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    Muisca Confederationball

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    Muisca Confederationball was a pre-colonial federation in Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball.

    Muiscaball had a colossal amount of gold, and he had the luxury of making a lot of figures and other pieces of gold, being that Spainball even thought that they had a city made entirely of gold (El Dorado), however, it does not seem to be true .

    They were divided into two confederations: the Hunza of the northern zone, whose sovereign was called "zaque", and the Bacatá of the southern zone, whose sovereign was called "zipa". Both confederations were located in the highlands of the central region of Colombiaball.

    The territory of the Muiscas stretched over an area of 46,972 square kilometers (a region a little larger than Switzerlandball) from the north of Boyacá to the Páramo de Sumapaz and from the summits of the Eastern Cordillera towards the Magdalena Valley. This is where the first farms and, centuries later, industries were developed in Colombiaball. It is also where the independence movement of Colombiaball originated. 

    Next to the Quechuaballs of Peruball and the Aymaraball of Boliviaball, the Muiscaballs of the eastern and north-eastern Highlands of Colombia developed the most notable culture among the sedentary indigenous peoples in South America.

    At the time of the Spanish conquest, the area had a large population, but the exact number of inhabitants is not known. The languages of the Muisca were dialects of the Chibcha language. Their economy was based on agriculture, metallurgy and manufacturing.

    The Confederation was not a kingdom, because there was no absolute monarch, nor was it an empire, because they did not dominate other ethnic groups or peoples. The Muisca Confederation can not be compared to other American civilizations, such as the Aztecballs or the Incaballs. The Muiscaballs was one of the largest and most well-organized confederations of tribes of the South American continent.

    Each tribe within the confederation was governed by a chief. The majority of the tribes were part of the Muísca ethnic group, sharing the same language and culture, and relating through commerce. They only united to face a common enemy. The army was the responsibility of the Zipa or the Zaque. The army was composed of the güeches, the traditional warriors of the Muisca people.


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