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    Some of the Islamic Turks were unaffected by the Mongol invasions because they were busy invading India.
    — Bill Wurtz, History of the entire world, I guess

    Ghaznavidsball was a Turkic Empire. He converted Northern India to Islam. His most important and famous leader was (Gazneli Mahmud) Mahmud of Ghazni. He was Afghanistanball in the early Medieval ages.


    Sabuktegin was the founder of Ghaznavidsball, originally a Turkic slave. He rose through the ranks and was made general by Alp-Tegin, the ruler of Ghaznaball under the Samanid Empireball. Soon after Alp-tegin's death, he became the ruler of Ghazna.

    Rise to power

    He expanded Ghaznavidball's clay and got recognition from Abbasidball. Ghaznavidball rapidly expanded under Mahmud of Ghazni at the expense of other Persian dynasties. kara-Khanidball and Ghaznavidsball partitioned up the remaining territory of Samanid Empireball. Now Mahmud turned his gaze upon the filthy rich kingdomballs of Hindustan.

    First he anshclussed Kabul Shahiball, who put up a lot of resistance and even organized a confederacy of Indian rulers to confront Ghaznavidsball. However, luck was with Mahmud and Ghaznavidsball won. Mahmud would regulary sent raiding parties to the Indian subcontinent, and would come back with immense booty. This helped Ghaznavidsball to build a magnificent capital at Ghaznaball (Ghazniball).


    After Mahmud's death, his sons fought a civil war which weakened Ghaznavidsball. Soon Seljuk Turk warriorballs defeated Mahmud's successor at the Battle of Dandanaqan. Ghaznavidsball lost all its western lands in Iranball to Seljuk Empireball.

    Later rulers brought stability back but were eventually made tributaries of Seljuk Empireball. The last ruler Khusrau-Malik, was ousted from power by Ghuridball and imprisoned. This was the end of Ghaznavidsball.




    • Seljuk Empireball- He defeated me in the Battle of Dandanaqan. Weakened me a lot but when I made peace with him I prospered again. I eventually became his puppet state tributary state.


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