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    Addis Abababall is capitalball and the largest cityball of Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball. He loves Adidas.


    Addis Abababall is a slav was founded in the 19th century by Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball. He was the capital at the time founded by Emperor Menelik and its wife Taytu Betul and started to industrialize the country of Ethiopia and become modern without European influence. When Fascist Italy-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball anschlussed him, creating Italian East Africaball, Addis Abababall became the capital of it. Mussolini then tried to add Italian infrastructure into the country, but the rebellions refused and destroyed everything. The occupation of Abyssinia was closer to a civil war zone than an actual colony. With the liberation of UK-icon.png UKball, the Ethiopians gained their freedom. When Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball was re-born, Addis Abababall became capital for it and its successors. Addis Ababa was well known for its historic purposes. 

    Addis Ababa is also where the headquarters of African Union-icon.png African Unionball is located as wheras Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball is the founder of the African Union co-founded by Ghana-icon.png Ghanaball and South Africa-icon.png South Africaball. If Africa is planing to reunite and become one country then Addis Ababa-icon.png Addis Abababall would be it's capital. It also translates to "New flower" in English.


    • Addis Ababa was the first capital in the continent of Africa.
    • Addis Ababa is the location of the headquarters of African Union-icon.png African Unionball which is similar to EU-icon.png EUball.
    • Addis Ababa contains more hydroelectricity then anywhere else in the African continent.
    • It is a coffee hot spot destination. Like almost all of Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball, Addis Ababa have great cafes and restaurants.
    • Addis Ababa is the second most densely populated city in Africa after first Lagos-icon.png Lagosball.
    • Addis Ababa have embassies for every African country except for South Sudan-icon.png South Sudanball because Ethiopia does not recognize it as an actual country.
    • Addis Ababa's greatest enemy is Somalia-icon (division).png Mogadishuball.
    • It contains museums of exquisite bones of "Lucy" that was known to be 3 million years old.
    • Addis Ababa is the home of Ethiopian Airlines.
    • Addis Ababa is around 134 years old.
    • Addis Ababa is modernized and has a wonderful industry like your first world country and cannot into starve. The only other modern part of the country with electricity and wealth is Dire Dawaball.
    • Addis Ababa is a Russia-icon.png Russian puppet who likes Adidas and a spy against Somalia-icon.png Somali pirates.


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