange for their services to the King. Spainball also made a law to collect tributes to Phil. In return, Phil would get justice and governance and aid during an invasion. In 1646, Dutch Republicball attacked Philippinesball to avenge what Spainball did to him in 1581. Spainball outsmarted Dutchball and thus, it was a Spanish Victory.

    It was then ruled by Viceroyalty of New Spain-icon.png New Spainball and together, Phil's economy raised during their galleon trade of the 1800s. But when New Spainball became First Mexican Empire-icon.png Mexicoball, closed the Manila-Acapulco route and thus, they did not see each other again until Phil's Independence. Due to this, Spainball governed Phil directly from Madrid, causing many problems from corrupt friars.

    Philippinesball was attacked by UK-icon.png UKball in 1762 to 1764 as part of the 'Seven Years War' because Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spainball allied with Kingdom of France-icon.png Franceball Philippinesball could be UK-icon.png British territory, but they can into signings treaty that ended the war. Many revolts happened during the late 18th-19th century, but Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spainball crushed the rebellion. Most of these revolts was not due to the Filipino nationalism, but because of the monopoly and welfare. Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spainball didn't took care of Philippinesball in the 1850s due to problems on his own clay, corrupt Governor-Generals was assigned, and corrupt friars got a seat in Philippine politics. Filipino nationalism had risen during this time, Phil read about the Renaissance, and what happened to Kingdom of France-icon.png Franceball. Philippinesball wrote many books that exposed Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spainball's officials that Spainball assigned, but Spain had many problems so he could not handle the problem that is in the other side of the world. Spainball went too far when he killed Rizal-icon.png José Rizal. That even sparkled a Vivelaspin.gif revolution that gave birth to Katipunan-icon.png KKKball. Philippinesball started to revolt for their independence, Starting in Manila-icon.png Manilaball, but failed to liberate it, but successfully liberated, Zamboangaball, Caviteball, Ilocosball, Cebuball, Negrosball, Leyteball and other regions. Philippines cornered Spain-icon.png Spainball in Manila-icon.png Manilaball. USA-icon.png USAball and Spain-icon.png Spainball was wrapping their own war and Signed the 'Treaty of Paris'. USA-icon.png USAball went to Philippinesball clay to 'help' it, but it turns out, it was a stage battle to turnover Philippinesball to USA-icon.png USAball. Then, Philippinesball declared independece on June 12, 1898 creating the First Philippine Republic-icon.png First Philippine Republicball, the first democracy in Asia and it was into happy but their new ally had other plans.

    The Trials of 'Benevolent Assimilation' (American Era USA-icon.pngFirst Philippine Republic-icon.png)

    In, February 1899, USA-icon.png USAball betrayed First Philippine Republic-icon.png Philippinesball and attacked its in its own clay. USAball Attacked Philippinesball in all sides of its clay. First Philippine Republic-icon.png Philippinesball almost lost Manila-icon.png Manilaball & Caviteball and was forced to run away to the mountains. In some other parts, USAball massacred many Philippinesballs from north to south, estimating 1.5 soldiers killed and 35,000 civilians killed, that was a sad time for First Philippine Republic-icon.png Philippinesball. First Philippine Republic-icon.png Philippinesball was then anschlussed by USA-icon.png USAball by 1901 and the First Philippine Republic-icon.png First Philippine Republicball was defeated. The bottom part of Philippinesball, Sultanate of Suluball rebelled against USA-icon.png USAball. USA-icon.png USAball did not fully anschlused USA-icon.png Suluball until 1913. Thus the Sultanate was defeated.

    Philippinesball was oppressed by USA-icon.png USAball in early eras. But USA-icon.png USAball knew how to make propaganda thus brainwashing the younger generation that the Spain-icon.png Spanish were into bad and First Philippine Republic-icon.png Philippinesball was into 'idiot native people' and cannot into civilization and have to be "benevonently assimilated". First Philippine Republic-icon.png Philippinesball rebelled against USA-icon.png USAball but cannot into winnings since USA-icon.png USAball was of powerful.

    World War II USA-icon.png Japanese-Empire-icon.png

    Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball suddenly attacked Philippinesball after the Bombing of Pearl Harbor with landings on Luzon. Fighting ended in a Empire of Japanball win on the 8th of May, 1942 thus Philippinesball was 'United States Philippines-icon.png liberated from the Americanballs'. Second Philippine Republic-icon.png The Second Republic of the Philippinesball and other Philippinesball citizens got angry at the government and turned to Communismball. USA-icon.png USAball left Philippinesball for 3 years and when USAball was counter-attacking the table into their side after the the Battle of Midway. After 2 years they pushed through the territory of Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball to finally reach Philippinesball, Landing on the 28th of October, 1945. USAball then 'liberated' Philippinesball but actually USA-icon.png USA just retook Philippinesball and later gave its independence to avoid war reparations because USA-icon.png USAball carelessly bombed Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball.

