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    Incheonball is a cityball which clay is part of South Koreaball. Incheon is popular for its airport. Incheonball is the third most populated city in South Korea. Incheon airport is one of the best airports available in the world. Also, it has a port where ships often come and go.


    When Incheonball was part of Goryeoball it was called Gyeongwonball (경원공) and also Injuball (인주공). The names Gyeongwonball/Injuball were changed.

    In 1413, Incheonball was born. Later Incheonball became Incheon Metropolitan Prefecture. It started to expand its clay by taking other Korean cities' clay. Later Incheonball changed its name to Jemulpoball but it was not famous as Seoulball. When Jemulpoball made the port for ships to come, it was well known.

    In 1914, after Japanese Empireball invaded Korean Empireball, Incheonball got its name back. In 1904, Russian Empireball's ships attacked Incheon, and this started the Russo-Japanese War.

    In 1950, When North Koreaball and USSRball attacked and made the Busan perimeter at nearby Busanball, USAball planned the Battle of Inchon. The battle made the UNball and South Koreaball a huge effect on the Korean War.

    In 1981, Incheonball got the official native name (which continues today) Incheon Metropolitan City. In 2014, Incheonball opened the 2014 Incheon Summer Asian Games.

    Also in 2014, one of North Koreaball's secret spying drones landed in one of Incheonball's clay.



    • South Koreaball - Parent, cares for me a lot. An awesome 최고 friend.
    • Seoulball - Bff's and close sibling.
    • Busanball - A weird speaking friend in de southern part. Has good beaches.
    • Daeguball - Good friend. Too hot there in de summer.
    • Daejeonball - Friends. Just friends.


    • North Koreaball - Evil relative, sends drones and plannings to nuke me.
    • Pyongyangball - Evil ball which commie pig leader lives. Have to kill de pig!!


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