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    Not to be confused with Washington DC.

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    With the lights out, it's less dangerous
    Here we are now, entertain us
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now, entertain us
    — Nirvana
    Into the flood again, same old trip it was back then
    So I made a big mistake, try to see it once my way
    — Alice In Chains
    Jeremy spoke in class today.
    — Pearl Jam
    Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?
    — Soundgarden
    Now, I'm looking to the sky to save me, looking for a sign of life
    Looking for something to help me burn out bright
    And I'm looking for a complication, lookin' cause I'm tired of lying
    Make my way back home when I learn to fly high
    — Foo Fighters

    Wershingtonball Washingtonball is the almighty president addicted to coffee a Washing Machine a state of USAball located in the Pacific NW. Washingtonball borders Oregonball to the south on the Columbia River a fellow hipster!, Idahoball to the west (Where it builds lots of Weed shops on the border much to Idahoballs dismay) and the Canadian province of British Columbiaball (BC) to the north. Washington can into relevance as its clay has a coast!

    They are the proud maker of Starbucks. Most of the time it rains. When it doesn't rain there are either gay rights parades or is making more coffee shops. They also have a bad sunburn beyond mountain clay. Also, they can into islands. They were into grunge music in the '90s. Now he's a hipster. Although they still really enjoy grunge. They also are a wine king right after California. They really love their football team, The Seattle Seahawks, which won the Super Bowl in 2014. They also like his soccer team, Seattle Sounders FC, which won the MLS Cup in 2016 and 2019. He has a huge dormant volcano near his capitalball that might go off one day. But they prefer not to think about that. Not to mention a bad stomachache that is overdue.

    He has a seething hatred for being mistaken for a certain other Washington on the East Coast.

    Some Washingtonballs call their state "Warshingtonball" with a random "r" in the beginning. No one really knows why.


    Washingtonball is split in half by the Cascades, seperating the wet western part of the state with cities like Seattleball, Tacomaball, Vancouverball (Washington) and its capital Olympiaball (Washington) from the Arid Eastern Part of the state with no one really at all, except for Spokaneball, Walla Wallaball, and Richlandball, all of which don't have enough population for a page on the wiki. The MAGA racist hillbilly . West Washington makes all the rules because they have the people. East Washington complains and starts referendums to join Idahoball.


    Washingtonball was born as a 3ball. Their ancestors most likely originated from the Bering Strait Bridge during the ice age where their ancestors crossed from Asia to modern-day Alaska and eventually here. They lived by the sea making an abundance of art, murdering whales, and overall living peacefully. They were first spotted by Spanish Empireball on July 14, 1775, and they claimed Washingtonball's future clay, along with Oregonball and Idahoball. Then UKball found him, claimed some of Washingtonball's clay, and killed a bunch of beavers that interestedQingball and they sold them to him. For most of the seventies, the Spanish and English explored Washington ball's future clay. USAball and UKball agree to joint occupy Spanish Empireball's claims. He was adopted by USAball with his brother Oregonball.theyofficially became a state in 1889.

    World War II

    The coastal area of Washingtonball called the Puget Sound became a focus for war industries with the Boeing Company producing a significant amount of the U.S.'s heavy bombers. Ports in Seattleball, Bremertonball, Tacomaball, and Vancouverball were available for the manufacturing of ships for the war effort.

    As more male Washingtonballs were needed to enlist to fight and the demand for labor as well, female Washingtonballs were recruited by local media, entered the workforce in great numbers. In fact, one-fourth of the laborers in shipyards were women, resulting in the installation of one of the first government-funded child-care centers in the workplace.

    In Eastern Washington, the Hanford Works nuclear power plant was opened in 1943 which played a major role in the construction of the nation's atomic bombs, dubbed "The Fat Man" and was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945. "The Fat Man" was also fueled by Hanford plutonium and was transported in Boeing B-29s and designed in Washingtonball's clay.

    Modern History

    On May 18th, 1980, they poped a volcano called Mt. St. Helens.

    In January 2020, they got infected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (the first out all the states).



