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    Mississaugaball is a cityball in Ontarioball, just to the west of Torontoball. It is the sixth-largest cityball in Canadaball.


    Mississaugaball was born as a  3ball. Later traders from Franceball and Englandball arrived on its clay in the 1600s, and in 1805, Yorkball (present-day Torontoball) adopted its and changed its name to Toronto Townshipball.

    Modern-day Mississaugaball was created in 1974 by bringing together several independent villageballs (Maltonball, Port Creditball, Clarksonball and Streetsvilleball). On November 11, 1979, a freight train derailed spilling dangerous chemicals on its clay and forcing the evacuation of over 250,000 residents, proving Mississaugaball's bravery and courage. It was the largest peacetime evacuation in history until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck Louisianaball.

    Mississaugaball is the home of Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canadaball's busiest airport. She also boasts several major shopping malls, an efficient mass transit system (MiWay) and the head offices of many businesses in Canadaball. She has its own major junior hockey team, the Mississauga Steelheads (she gave away its old team, the IceDogs, to Niagara Falls). The Raptors 905 basketball team also calls Mississaugaball home, they won the 2017 NBA D-League championship.


    • Torontoball: Next-door neighbor. Our transit systems and highways let us see each other whenever we want.
    • Bramptonball: Neighbor to the north. We became cityballs at the same time, so we're like siblings.
    • Oakvilleball: Best friend and neighbor.

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