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    Devonball, Sometimes known as Devonshireball, is a countyball on the south-west region of Englandball. It is part of Southwesterland along with Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. It is the only county with two coasts and has two national parks Dartmoor and Exmoor. It also likes the military and is very patriotic in supporting the Armed forces. It holds a county show every year during June and is a farming county. It is one of the only counties to hold two national parks.


    Devonball was born when the border between Cornwallball and itself was fixed at the Tamar River. Devon also spoke Cornish at one point. Devonball was mentioned in the doomsday bork as cliff cliff, and sometimes has its bork as scone scone. (Sc-Oh-N) Devon holds an event on Dartmoor called the ten tors it is a race, teams of young people from schools and cadet groups complete a 2day camp and hike across the moors. They start at Okehampton camp and finish in different places due to there being a 55 miler 35 and 45.


    •  Cornwallball - Half sibling. You put cream, then jam on your scones. Not the other way.
    •  Scotlandball & Northern Irelandball - Can't pronounce scones the proper way.
    •  Irelandball - Step/half cousin rarely seen, doesn't pronounce scones the right way.
    •  USAball - Uncle, sometimes annoying also it’s pronounced D-E-V-O-N-S-H-E-R not DeVoNShIRe
    •  Dorsetball &  Somersetball - Friendly siblings, have some pronounciation problems with 'h' and 't' though...
    •  Californiaball  - Y U NO BASE 'WE BROUGHT A ZOO' IN DEVON
    •  Brittanyball - Half sibling, twin of Cornwallball, good with trading and apart of the English Channel.


    • Dartmoor - Covers most of Devon, along with Exmoor. The River Dart originates here with a reservior, the moor is super duper radioactive (naturally). Has discovered a ruins older than stonehenge which will attract tourists and make Sailsburyball jealous (Although Sailsburyball has found a "superhenge" around the stonehenge.) Dartmoor is famous for its granite tors, throughout the moors you will find granite quarries. The original London Bridge used the granite on the moor for the bridge and still today on the moors there is still parts of it there abandoned, which has been sitting there for over a century.

    The moors is also home to a large china clay quarry called Lee moor it is located on the edge of Dartmoor near Plymouth. It has been active since the mid 19th century and is owned by imerys. It produces kaolin or china clay which is used in all sorts of daily products like toothpaste, paint, shampoo etc. It’s peak of production was in the 80s when it’s producing 3 million tons of it a year. Today it doesn’t produce that much. Dartmoor attracts around 10million people a year

    • Torbayball - Loves to spend money on £3000 palm trees and expensive beach huts.
    • Plymouthball - Has a very large port, Plymouthball cannot into county capital, it is where USAball was created. by accident.
    • Exeterball - County capitalball, has no flag, very modern.
    • Totnesball - Town with hippies and had a cat café.

    Characteristics & Hobbies

    • Going to the beach
    • Eating Jam and cream Scones (pronounced as Sc-oh-n-s)
    • walking on Dartmoor and Exmoor


    Devonball could into independence, along with Somersetball, Dorsetball and maybe Cornwallball. Devonball wants more power since Cornwallball also wants it.

    How to draw

    1. Draw the circle
    2. Colour the circle green (there is no official colour)
    3. Draw a white cross
    4. Draw a black border around the cross
    5. Add the eyes
    6. Add things like cups of tea or scones
    7. Make speech text of Devonball in Georgia or a similar font

    Users from Devonball

    Devon and Cornwall UK


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