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    California Republicball was a short-lived North American unrecognized countryball that was eventually taken over by The Union on July 9th, 1846. It bordered present day USAball and Mexico. However, the Bear Flag Revolution mainly took place in San Francisco area so you could say that it didn't own the full territory of Alta Californiaball. It's capital was Sacramentoball


    In the mid 1800's, tons of Americans were traveling westward via trails such as the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, etc.. One of these trails was the California Trail, which as it sounds, led to the great land of California. However, this land wasn't in the United States, but instead Mexico. At first, this wasn't a problem as the land was sparsely populated and Mexico had other problems to deal with. However, The thing was was that all the Americans had entered illegally. Dang, times really change don't they Mexico was getting really pissed off because all these Americans had entered their territory illegally and they were piling up there. Eventually, if there were enough there, then America would set a claim to the land. Already were they looking like they wanted to invade. It really started though when thirty-three Americans Started rebelling against the Mexican Government, complaining that they hadn't been able to buy or rent land and were threatened with expulsion. Also, when this guy was supporting a revolution, Mexico thought they had crosssed the line. America launched an invasion on Mexico, just adding to the troubles. It was not good. A revolution took place and ended with California Republic getting independence from Mexico. Mexico was basically done as well, because the United States were already crushing them. Cali enjoyed their independence for a good three weeks in which they tried to set up a working government but miserably failed. The Rebles elected Military Officers, probably to defend against any oncoming attacks, but they never created a civil structure. They held parties in Sonoma and had food and drinks. Unfortunately, would be given the freedom treatment, and it's legacy now only lives on through the history books.


    Oregon Territoryball - My northern brother! He himself had his own hassle with those syrup people

    Nuevo Mexicoball - When he was part of Mexico with me, we would hang out.

    Republic of Texasball - Bassicly my blood brother. We both rebelled against Mexico, though he was more successful.. We each have stars on our flag to symbolize our brother like bond! He was also invaded by yankee but he wanted to be annexed.

    USAball - I don't know I have mixed relations about you. It would be real gnarly of you if you let me have my independence. It was real fun..

    Centralist Republic of Mexicoball - I HATE YOU! LEMME HAVE MY INDEPENDENCE!

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