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    Hi, I'm Gandhi, and if Britain doesn't get the hell out of India, I'm gonna starve myself in public. ... Wow, that worked?
    — Mahatma Gandhi, history of the entire world, i guess

    British Rajball, also known as British Indiaball, was a British Crown Colony in the Indian Subcontinent between 1858 - 1947. There are beliefs that British Rajball might return, as Unified Indiaball, because after Indiaball and Pakistanball kill each other it would rise again (but not as a colony of the UK, a whole new country.) It is also a biological grandparent to  Bangladeshball.


    In 1858, The British East India Companyball was given new clothes and was renamed British Rajball.

    In 1914 and 1940, UKball gave it guns to fight German Empireball, Nazi Germanyball and Kingdom of Italyball. Although, some became friends with Naziball. This created the Indian Legion. 

    In 1945, British Rajball and UNball became best friends.

    In 1947, UKball gave British Rajball independence, with most Hindu parts going to Indiaball, and most Muslim parts going to Pakistanball. This was of much disappointment to USAball's child UNball. British Rajball then divided into Indiaball, West Pakistanball and East Pakistanball. Messy wars followed.



    • British Cyprusball - My Mediterranean sibling.
    • Sentineleseball - We kidnapped 6 of its people and we couldn't colonize, so now it is extremely hostile.
    • Qajarball - Thanks for giving rights to build a facility in yuor clay (of Baluchistan).


    • Parent - Evil parent who did terrible things to my people!!! REMOVE TEA! But we were allies in wars.
    • United States of Indonesiaball - I tried to help its father parent recolonize it, but now I'll just recognize yuor independence.



    Imperial Agencies and Provinces

    Princely States


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of British Rajball.

    Click here to see it.

    The Allied Powers - Liberating the World from Tyranny
    Entente Powers/Allies
    Principal Entente Powers: Franceball UKball Russian Empireball ( Russian Republicball) (until 1917) • USAball (from 1917) • Kingdom of Italyball (From 1915) • Empire of Japanball
    Associated allies and co-belligerents: Kingdom of Serbiaball Belgiumball Kingdom of Montenegroball Luxembourgball Australiaball Canadaball Ceylonball Sultanate of Egyptball Newfoundlandball New Zealandball British Rajball Sheikhdom of Kuwaitball Czechoslovakiaball Assyrian Volunteersball Emirate of Nejd and Hasaball Idrisid Emirate of Asirball Provisional Government of National Defenceball Portugalball Kingdom of Romaniaball Kingdom of Hejazball Kingdom of Greeceball Republic of Chinaball Siamball Brazilball Transcaucasiaball Centrocaspian Dictatorshipball Armeniaball
    Nations that declared war on the Central Powers, but didn't fight them: Nepalrawr San Marinoball Andorraball Republic of Cubaball Panamaball Liberiaball Guatemalaball Nicaraguaball Costa Ricaball Haitiball Hondurasball
    Nations that severed diplomatic ties with the Central Powers, but didn't fight them: Boliviaball Dominican Republicball Peruball Uruguayball Ecuadorball
    Nations that were aligned to the Entente, but didn't get involved: Norwayball Monacoball El Salvadorball Tibetball
    Allies of World War II
    Principal Allied Powers UKball Soviet Unionball (From 1941) • USAball (From 1941) • Republic of Chinaball Franceball (Until 1940) • Provisional Government of the French Republicball (From 1944)
    Allied combatants with governments-in-exile: Free Franceball Second Polish Republicball Czechoslovakiaball Belgiumball Luxembourgball Netherlandsball Norwayball Kingdom of Greeceball Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball Provisional Government of the Republic of Koreaball Ethiopian Empireball Commonwealth of the Philippinesball
    Other Allied combatant states: PR Polandball Canadaball Australiaball New Zealandball Union of South Africaball British Rajball Southern Rhodesiaball Nepalrawr Democratic Federal Yugoslaviaball Brazilball Mexicoball Mongolian People's Republicball Costa Ricaball Republic of Cubaball Dominican Republicball El Salvadorball Guatemalaball Haitiball Hondurasball Nicaraguaball Panamaball Boliviaball Colombiaball Liberiaball Chileball Ecuadorball Kingdom of Egyptball Lebanonball Paraguayball Peruball Saudi Arabiaball Syriaball Turkeyball Uruguayball United States of Venezuelaball Argentinaball DR Vietnamball
    Co-belligerents (former Axis powers): Kingdom of Iraqball (From 1943) • Pahlavi Iranball (From 1943) • Kingdom of Italyball (from 1943) (from 1943) • Kingdom of Romaniaball (from 1944) Kingdom of Bulgariaball (from 1944) • Finlandball (from 1944)

    zh:英屬印度球 es:Raj Británicoball

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