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    Chongqingball is the largest cityball in population of Chinaball. Chongqingball has 30 million people which made him the largest city proper in the world although his urban area is only 18 million behind Beijingball, and Shanghaiball. His clay is large as Austriaball's.



    Chongqingball start as Jiangzhouball. Jiangzhouball subsequently remained under Qin Shi Huang's rule during the Qinball, the successor of the Qin Stateball, and under the control of Hanball emperors. Jiangzhou was subsequently renamed during the Northern and Southern dynasties to Chuball Prefecture (楚州), then in 581 AD (Suiball dynasty) to Yuball Prefecture (渝求州), and later in 1102 during Northern Song to Gong Prefecture (恭州). The name Yu however survives to this day as an abbreviation for Chongqingball, and the city centre where the old town stood is also called Yuzhongball (渝中, Central Yu). It received its current name in 1189, after Prince Zhao Dun of the Southern Song dynasty described his crowning as king and then Emperor Guangzong as a "double celebration" (simplified Chinese: 双重喜庆; traditional Chinese: 雙重喜慶; pinyin: shuāngchóng xǐqìng, or chongqing in short). In his honour, Yuball Prefecture was therefore converted to Chongqing Fu, marking the occasion of his enthronement.

    In 1362, , Ming Yuzhen, a peasant rebel leader, established the Daxia Kingdomball (大求夏) at Chongqing for a short time. In 1621 (Ming dynasty), another short-lived kingdom of Daliang (大梁) was established by She Chongmingball (奢崇明求) with Chongqingball as its capital. In 1644, after the fall of the Ming dynasty to a rebel army, Chongqing, together with the rest of Sichuan, was captured by Zhang Xianzhong, who was said to have massacred a large number of people in Sichuanball and depopulated the province, in part by causing many people to flee to safety elsewhere. The Manchus later conquered the province, and during the Qingball, immigration to Chongqingball and Sichuanball took place with the support of the Qingball emperor.

    In 1890, the British Consulate General was opened in Chongqingball. The following year, the city became the first inland commerce port open to foreigners. Franceball, German Empireball, USAball and Empire of Japanball consulates were opened in Chongqing in 1896–1904.

    During and after the Second Sino-Japanese War, from Nov 1937 to May 1946, it was Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's provisional capital. Indeed, after the General and remaining army had lived there for a time following their retreat in 1938 from the previous capital of Wuhanball, it was formally declared the second capital city (pei du) on 6 September 1940. After UKball, USAball, and other Allies entered the war in Asia in December 1941, one of the Allies' deputy commanders of operations in South East Asia (South East Asia Command SEAC), Joseph Stilwell, was based in the city. This made it a city of world importance in the fight against Axis powers, together with Londonball, Moscowball and DCball The city was also visited by Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Supreme Commander of SEAC which was itself headquartered in Ceylonball, modern day Sri Lankaball. Chiang Kai Shek as Supreme Commander in China worked closely with Stilwell. From 1938 to 1943, the city suffered from continuous terror bombing by the Japanese air force. Lives were saved by the air-raid shelters which took the advantage of the mountainous terrain. Chongqing was acclaimed to be the “City of Heroes” due to the indomitable spirits of its people as well as their contributions and sacrifices during World War II. Many factories and universities were relocated from eastern China to Chongqingball during the war, transforming this city from inland port to a heavily industrialized city. In late November 1949, the Nationalist KMT government retreated from the city

    In 1997 Chongqingball was free from his dictator. From the late 2000s Bo Xilai rose to power in the municipality, and the region floruished economically. But Bo Xilai was deposed from curroption and mismanagement in 2013 two years after the Wang Lijun incident went viral.




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