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    Duchy of Austriaball

    Duchy of Austriaball was a HRE state that later become the emperor of HRE.


    Duchy of Austriaball started back when it was a 2ball, then they formed Germaniaball, then after the Romans collapsed, the Germans (Germanics) spread into Western Europe, then the Frankish Empireball came along, forming the HREball.

    In the 13th century, the Mongol vassal of Golden Hordeball attempted to invade Europe, where Hungaryball was its main enemy in Central Europe. The two forces met at the battle of Mohi (1241), where Austriaball was a minor belligerent of Kingdom of Hungaryball.

    Austriaball claimed a quick victory over Golden Hordeball during the early stages of the battle, but then left and so Golden Hordeball destroyed much of Hungaryball's kingdom. Kingdom of Hungaryball's king escaped to Austria, but he was not welcomed; indeed, Austriaball's duke forced him to cede three counties to his country. Golden Hordeball nevertheless tried to invade Austriaball too, but he got defeated at Viennaball and permanently pushing out the Mongols from Austrian territory in the River March, Theben (which is today Bratislavaball).

    Despite being safe from Golden Hordeball permanently, it got in conflict with Hungaryball, because of claiming his three counties. The decisive battle of the Leitha River in 1246 ended in an Austrian victory, however, in Kingdom of Hungaryball's favor, the Austrian duke was killed during the battle.

    Austriaball would eventually make Kingdom of Bohemiaball a vassal, who defeated Hungaryball at the battle of Kressenbrunn in 1260, but Hungaryball would get its revenge at the battle on the Marchfeld in 1278.

    Later, Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria, founded the famous House of Habsburg, where Austria would rise to be a great power.




    Golden Hordeball - Ich don't know you but you was of invadings yurope! But you can't invadings me ja! But thanks for weaking my rival Hungarian!


    Kingdom of Hungaryball -

    Kingdom of Bohemiaball -

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