    Showplace of Democracy in Asia? (Postcolonial Era)

    In 1935, The USA-icon.png USA guarenteed Philippine independence by passing the Tydings–McDuffie Act to gib philippine independence in 10 years. After the war, it was delayed for a year (Because of the Japanese) until on the 4th of July in 1946, The Philippine islands were given independence from the Americans. The first of these presidents was Ramon Magsaysay. He let the Americans pass the Bell trade act, which gave parity rights to the Americans which angered the Democratic alliance who state that it will harm the Philippines in the long run. Then in 1950, the Philippines fought alongside the UN in the Korean war and led to the famed battle of Yultong which was a Filipino victory. After the 1953 election, Ramon Magsaysay was elected. He was a car mechanic before he was a guerilla leader in WW2. He was considered by Filipinos as the best president they had. He ended the Huk rebellion and opened the Malanan palace to the 'Tao' or the common man. But in 1957, he died tragically in an airplane crash which made Carlos Garcia the new president. Then under his administration, created the Filipino first policy which ended the American parity rights. The Macapagal adiministration was as interesting as Magsaysay's. It was on Macapagal's term that moved Philippine independence day to June 12, giving more reforms to the 'Tao' and the Sabah claim. He lost to Marcos in 1969 because of his marriage to Emilda Romualdez, his documentary and many more.

    The 'New Society' & its Aftermath (Marcos Era)

    in 1965, the Philippines was under the leadership of Marcos-icon.png Ferdinand Marcos. Philippines-icon.png On Marcos' first term, Philippinesball became prosperous at the time was the second-richest in Asia, behind only Japanball (although this is still debatable as some sources say Philippinesball was fifth or sixth richest during Marcos's first term). It was on his second term where things go downhill. Philippinesball was set under a martial law from 1972 to 1981 under the leadership of Marcos-icon.png Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos also started Operation Merdeka, which created the Islamic terrorist groups in the Philippines & almost caused a war with Malaysiaball. Marcos also stole US$10B from public funds and borrowed a lot of money, crippling Philippinesball's economy. Under his administration, The Philippines joined the Vietnam_War (which is ironic since he opposed joining when Marcos was a senate president). Then after years of suppression of communists, a revolution (known as EDSA) began in 1986. It's caused when the people didn't like the snap election results of 1986, and installed Cory Aquino, wife of the murdered opposition leader Ninoy Aquino, as president in place of Marcos and the Fourth Philippine Republic collapsed. Marcos fled to Hawaii where he died in 1989. Marcos's family stayed in Hawaii until 1991 when they were allowed to return.

    New Forms for old Challenges (The 5th republic of the Philippines)

    After the EDSA uprising, a new constitution, more presidents and another EDSA uprising. Philippinesball has a new president (incidentally the most famous president) with a much different approach that most Visayas and Mindanao citizens like but most liberals dislike. The President Duterte-icon.png Duterte now made drastic changes in Philippinesball such as strengthening relations with China-icon.png Chinaball and Russia-icon.png Russiaball, also weakening relations with USAball for a while. After Donald Trump-icon.png Trump's victory, it decides to strengthen ties with USAball since it just really don't like Obama. It also took care of the terrorists in Marawi. Right now, it is promoting Federalism to the Philippines and trying to take care of the CPP-icon.png NPA-icon.png NDF-icon.png Communist Rebels with peace talks, but most of these peace talks never happened. It also declared the Communist Rebels as Terrorists, and is still continuing Marcos-icon.png Ferdinand Marcos' anti-communist policies.

    As time progressed, Philippinesball can into trade with Japan-icon.png Japanball, China-icon.png Chinaball, EFTA-icon.png EFTAball and UK-icon.png UKball. It can into economy and Spain-icon.png Spainball brought some immigrants to make Philippines inhabitable. Philippinesball was considered as the "Pearl of the Orient" by that time since it can into civilization and class. Also it can into trash-to-energy.

    On 23 July 2017, the Philippine government security forces and Islamic State militants started a five month long Battle in Marawiball. Marawiball is, to this day, recovering from the battle.

    All is still recovering from the battle to this day.

    On January 30, 2020, a Chinese woman was our first COVID-19 case, then somedays later, one Chinese man died, still to this day, I am fighting the virus.

    Recently, Typhoon Conson ripped my central islands, I am recovering, but big ass Typhoon Chantu started to rip my northern islands.


    Philippinesball is known for being very polite, hospitable, friendly, hard-working, patriotic, protective and industrious to those people with a boss-like mentality or a true ally. They likes traditions and it would like to preserve them. It is known to have Pinoy Pride - a Filipino mentality where in they get proud at the littlest or biggest international recognition because they love their country and want their country to be most famous in the world. This is so prevalent in Filipinos that everytime you say the word "Philippines" in an online forum, a lot of Filipinos go crazy. You can try this by looking at the mirror during midnight, and say "Philippines" three times. It is usually triggered when it was being called "Province of Chinaball".

    It is a Third World Country and acts like one. It usually likes drinking beer (though it is now avoiding it), having fiestas, and playing street games. It is also really fond of using the internet and is known to be the Selfie Capital of the World. Philippinesball is always updated about everything about social media especially when it is about men and women who are pretty.