    • USAball - Adoptive dad I even made father's day! But please stop stealing my taxes and giving them to the Southern States!
    • Oregonball - Brother to south, similar culture, food, and politics. Except for Soccer. Neither of them will ever calm down over the soccer rivalry. I cannot into income tax, they cannot into sales tax. We beat you in college football!
    • British Columbiaball - True and eternal lovers, USAball and Canadaball find it adorable. Vancouverball and Seattleball enjoy watching anime and driving Japanese cars together. Also, bike rides.
    • Japanball - We REALLY love each other. We enjoy watching anime together, and I LOVE to modify imported Nissans. I think he appreciates the respect and eagerness.
    • Alaskaball - Washingtonball and Alaskaball have always had interacted with each other even before they were adopted. The 3balls that lived in their clay traded with each other and even married each other. Washingtonball also provides life-saving care for Alaskaball. They could possibly be Alaska's therapist for Alaska's mistreatment by the Russian Empire and the Japanese Empire. Alaskaballs are also more likely to move to Washington's clay out of any other stateball.
    • Hawaiiball - I traded with them since the 1800s, their people really like relocating to my clay, and their music is really good too! Some of my cit.ies were even founded by Hawaiianballs!
    • Hyōgoball - Sister state! Very similar to each other!
    • Icelandball - My clay has the most Icelandic Americans in all of USAball!
    • South Koreaball - Washingtonball enjoys Kpop very much and played a significant role in the Korean War.
    • Philippinesball - Washingtonball has the fifth-largest Filipino population out of all the states.
    • Jaliscoball - Sister stateball- Er I mean brother stateball (he gets a bit angry when I think of him as feminine) and possibly also a relative? This is so confusing.
    • UKball - My actual father? Wait I'm adopted by my brother?? Never mind that- but we are both very rainy and since they joint occupied me I wasn't mistreated unlike most states by them. They also might've influenced my love for music!
    • Spainball - My actual mom? This is very confusing. But I have a significant amount of Spainballs living in my clay.
    • Mexicoball - Lots of Mexicanballs reside in my clay! And their food is delicious!
    • Sichuanball — In a friendship agreement with them and lots of Chinaballs live in my clay, really love their culture too.


    • Californiaball - Cousin to the south. Friendly tech rivals. Except that they constantly keep raising their own taxes, while I still have no income tax. Oh well, as long as they won't start flooding my clay with his tax refugees. Also, can you tell your citizens not to complain about the cold when they visit? Thanks.
    • Texasball - Gets a bit angry when I mention some of his population moves to my clay. The third most out of the states actually. Other than that I don't care about them, really happy about them turning bluer lately though.
    • Nagasakiball — "I'm sorry for helping create the bomb, I regret it so much and I can't apologize enough."
    • Idahoball - Religious republican potato to the east. You may grow more potatoes, but I grow mine for quality! More of eastern Washington
    • Montanaball - I'm interested, why did you show up at my family reunion?
    • Wyomingball - I hope Yellowstone doesn't erupt...
    • Arizonaball - Lots of his people move to my clay but I don't like how they listen to grunge while being Republican that doesn't make sense-
    • Biden - Bernie would have been better and I'm still settling... but nonetheless I'm happy that Diet Coke button pressing gnome is gone, Mr. President o7


    • Soviet Unionball - Seattleball is NOT a communist! STUPID LENIN STATUE !!!
    • Australiaball - A Oceania Country that not allowed to opens Starbucks!!!
    • Chicagoball - Give me back Boeing! Please..
    • Crimeaball - YUO!!! WHY YUO CALL ME CANADIAN HUH?!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!
    • Russiaball - I have a significant amount of Russians in my clay and a lot of my companies depend on your exports. BUT OTHER THEN THAT SCREW YOU! YOU PLAYED WITH MY ELECTIONS
    • DCball - I'm sick and tired of everybody confusing me for you. I deserve this name better than you! GIVE MY NAME BACK! GIVE MY NAME BACK! GIVE MY NAME BACK! GIVE MY NAME BACK!!!!
    • Racist - WORST PRESIDENT EVER! Excuse my language, but he's a racist piece of shit! His Trade War with China is RUINING ME! Plus, he said he was going to cut federal funding because of the "riots" when it was a peaceful protest with the police horribly suppressing them! And he mismanaged the COVID-19 situation, lied about it, and blamed China for his stupidity! He's a fascist dictator who supports illegal and dangerous acts and should be removed from office. He was literally supported by the Taliban! BLM! ACAB! And Biden 2020! (I wish it was Bernie!) HAHAHAHA YOU LOST GET ****ED!

    How to draw

    Like almost all the United States states, he's only a seal on a background

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this green
    2. Draw the Seal of Washington
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished!



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