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    β€œ If there's one thing I hate more than the Green Bay Packers, it's sex. ”
    — Rex Mohs (Scott The Woz character)
    — Cesar's Alternate after killing Mark Heathcliff

    Wisconsinball is cheese-addicted a stateball of  USAball. Loves beer and cheese. He's also a big fan of the Green Bay Packers.


    Wisconsinball was a 3ball, then was adopted by USAball. He officially became a state in 1848.



    • Cheese - My bestest friend!
    • USAball - Father and pays me good money for my cheese. And thank you, so much, for helping me put down the riots. It could've been so bad, like what we see in Portlandball.
    • Germanyball - Provided most of my people, they immigrated here mainly between 1850s and 1900s. In 1990, I was 53.8% German! That explains why I like bratwurst.


    • Yooperball - He used to be part of me! But Michigancube stole him from me. But I hate you, give me your clay!
    • Iowaball - Frenemy. Will not accept that I am the best midwestern state.
    •  Chicagoball - Originally my clay. Only a part of Illinois to keep him from being redneck! Your my largest city's bigger brother. But screw da Bears.


    • Michigancube - Gib me back my peninsula! Why did you not get Toledo!? I'm the real loser of that war!
    • Illinoisball - You don't need that land you stole from me! Also, screw da Bears.
    • Minnesotaball - Football rivals, and I have more dairy farms than you! You need to gib me back clays!
    • Kurdistanball - Are you a cheese curd? Well, IT'S LUNCH TIME KIDDO!!!

    How to draw

    Like almost every US state, Wisconsinball is only a coat of arms on a blue background:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of blue
    2. Add the coat of arms of Winconsin in the center
    3. Draw with white WISCONSIN (over the CoA) and 1848 (under the CoA)
    4. Add the eyes and you've finished.


    zh:ε¨ζ–―εΊ·ζ˜Ÿηƒ it:Wisconsinball pt:Wisconsinball

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