    Those mentioned are usual, but still its people can be a little against with the others due to "oppression" and "discrimination", these mentioned are claims of Visayans to the Tagalogs. It's common for Tagalogs, Visayans, Kapampangans, Ilocanos and other groups of people in the Philippines to attack each other through words but those are mostly just for the sake of sarcastic reasons, and the people of the Philippines are very united. Right now, Philippinesball is going through tough times that's why it is experiencing mood swings, as if it is in the puberty stage. It just needs to remove corruption in its country to be able to show its flaws and finally shine as a prosperous country.


    Polandball map of the Philippines

    How to draw:

    Drawing Philippinesball is fairly easy.

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a horizontal triangle at the left part and a horizontal line at the right part.
    3. Draw the 3 stars and a sun with 8 rays in the triangle.
    4. Color the background of the triangle with white and the top part of the right part with blue and the bottom with red and the stars and sun with yellow.
    5. Draw the eyes and you're done.
    6. (OPTIONAL) Draw a straw hat on top of Philippinesball's head and/or add its playing a guitar.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    International Klein Blue 0,56,168 C100-M60-Y0-K5 #0038A8
    Crimson 206,17,38 C0-M90-Y65-K10 #CE1126
    White 255,255,255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
    Candlelight 252,209,22 C0-M18-Y85-K0 #FCD116


