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    Karelian ASSRball

    Karelian ASSRball officially Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republicball or for short Soviet Kareliaball was an Autonomous SSRball of the Russian SFSRball, and the Soviet Unionball.


    The Karelian ASSR was formed as a part of the Russian SFSR by the Resolution of the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of June 27, 1923, and by the Decree of the VTsIK and the Council of People's Commissars of July 25, 1923, from the Karelian Labor Commune. In 1927, the ASSR was divided into districts, which replaced the old volosts.

    From 1940 to 1956, territory annexed from Finlandball (which had briefly constituted a puppet Finnish Democratic Republicball) was incorporated with the previous Karelian Autonomous Republic to form the Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic, which had the status of a union republic in the federal structure of the Soviet Unionball. However, by this time, only a small portion of the population of this region was of Karelian or Finnish ethnic background. Some later historians believe that this unorthodox upgrade was likely a "convenient means for facilitating the possible incorporation of additional Finnish territory" (or all of Finland) or "at least a way to keep Finlandball continuously under the gun".

    On July 16, 1956, the SSR was downgraded from the Union Republic to an ASSR and retroceded to the Russian SFSRball. Beginning on August 9, 1990, the Karelian ASSR declared state sovereignty and renamed it the Karelian Soviet Socialist Republic. The Karelian SSR has been renamed to the Republic of Kareliaball on November 13, 1991, and remains a federal subject of Russiaball.


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