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    Russian Fort Elizabethball was Hawaiiball when he drank too much vodka a settlement in Kingdom of Hawaiiball.



    The Russian Empireball and Russian Americaball during their first navigations established contact with the still unknown Kingdom of Hawaiiball, in 1804. The ships of the Russian Empireball continued to visit the Kingdom of Hawaiiball, selling some food. On January 29, 1815, a Russian Americaball ship, laden with furs and expensive foods, ran aground and was stolen by the Kingdom of Hawaiiball. Russian Americaball then wanted to launch an armed punitive expedition against the Kingdom of Hawaiiball, but changed its mind and wanted a peaceful solution.

    Dispatch Dispatch

    A mission was organized and sent to Kingdom of Hawaiiball in October. The Russian Americaball with their son Rossball were going to present themselves as harmless explorers and win the favor of Kingdom of Hawaiiball, keeping the mission's true intent a secret so far. After courting the Kingdom of Hawaiiball, Russian Americaball should demand the return of goods taken from the ship or compensation for the theft. If this business went well, he would trade the Kingdom of Hawaiiball for the monopoly of his trade. He then sent a letter to Kingdom of Hawaiiball, warning that he would make a military intervention on it if there was no such compensation.

    Russian Americaball arrived at the Kingdom of Hawaiiball aboard a ship named "Isabel" in early November. There it convinced the Kingdom of Hawaiiball that the USAball were trying to attach the clays Kingdom of Hawaiiball (I wasn't entirely wrong), and, according to Russian Americaball, they made the Kingdom of Hawaiiball have a totally anti-Russian feeling. However, Russian Americaball managed to regain the good spirit of Kingdom of Hawaiiball in December, who soon sold him plots of clay and thus the Russian Fort Elizabethball was born. Soon after birth it began exploring its islands, during which time it claimed to have been attacked by Americans. After that, it began to reside in Oahuball, where it planted corn, tobacco, watermelons and other plants.

    In February 1816, it called for an invasion of the island of Kauaiball in the name of its Sovereign Russian Empireball and made him proud. The Russian Americaball remained in command of all its forces, which were two ships, and had an encounter with the Kingdom of Hawaiiball, who resisted his seduction in making a deal to give him the island, which on May 2, May 14, Russian Americaball and it they started their trip to the island and arrived three days later.

    Illusion of Conquest

    The island of Kauaiball is convinced by Russian Americaball that it "should not have noticed that any representative of Kingdom of Hawaiiball, used to accompany the Russian Empireball, right? Who is the king of the Sandwich Islands in the North Pacific Ocean, Kauai and Niihau, and heir to the islands Oahu, Maui and Lanai!" and on hearing this he swore loyalty and allegiance to the Russian Empireball and further agreed to repay what Russian Americaball lost in 1815 and in granting him the monopoly of trade. Thus the Russian Empireball, the Russian Americaball and its son gained another clay and 500 more local soldiers.

    And with more than three hundred Hawaiians it began building forts and trading stations on the islands in late 1817. Enthusiastically Fort Isabelball sent messages to the Russian Americaball in requesting a naval expedition to protect what they once called "the quasi-lunatic schemes of Russian Americaball" and so it gave him $200,000 in compensation for it your ship, ending your life purpose. So it stayed with its mother Russian Americaball enjoying the summer on the Hawaiian beaches.

    However, at the end of the summer, it lost track of the danger and manipulated the Russian Empireball to send in troops and begin a confrontation with Kingdom of Hawaiiball, and conquer more islands. And so it did, beginning the Russian-Hawaiian War and the Kaumualii Uprising, which was provoked by the Russian Americaball.

    Defeat and Surrender

    The dissolution of the "daughter" of Russian Americaball began in September 1816, when he had to evacuate Oahuball, then everything went down the drain: The Kingdom of Hawaiiball, continued to attack, and with the help of the USAball (presumably), the Russian Empireball didn't help as it had nothing to do with the delusions of Russian Americaball and local Hawaiians banded together and chased away Russian Americaball off Kauaiball. And then Russian Americaball just abandoned its daughter and let its be killed.

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