    Friends/Mga Kaibigan

    • 1-icon.png 1ball - Ang Aking Ninuno na kung saan, Hindi lang siya basta ang aking Pinagmulan. Siya rin ang bumubuo sa ating mga Katutubong Pilipino. 🎵WHERE I COME FROM🔊
    • Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball, Australia-icon.png Australiaball, Brazil-icon.png Brazilball, Canada-icon.png Canadaball, France-icon.png Franceball, Germany-icon.png Germanyball, Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball, Japan-icon.png Japanball, Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball, Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball, South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball, Singapore-icon.png Tringapore, and USA-icon.png USAball - Trading partners and thank you for helping me to get into G20.
    • North Sulawesi-icon.png North Sulawesiball - My outside friend from my Indonesia-icon.png Brah and yuor clay is filipino language Or i will steal you from my brother like Sabah-icon.png Sabahball
    • Spanish-icon.png Most Hispanoballs (especially Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball) - Friends
    • Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball - Major non-NATO ally and fellow Hispanoballs to Spain-icon.png Spainball, but it is known here as a corned beef brand. But we have good relations, and we celebrated our 65th anniversary of our bilateral relationships. Gib citrus fruits plox!. I hope we meet each other soon, stepbrother. (Can both into drugs, but don't tell Spainball or he will of kill us both!). Plox help me to get into G20. Also one of my favourite friends. He still hates UKball for Falklands War. We will celebrate our 70th anniversary. No president had a state visit in my clay. Except this guy and that guy. Sorry for chair throwing!!! Mathysse cannot beat Pacquiao!!! Papa Francisco also best pope! We have in common, our former presidents will be facing charges and we both hate Venezuelaball. But in 1999, President Estrada meet your meme president.
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - Many of my people visit his clay. His foreign minister Eduard Nalbandyan visited me back in 2012. Also, his non-resident ambassador Raisa Vardanyan visited Albert del Rosario back in 2015. So, don't worry, my friend. We will protect you from Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball. We both have a strong relationship with each other. But why you are friends with that Uruguay-icon (high).png drug addict?
    • Macau-icon.png Asian Las Vegas - Where I waste spend my money. He is my 2nd best cousin.
    • Australia-icon.png Australiaball - fellow APEC member. I also love his Christian songs! (especially Hillsong, Planetshakers, Citipointe etc.) (Australia plox tell me more about what you and America do I want to come next time PLOX PRETY PLOX) BUT WHY DID YOU START A FIGHT AGAINST ME IN BASKETBALL????!!!!
    • Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball - Son of Netherlands, capital of Natoball and EUball. Like your country BTW, my tourist go there because of the economy and tourist spot. Also, salamat por the tsokolate.
    • Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball - He hates Chile-icon.png Chileball because he was the reason why he was landlocked, but at least he likes Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball and Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Also we are adopted by Spain-icon.png Spainball. Wait, you hate Venezuela right now? Great!
    • Botswana-icon.png Botswanaball - He is a good African friend because he is the only African country that supported my claim in the South China Sea dispute. Thank you. He is good friends with Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball plus they are almost the same size. I support you against Yakko Warner because he bullies my Guam-icon.png son.
    • Brazil-icon.png Brazilball - One of my close friend in the South America, who makes slippers for me and he always says HUHUEHUEHUE a lot. I can now into winnings at 2016 Rio Olympics! Our former president met Lula. I provided him 59 days without visa. Control Jair Bolsonaro-icon.png your president please but, nice leadership!
    • Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball - Once he havings multi-personality disorder, Sulu Sultanateball helpings him, as a reward, givings Sabah clay. Now can you talk some sense into Malaysia-icon.png Nasi Lemakball?
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - My British friends ko po also great immigration than America and fellow APEC member. I like him for many guapos and guapas. Gib Avril, Bieber and Celine plox! Their prime minister is of lovings of Jollibee!!! (Tito now of has a Jollibee in Winnipegball and Torontoball) . Please respect the environment more as Duterte doesn't like what Ontario is doing. Please cleanup after yourself friend! BUT WHY DID YOU BRING YOUR TRASH TO MY CLAY?!?!? STOP!
    • Catalonia-icon.png Cataloniaball - I don't recognized him and not one of my Hispanoballs friends recongnizes him, except Venezuelaball. But he also hates Spainball so we can into friends.
    • Chile-icon.png Chileball - fellow APEC member and fellow Hispanoballs to Spain-icon.png Spainball, I always give him aid when in time of need, and he gives me back. We have good relations. Thank you also for your warm contributions on Typhoon Yolanda. I will be forever in your debt. We can also into female leadership. I wonder why Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball hates him... he has a rivalry with Argentina. Meanwhile, I have a rivalry with Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball and Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball. Bachelet had a state visit in my clay, also, you have similar flag with Malay.
    • Christmas Island-icon.png Christmas Islandball - East Timor-icon.png East Timorball and I celebrate Christmas with this ball together!
    • Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball - He is one of my fellow hispanoballs to Spain-icon.png Spainball. Unlike the other drug users, he does his best to remove drug lords. I apologize for 2015.
    • Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball - Even though I abstained in 2018, we have a Sabah-icon.png common enemy.
    • Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball - He is Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball's friend so why not? Both can into Catholic and beaches. Recently, about 2,000 OFWs are needed to work in his land.
    • Cuba-icon.png Cubaball - My Little friend who sent me missionaries before he run away and was under USA-icon.png USAball like... I miss you. I wish I can see you again real soon...
    • Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball - I like Jascha Richter. We have good relations, which are described as strong, close, cordial and friendly. We have China-icon.png South Africa-icon.png common enemies.
    • Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump - Thank you for your win, for building a Trump Tower in my clay and for not including me in your Travel Ban plox. TRUMP, MABUHAY KA!
    • East Timor-icon.png East Timorball - Philippines' only Catholic friend in Asia (East Timor is Portugese and under Australia a brief period of time so both are Latin-Anglo-Catholic Asian). They are both often bullied in school for being too Latin, and too Catholic but they celebrate Christmas with each other and sometimes hangout with Papua New Guinea (he was under Australia as well and Phil is helping him into ASEAN), Palau (Phil's son, he is also under a Hispanic country, Spain and is also part of Anglosphere via USAball) and Christmas Islandball, whom they also celebrated Christmas with. He is a great friend.
    • Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball - Good and do not beat me in boxing and fellow APEC member! We both love to shout puto when Spainball is around. He is also a friend who has problems with drugs. Can yuo gib me yuor handsome former president?? I also like Thalia and its telenovelas.
    • Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball, Liberia-icon.png Liberiaball, and Madagascar-icon.png Madagascarball - They are my African friends. They were all absent during this event.
    • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - Good Hamite friend. His Abiy Ahmed-icon.png prime minister and my president both banned Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball, for abusing our domestic workers. Abiy Ahmed and Rodrego gets along.
    • EU-icon.png EUball - He supported my claim in the South China Sea dispute. Thank you. I support him against BRICS-icon.png dumb prick. But, please do not criticize my drug war.
    • Facebook-icon.png Faceblock - They don't call us the "Selfie capital of the world" for nothing. Also stop teasing Poland. We also use Facebook a lot.
    • Fiji-icon.png Fijiball - He is a good Oceanic friend because he is the only Oceanic country that supported my claim in the South China Sea dispute.
    • Finland-icon.png Finlandball - Good friend from Scandinavia, Thank you for using my Nokia phones. Congratulations on winning the IIHF World Championship for the third time in history. Also, He's got an Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and remember, do not Tell Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball to bullying our Friends.
    • France-icon.png Franceball - A Nice place who helps us (she of also winnings Miss Universe 2016 on my clay - is of lucky). Also a favorable destination because Eiffel Tower (but have more tourists!). Macron is just good, but stop fighting with Trump! Congrats Tita on winning the World Cup! Plox help me to get into G20
    • Francoist Spain-icon.png Francoist Spainball - I think he is fine, though he is an Axis Power. He supported the west during the Cold War. Probably better than modern Spain.
    • LGBT-icon.png LGBT - I am the most gay friendly country in all of Asia.
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - Philippines also celebrate Oktoberfest and reputed to be as fun as the original one. Is good partner and friend. He is my largest European trade partner. And you made Brazil-icon.png my cousin and Argentina-icon.png my brother cry during 2014 World Cup, but congrats on winning in 2014.
    • Gibraltar-icon.png Gibraltarball - He hates Espanya and removes Paella from premises!
    • Guam-icon.png Guamball - Fellow Spanish East Indies island the Pacific. He was my son until we were adopted by USAball after the Spanish-American War. He is of cute baby son!
    • Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball - You finally accepting my OFWs! Also thank you for forgiving me about 2010 and your milk tea is tasty too! BUT WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SO LONG TO ACCEPT MY OFWs AND TO FORGIVE ME!!!
    • Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball - He is a good European friend because he is the only EU member that did not criticize my drug war. Thank you. We have embassies in each other's capitals. He is good friends with my Malaysia-icon.png rival brother. He is also Poland-icon.png Polandball's best friend. Speaking of family, Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball is my step-grandfather.
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - Money Lenders (5/6)... Indiaball "Bayad utang". Remember your representative in 1994, it won when we hosted Miss Universe back in 1994. Modi met Duterte.
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - Thank you for being my best friend forever. Drug Remover. Best cultural relations. But please don't be a toxic tryhard when we're playing its just a game.
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - Trade tropical fruits in exchange for oil. Students also come here to study English like South Koreaball. USAball doesn't approve of this friendship (Because of 1979 and also being hostile to Israel). We are basketball buddies.
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - I provided safe haven for many Jews during World War II. He recently gib me aid during Typhoon Yolanda and some new shiny equipment to fight dim-sum (we gib thankings to you!). Nice TAR-21, gib me Iron Dome technology! You were invaded and genocided, but thriving today as a politically influential defender against your antagonists. Truly, an unique oddity in my eyes. Also thank you for treating my OFWs fairly and properly unlike that crazy racist kebab.... Just like Brazil-icon.png Brazilball, I provided him 59 days without visa. He really loves me and my people. But don't be mean to Palestine-icon.png Palestineball plox!
    • Italy-icon.png Italyball - I lovings his cars, pizza, and chocolate. He gib me AW109 combat helicopter to fight Maute-Abu Sayyaf bastards and AW-159 Anti-sub helis to fight Hopia's cheap subs! Gib A129 Mangusta! Also lovings of spaghetti. Im glad you like Jollibee! Im sorry but this is our own spaghetti! Hope you like it!
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Twin Brother. (Because we both suffer floods and earthquakes also near Pacific Ocean) He gives me cool things and a lot of mangas and animes to read. Thankings for signing loan for new railway and defense pact! Philippines be also otaku country! Also, thank you for donating us some good Coast Guard ships! Help me to get into G20. Just like Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball, he did not criticize my drug war. Thank you. He has lots of Filipino here more like 300k. BUT WHY DID YOU BANNED [ILLEGAL STREAMING] WEBSITE?? YOU KNOW BRO SOME LEGAL ANIME WEBSITES ISN'T AVAILABLE ON MY CLAY! ALSO THANK YOU FOR MILITARY EQUIPMENT TO ME! FIRST TIME EVER I GOTTEN FOREIGN EQUIPMENT. NOT EVEN AMERICA GAVE ME SOMETHING PARKOUR THAN THAT~
    • Jordan-icon.png Jordanball - thank you for donating 2 choppers and some armored vehicles for my armed forces. Also we can into destroying ISIS-icon.png ISISball together. But still Hussein needs to apologise to our dear president for his bad remarks.
    • Kingdom of Tondo-icon.png Kingdom of Tondoball - My biological papa. YOU IS OP BEST! I will never forget your legacy! I'm scared cuz I heard u will come and attack so please don't
    • Laos-icon.png Laosball - we have good relations and we visit each others clay a lot, but he is a commie. His name was funny though.
    • Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball - Basketball Rivals. Although I recognize Sabah as yours (But my son Bangsamoro-icon.png doesn't), I share a fierce basketball rivalry with you. Our Culture is similar as we are ASEAN Brothers.
    • Micronesia-icon.png Micronesiaball - fellow Spanish East Indies island! Of also not callings Asian.
    • Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball - I promise that I will not confuse you with free land that my Moros will live in. He is a major non-NATO ally.
    • NATO-icon.png NATOball - I support him against BRICS-icon.png dumb prick plus I am a major non-NATO ally. We both like Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball.
    • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball - fellow APEC member Ardern met Duterte during the ASEANball summit when it (Ardern) was a guest. We have good relations. Stop callings of my barongs scratchy, okay?
    • North Kalimantan-icon.png North Kalimantanball - Sabahball Neutral Friend and i always looking at yuo plan steal yuo like sabahball.
    • Northern Mariana Islands-icon.png Northern Mariana Islandsball - Also another Spanish East Indies island. Adopted by USAball after the war.
    • Norway-icon.png Norwayball - Another good friend from Scandinavia, sorry that my president called you Norwegia. He cannot into EUball so he is okay for me. I trust him a lot.
    • Palau-icon.png Palauball - Another Spanish East Indies island. Adopted by USAball as well after World War II. Can into independence since 1994. I sadly had to close my embassies in Palau which made my son cry. Does not into callings op asian. (despite the fact that there are Japanese speakers in Angaur.) Palawan is better. Is cute! He is also my best friend. He can into Filipino language. Thank you for not recognizing this China-icon.png bully.
    • Papua New Guinea-icon.png Papua New Guineaball- Fellow APEC member, fishing buddies and adopted cousins via Anglosphere. He is helping him into Asean. Scared of him at all times for I heard he is into cannibalism.
    • Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball - He is one of my friends in the American continent. He hates Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball and Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball but I do not know if he hates drugs. We both hate BRICS-icon.png BRICSbrick. Thank you for not recognizing this China-icon.png bully. One more thing: we both can into chocolate.
    • Peru-icon.png Peruball - He is one of my friends to Spain-icon.png Spainball. Duterte-icon.png Duterte attended the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Lima on November 19–20, 2016, which was hosted by his president.
    • Poland-icon.png Polandball - Same history during WW2, He's commie back then but we're okay and also the one provides helicopters to my Air Force (But two of them crashed!). Thank you so very much for Jan Pawel in 1981 and 1995! He is op best pope, we always bless for his soul. Also, Happy 100th Independence Day! Many Poles visit Baguio-icon.png Baguioball and Palawanball. Also, we are fighting terrorist with a New Anti-Terror Law by Duterte-icon.png Duterte. This law is similar of that of the Polish law.
    • Portugal-icon.png Portugalball - I am close cousins with his East Timor-icon.png son.
    • PuertoRico-icon.png Puerto Ricoball - A brother figure, he is one of my friends to Spain-icon.png Spainball. I like Despacito so much. Despacito! We have a South Africa-icon.png Common enemy
    • Romania-icon.png Romaniaball - My friend, we had good relations since Ceauşescu visited us during Martial Law.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - June 12 is a special day for both of us! It is op my Independence Day and por him, it is op Russia Day. At first America does not approve of our friendship. Him and America are starting to get along though. Since 2018, I officially abstained the recognition of Crimea.
    • San Marino-icon.png San Marinoball - Sure. I will give you OFWs, you're good.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - South Korea, while being a first world country is horribly inept at English better than Japan-icon.png Japan, and they hate their own educational system. Since language classes are cheaper here, they come here to study English. They love to sell Samsung, watch Koreanovelas, Listen to Kpop music, play LoL and anything else. Also like and sometimes use their alphabet, fake Korea is the worst let's remove him. But still thanks for selling me those 12 FA-50's for my Air Force and don't worry I'll order additional 12 FA-50's, Also thanks for winning the bid for my new Frigate classes soon my Navy won't have crappy WW2 ship anymore and most of all thanks for selling me 8 brand-new AAV-7's for my Marines too! Stop confusing Nancy to Liza Soberano, they are not the same person! Also child star Chunsa Jung is of Korean descent. Plox help me to get into G20
    • Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball - Even though I hate communism, we became better when Ferdinand Marcos and his wife visited him in 1976.
    • Spratly-icon.png Spratlyball - Son. Please stop being friends with this China-icon.png bully.
    • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball - A good third friend from Scandinavia. The inventor of börk. He has long been my development partner. He is also Thailand-icon.png Thailandball's husband. I wonder why Chile-icon.png Chileball, France-icon.png Franceball, India-icon.png Indiaball, Italy-icon.png Italyball, Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball, Poland-icon.png Polandball, and Russia-icon.png Russiaball hate him.
    • Thailand-icon.png Thailandball - We are both founding members of ASEAN-icon.png ASEANball. I am also its English teacher. Hosted a wonderful Miss Universe 2018 competition, SO PROUD of my Queen Catriona! Still, its college girls are op very pretty. And stop calling me "Land of COVID" please.
    • Tunisia-icon.png Tunisiaball - He is a good African friend, tourism rival, and, just like Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball, a major non-NATO ally. I heard that Star Wars was filmed in his clay.
    • UAE-icon.png UAEball - He can into many OFWs. Thank you for sheltering one of my best photographers!
    • UK-icon.png UKball - Breifly occupied my land, he is also the adoptive father of my neighbours such as Malaysiaball, Tringapore, Myanmarball, and Hong Kongball. UK often tells me about the once great British Empire which influences Phil into conquer the world by OFWs. Still has Northern Ireland... good or bad - doesn't bother me for right now. I heard he left EUball, so he’s no affected by my cursing. (it doesn't, let op Argentinaball worry about it because it want into Europe anyway) But I opened a Jollibee in Londonball as a "thank you" gift.
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - Relations improved when I abstained from recognizing Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball in 2018, even though he hates Duterte-icon.png Duterte. Just like my African friends, he is absent during this event. Honestly, I do not see any problem of being a friend of him compared to my rivals.
    • Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball - Mabuhay ang Santo Papa! Sorry that I cursed you for traffic problems. <3 Even my non-Catholic population loves you!
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - fellow APEC, ASEAN-icon.png ASEANball member and my only communist ally against that cat-eating Tsina! I love the fact that Viet defeated the USAball (By himself), somehow. However, he had a multiple-personality disorder. After the endless bombs of napalm, by USAball, he managed to cure himself from it, but it led to his economy being stagnant... but after political reforms, he managed to get out of it! And now we're friends.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Adoptive Father and Former colonizer. We have a complicated relationship. Thanks for giving me independence BUT NEVER FORGET BATTLE OF BALANGIGA!!!I heard you have a strange situation with Mexico-icon.png Mexico, like Canada-icon.png Canada. Also some of my Filipino people, including Michael Sali likes your YouTube channels like, TheOdd1sOut, JaidenAnimations, Markiplier, Smosh, etc. And thanks for helping me a lot tho. Yuo op still a nice daddy:).


