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    β€œ FUCK! I'm fuckin' GAY! ”
    — ThePhen0m, otherwise known as Delaware's finest, Phil Delaware

    Delawareball is a small irrelevant knock of Brazilball Mid-Atlantic state of USAball. It borders Marylandball Though not for long , Pennsylvaniaball to the north, and New Jerseyball to the east. Delawareball is known for low taxes which attract lots of companies, and also for being the first state. That's kinda all they got going for them except for Wilmingtonball in the north (but it's basically just a Philadelphia suburb). Delaware is cut in half by the Chesapeake Canal like Panamaball but is still drawn as a regular polandball. He can into irrelevant HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sam O'Nella was born in its clay.

    Delaware was the sight of New Swedenball, an example of Swedish presence in North America, however, was later anschlussed by New Netherlandball. Important to note, Delaware's national guard is partnered with Trinidad and Tobagoball

    Delawareball has three counties when the tide is out and two when the tide is in


    Delawareball was a 3ball adopted by Swedenball and later Netherlandsball. It was then administered by Province of Pennsylvaniaball until the American Revolution. He ratified the US Constitution and became a state on December 7, 1787.

    Delawareball is the first state ever of USAball, and the papers were signed in its capital, Doverball, which is the largest city in the state. He is the second-smallest state in the US, and only Rhode Islandball is smaller than him.

    On February 1st, 2017, Delawareball finally became relevant, but for the worse, as he was relevant from a criminal taking the police hostage in its prison, with 1 officer being killed. The criminal lived in its best school district who freaked out and had to stay in school for 3 extra hours. The criminal said he did this to protest against President Donald Trump. Other than this, Delaware is only relevant because of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States.


    • USAball - My father. He's the best! I was its first state haha! But he won’t tell Marylandball to stop bullying me.
    • Marylandball - Enemy. Always trying to annex me and guards border. I will send more crime to Baltimore and eat your eastern shore.
    • New Jerseyball - Pretty cool guy, but he does make fun of me because he has "better beaches than me."



    zh:德拉瓦球 pt:Delawareball

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