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    San Joseball is Californiaball's oldest cityball ever. Known as 'The Capital of Silicon Valley', it is the cultural, financial and political capital of the area.

    It was the first cityball created on Californiaball's clay, which was founded by the Spanish Empireball.

    It was the first city that can into high-tech in 1970's. It leads the world in digital technology and entrepreneurs always go to it for its innovative ideas. With more engineers on its clay, it became as expensive as its sibling San Franciscoball, to the north. It also has a hockey team, the San Jose Sharks, who made the Stanley Cup last year.


    San Joseball was born as a 3ball before being adopted by Spanish Empireball in 1777. It was adopted by Mexicoball in 1821 after Mexicoball gained independence from Spanish Empireball and became a city of Mexicoball. San Joseball was again adopted by USAball in 1848 after the Mexican-American War. The cityball then became the capital of Californiaball for a brief period of time.

    By the 1970s, San Joseball has become a major technological center, and there are many companies that are located on his clay. This has resulted in housing in its city being extremely expensive, one of the most expensive in the country. Because of this, many people have begun moving out to nearby cities in Californiaball, such as Sacramentoball, which is slowly becoming a colony of San Joseball.


    How to draw

    Drawing San Joseball is almost easy:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape with three horizontal stripes, orange, white, and blue
    2. Draw the coat of arms of San Jose in the center
    3. Draw the eyes and it's complete

    pl:San Joséball

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