    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - Although I don't recognize him but I like you because he is also my foster cousin and a major non-NATO ally. Maybe I can into recognizing him one day.
    • Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball - Even though I hate drugs and one of your towns who stole my name, you're still the member of NATOball, Oh, and your place was so beautiful some of my people were vacation in there because of your economy and tourist spots, including the vlogger from Cinema 1! Mabuhay! Thanks for the donations by the way! ALSO, SEND THAT NPA FOUNDER BACK HERE SO I CAN KILL HIM!
    • Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball - Supporter and best friend of my ex-enemy, Dim Sum. Stands with that Tsina in the South China Sea dispute. He also has terrorists in his land! I hope India-icon.png Indiaball will take care of him.
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - WHY THE HELL DO YOU SUPPORT China-icon.png CHINABALL IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA DISPUTE?! I recognize your independence BUT THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?! *Sigh* It's fine just don't get into trouble again yuo little rascal
    • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball - Many countries hate him because he is a terrorist but we both hate Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball and North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball. But he is anarchy, control your government please.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - As much as my people love your culture, your people can sometimes go aggressive and discriminate my people despite loving you. I know some of my people are toxic but bruh, stop your toxicity please. Not ALL of my people are POOR.
    • Spain-icon.png Spainball - Mom, I hate you for good reasons. If you considered civilizing as replacing my perfect alphabet with the incapable Latin alphabet that is absolutely never designed with or capable with an Austronesian language, then I will treat you as every invader that occupied my land for "civilization", "religion", "colonization", and "empire". Now I become an Indolent/Lazy society with the Hispanic Countries. Being Pearl of the Orient would be fun again and playing politics as you watch and rot in your own demise will be fun. If you think damaging my identity will stroke your ego, too bad since I already created a FAR SUPERIOR AND MORE FILIPINO IDENTITY. (I still like my version of your version op Latin.) But still, even tho I hate yuo, I still lovings you for beings a good close friend of mine would do. I heard you won the 2010 World Cup and we both hate South Africaball. ALSO WHAT IS THIS? ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF MY PRE-COLONIAL HISTORY? REMOVE! HOW DARE YOU PUTA! THIS IS OF MOST OFFENSIVE! DID YOU JUST OF MADE IT AS POCAHONTAS 2.0? REMOVE!!
    • Sri Lanka-icon.png Sri Lankaball - Although He may be a Pirate of the Arabian sea, At least your Leader visited me recently. Also last July 2018 we got warships together from China-icon.png dimsum.
    • Thailand-icon.png Thailandball - OH MY GOD!!!! WHY DID YOU CALLED ME LAND OF COVID??!!! WHY??? He's a good friend
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - Generally, we both hate PR China. We could've been allies and we both support LGBT+, but I JUST HATE HOW MY PEOPLE JUST GET CARELESS TO YOUR PEOPLE! Like that incident including our Coast Guards, and your fishermen! Apologies for that but it wasn't their fault but your fishermen is because they trespassed, Taiwan. I really wish that we could be friends, but it seems that our people cannot get along with each other,but you are one op pro-Filipino tho. I like you, even more, when you legalise gay marriage. GIB BUBBLE TEA!!! Mix bubble pearls with fries.
    • Estonia-icon.pngLatvia-icon.pngLithuania-icon.png Balticballs - Both Baltics hate Duterte because it is being friends with Russia and China. Plus, Estonia you can into nordic and for sure but you hate Armenia. Lithuania, we both love basketball but he op hates me for being friends with Myanmar. And Latvia, we both like potatoes.
    • Albania-icon.png Albaniaball - He still fine to me because am not recognize kosovo for him so he still fine but he hates Armenia well ok.
    • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball - Many OFW was op working here in yuor clay. but I know yuo hate Armenia, at least yuor food is op great.
    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - He improved relationships with South Korea and USA. Also, you should be kicked out of NAM and G77! Although he wants to have close diplomatic ties with me.
    • Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball - He still like Duterte, but you of op turning into military dictatorship? but still, why Estonia, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia and imperialists still hates him? WHY YUO PUNISH SOME OF MY OFWS IN YUOR COUNTRY? I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YUOR PEOPLE YUO MOTHERF*CKER.
    • Duterte-icon.png Rodrigo Duterte - He is a fine president and he hates drugs, BUT WHY DID YUO SIDE WITH THIS China-icon.png CHINGCHONG? NO WONDER MANY OF MY PEOPLE IN MY CLAY HATE YOU! But thank you for helping to finish my infrastructure and clean up Manila Bay. BUT REMOVE DOLOMITE!

