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    Papal Statesball was Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball before the Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball and was one of the stronkest countryballs, having huge influence in European politics and lifes.


    Papal Statesball was officaly born when Francia-icon.png Carolingianball gave clay to Catholic-icon.png Pope Churchball. But Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball anschlussed it when Napoleonic-icon.png Second French Empireball, heir of Carolingian-icon.png Carolingianball was losing against German Empire-icon.png German Empireball.




    • HRE-icon.png Holy Roman Empireball - Stop making your own Bishops goddammit! That's MY job! I am the head of the church NOT you! i made you and i can unmake you! and stop appointing fake popes it makes me mad!
    • Kingdom of England-icon.png Kingdom of Englandball - A true friend and arguablly the most important member of the crusades! But then Kingdom of England-icon.png Henry VIII made you stinky Anglican-icon.png Protestant heretic. NO DIVORCE!! YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIVORCE? 2 OF 6 OF YOUR WIVES GOT FUCKING BEHEADED WHEN YOU STARTED DIVORCE!


    • Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball - NO YOU CANNOT JUST INVADE ME I WILL EXCOMMUNICATE YOU!!!
      • Italian-Empire-icon.png - what about i senda jewish dude to invade?


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Papal Statesball.

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