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    Stay oot, ye fahkin bahstard, Lancashire!
    's one-way rivalry with .

    YorkshirePuddingball is the largest and most populated county in Englandball. Situated in the North of the country it is bordered by arch-rival Lancashireball to the west, irrelevant DerbyshireballNottinghamshireball and the buffer zone between The North and The Midlands that is Lincolnshireball to the south, and the Humber River and North sea to the east.


    The Danish vikings settled in the north of England, removing Celt from the premises and the Kingdom of Jorvikball was founded. 

    Jorvikball would later become Yorkshire.

    Fast forward to the Wars of the Roses and Yorkshireball (The White Rose) is fighting it's greatest foe, Lancashireball (The Red Rose). Sadly this ended in defeat for The House of York and The Red Rose became the symbol of Englandball. However the English have always been scared of Yorkshire's power and have continued to occupy it to this day. This fear led to the oppression of the Yorkish peoples. Until recently you could be fined for flying the Yorkshire flag in public and in the late twentieth century came a huge blow to Yorkshire.

    The English split Yorkshire into four ridings and gave huge areas of land to Cumbria, Teesside and worst of all Lancashire. However regionalism is still on the rise in Yorkshire and soon the Nordic peoples of the British Isles will be free again. Yorkshireball is currently being invaded by kebab in Bradford but Yorkshireball stronk and can of remove kebab.

    Yorkshire is of very proud of his heritage, he is to England pretty much like how Bavaria is to Germany or Texas is to USA.

    How to draw

    Draw Yorkshireball isn't very simple:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
    2. Draw the English white rose in the centre
    3. Add the eyes and you've finished.


    Yorkshireball has a small family and does NOT like them because Denmarkball abandoned him, Englandball occupy him and Lancashireball...



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