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    French Guianaball is a French regionball in South America. As an integral region of Franceball, he can be represented in the French National Assembly, the French Senate and in the French Economic and Social Council, and can use the Euro as currency. He can into space. He is actually independent but when he wants to decide something about the country, Franceball does it. He can also into battlefield 2042 map.*much hype*


    French Guianaball, Guyanaball and Surinameball were an unique 3ball discovered by UKball, United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball and Kingdom of Franceball, that adopted them.

    Nowadays, French Guianaball is an overseas region of Franceball that cannot into independence. They can into Miss France, though (Alicia Aylies, who is from his clay, was crowned Miss France 2017).

    French Guiana has rich clay, but his population is of poor and have many problems of underdevelopment, crime, and education, this is why the region went into a strike in March 2017.



    • UKball - Uncle.
    • Haitiball - The Caribbean version of me.
    • Portugalball - Adoptive father.
    • Brazilball - Adoptive Brother, but you invaded me in 1910! Never forget. Oh well, he's cool anyway but please don't anschluss me!
    • Quebecball - Brother in Canada


    • Franceball - Mom who doesn't care about me. Gib more monies and jobs plox, I'm of very poor!
    • Rwandaball - Brother who hates my other siblings for no reason


    How to draw

    That's how to draw French Guianaball:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape with a diagonal (up-left to right-down) line
    2. Color the right part of this green and the rest of this yellow
    3. Draw a red star in the centre
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    zh:法屬圭亞那球 pl:French Guianaball pt:Guiana Francesaball

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