    Enemies/Mga Kalaban

    • BRICS-icon.png Dumb prick - Enemy of the west. REMOVE!!! He has these two China-icon.png South Africa-icon.png bitches.
    • CPP-icon.png NPA-icon.png NDF-icon.png CPP-NPA-NDF - Salot ng mga Komunista! That's IT! I declare war on yuo a-holes because you killed many of my countrymen, especially the Filipino soldiers and policemen that yuo've ambushed, Including an innocent baby that yuo've murdered! No more NPA atrocities and economic sabotage on me! YOU HEAR ME? YUO WILL PAY FOR THIS A$$HOLE AND YUO WILL! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YUO A$$HOLE! NEVER!!!! EVEN MARCOS HATES YOU!!! I'll never forgive yuo for killing former drug addicts and ex-criminals who want to give-up drugs and crime with yuor riding and tandem I'll chase them and interrogate them where are yuo all hiding! and If you dare to seek help from Fake Korea's help for guns and ammunitins I will never let that happen! no more peace talks, EVER!
    • Honduras-icon.png Netherlands-icon.png Uruguay-icon.png Jamaica-icon.png 8-icon.png Drug users - REMOVE DRUGS!!!! Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball WILL NOT BE HAPPY!!! I will reunify with Indonesia-icon.png Indonesia and other drug removers to destroy these marijuana fools! But they are relatives under Spain-icon.png my Nanay Espanya and UK-icon.png my Lolo UK.
    • Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball - Oh, burn in Hell! YURUSANU! REMEMBER BATAAN DEATH MARCH! REMEMBER RAPE OF MANILA! REMOVE BANZAI SUSHI! REMOVE TENTACLES! But I thank you for carelessly leaving your gold here - at the time when AMERICA dominated you and turned you into that usable weakling business partner. You call me, Asian. Fool, you are the same as Spainball.
    • ISIS-icon.png ISISball - Why yuo attack me!!! Yuo insulted my face when you throw my flag and replace it with yours?!! WTF?!! REMOVE MAUTE and ABU SAYYAF! I wish yuo op gone!!! NOW YUO ATTACK MY SON CAPITAL MARAWI, TWO MONTHS MARTIAL LAW AND EXTENDED UNTIL END OF 2017!! AND YUO JUST RECENTLY ATTACKED MADRE! I WILL HAVE YOU HEAD!!! HAHAHAHA! Look at yuo now, Yuo and your Maute and Abu Sayyaf minions are slowly dying because of my troops thanks to my Planes and APC's just few more days my troops will get yuo now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! DIE Filthy KEBAB! Aww... look, your two leaders are dead! I killed two leaders op your. I FINALLY REMOVE YUO FROM MARAWI!!! TAKE THAT FILTHY KEBAB, YUO NO MATCH FOR US!!! (Also I'll never forgive yuor BIFF Ally for killing my soldiers recently, YUO'LL PAY FOR THIS!) YOU PAKSHET. HOW DARE YOU MAKINGS A BOMBA EXPLODE IN THE CHURCH IN BASILAN, BECAUSE WE'RE CHRISTIAN "INFIDELS"! THAT'S IT YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LINE! YOU WILL PAY POR THEIR DEATHS!!!! STOP TERRORIST IN MY CITY!!! WHY YUO WANNA KILL EVERYONE??? STOP IT!!! I REMOVE 9/11 TERRORIST!!!
    • Luxembourg-icon.png Luxembourgball - Why did you legalize drugs, WHY!?!? I WILL REMOVE THAT FROM YUO!!!
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - Why u ban flights? Me people now stranded.
    • South Africa-icon.png South Africaball - Just because you are runner up in Miss Universe 2018 doesn't mean you never had a chance to win?! But Mandela visited my clay and you are member of the Dumb Brick Club. (AND YOU WILL PAY FOR MISS UNIVERSE 2019! YOU ALSO MADE MY BROTHER CRY AND WE WILL WIN NEXT YEAR!)
    • Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball - Seriously? You hate me just because I improved relationships with USA-icon.png USAball and I won Miss Universe 2018?! I hate you and I like Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball. Also, please stop recognizing Catalonia-icon.png Cataloniaball and you deserved to shut up. But, we are both good at beauty pageants. Despite the fact that his President visits me during the Estrada administration to impove our bilateral relationships. Stop being friends with Argentinaball, Also, you stoled my cities name. But we have a ​​Common enemy.
    • ITS THE NUTSHACK.png Everyone who likes The Nutshack - No need to explain.
    • George Soros-icon.png George Soros - Ikang Asong Babae!!, I ban yuo because yuo causing Financial Crisis and my brother's worst Year in 1998 i really hates yuo gago Pumuta sa impiyerno yuor bobo!!!
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball - LISTEN HERE, YOU GAGO, STOP BULLYING Armenia-icon.png ARMENIA AND ALSO Artsakh-icon.png ARTSAKH IS ARMENIAN CLAY!!! SO, BURN IN HELL, YOU GAGO!!! But we can into friends.


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