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    — Li Shang

    HanSoloball was a great ancestorball of Chinaball.


    Hanball was born as a 1ball, the ancestor of Chinese people. It was established by a rebel named Liu Bang, who defeated Qinball and Xi Chuball soldiers and renamed himself Gaozu when he ascended to the throne. Despite having a well-trained and well-equipped army, the northern provinces of Hanball still suffered raids from Xiongnuball which are believed to be the ancestors of Hunnic Empireball.

    In 200 B.C, Gaozu mobilized a 320,000 strong army and marched to meet the invaders in the battlefield. However, Modu Chanyu, the chanyu(khan) of the Xiongnu, surrounded the Han army in the town of Baideng and besieged them.

    This defeat caused Gaozu to resolve the issue through peaceful means. In 198 B.C, negotiations opened up and in exchange of Xiongnu raids being ceased, Modu Chanyu get to receive a Chinese princess, a practice known today as "heqin". However, the emperors weren't happy that the chanyus get to marry a smokin' hot Chinese babe as they still pillaged northern Chinese settlements.

    During the reign of Emperor Wu, the Han Dynasty was prospering as they recently conquered Southern China and Northern Vietnam (commonly known as Annam), regions dominated by Yue people. Trade increased, the economy boosted and the empire accumulated huge amounts of money stored in the treasury.

    Wu decided to stop the heqin policy and in 136 B.C assembled a meeting with his officials. The faction supporting to wage war against those Turkic dudes won by majority vote and planned to lure the chanyu, Junchen utilizing wealth and defection tactics. Their aim was to eliminate him and cause political chaos within the Xiongnu realm.

    Finally, in 133 B.C, Wu launched his military campaigns, pillaging cities and destroying the enemy territory like what the Xiongnu did to them years ago. Han invasions reached their peak in 116 B.C when Wei Qing managed to kick the Xiongnu's ass and forced them to flee to the Gobi Dessert.

    After Wu's reign, Han forces continued to prevail against the Xiongnu. The Xiongnu leader Huhanye Chanyu (r. 58–31 BC) finally submitted to Han as a tributary vassal in 51 BC. His rival claimant to the throne, Zhizhi Chanyu (r. 56–36 BC), was killed by Chen Tang and Gan Yanshou (甘延壽/甘延寿) at the Battle of Zhizhi, in modern Taraz, Kazakhstan.

    In 121 BC, Han forces expelled the Xiongnu from a vast territory spanning the Hexi Corridor to Lop Nur. They repelled a joint Xiongnu-Qiang invasion of this northwestern territory in 111 BC. In that year, the Han court established four new frontier commanderies(administrative divisions) in this region: Jiuquan, Zhangyi, Dunhuang, and Wuwei.

    The majority of people on the frontier were soldiers. On occasion, the court forcibly moved peasant farmers to new frontier settlements, along with government-owned slaves and convicts who performed hard labor. The court also encouraged commoners, such as farmers, merchants, landowners, and hired laborers, to voluntarily migrate to the frontier.

    Even before Han's expansion into Central Asia, diplomat Zhang Qian's travels from 139 to 125 BC had established Chinese contacts with many surrounding civilizations. Zhang encountered Dayuan (Fergana), Kangju (Sogdiana), and Daxia (Bactria, formerly the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom); he also gathered information on Shendu (Indus River valley of North India) and Anxi (the Parthian Empire).

    All of these countries eventually received Han embassies. These connections marked the beginning of the Silk Road trade network that extended to the Roman Empire, bringing Han items like silk to Rome and Roman goods such as glassware to China.

    From roughly 115 to 60 BC, Han forces fought the Xiongnu over control of the oasis city-states in the Tarim Basin. Han was eventually victorious and established the Protectorate of the Western Regions in 60 BC, which dealt with the region's defense and foreign affairs.

    Yunnan was brought into the Han realm with the conquest of the Dian Kingdom in 109 BC, followed by parts of the Korean Peninsula with the Han conquest of Gojoseon and colonial establishments of Xuantu Commandery and Lelang Commandery in 108 BC. In China's first known nationwide census taken in 2 AD, the population was registered as having 57,671,400 individuals in 12,366,470 households.

    To fund his projects, Wu initiated economic reforms, including nationalizing several private industries. He also created central government monopolies administered largely by former merchants.

    These monopolies included salt, iron, and liquor production, as well as bronze-coin currency but the liquor monopoly only lasted from 98 B.C-81 B.C, and later, the iron and bronze monopolies were abolished during the early Eastern Han Dynasty.



    • Chinaball - My Best Grandchild who doing with business and anything :)
      • Hong Kongball - Yuo should be not germanic, yuo must always being part of our ancestor family
      • Macauball - My Great-Grandchild, Yuo might be good luck with yuor amazing casino and gamblings BUT WHY ARE YUO LATIN!?
    • Taiwanball - I do not knownings much about Taiwan however yuo should part of our family
    • Tringapore - My grandchild from southeast asia who speakings chinese alot but very too far away from China
    • North Koreaball - My Weird grandchild Has alot of nukes but why are yuo scared at anyone
    • Vietnamball - WHY YUO HATINGS MY GRANDCHILD? Yuo should part of our family as well


    • Parthiaball - Iranic trade friend.
    • SPQRball - We were always trade friends and some of yuor soldiers lived in my clay. I once tried to send ambassadors to your clay but failed. SERIOUISLY THOUGH REMOVE SPAGHETTI! LO MEIN STRONK! PASTA MINE!
    • The tribal 1balls, the Hans are the best! I kind of agreed with Rome, those uncivilized balls are annoying!!


    • Xiongnuball - A nomad who always harasses wo. My child removed yuo xixixixixi.
    • Empire of Japanball - Yuo bullied my SUPER GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT CHILD, how dared yuo, Glad yuor gone forever, DON’T COME BACK!
    Map of the Warlord states after the collapse of the Han Dynasty

    How to draw

    Draw Hanball is very simple.

    1. Draw the basic sphere and color it of yellow like here
    2. Draw a little white circle inside and add there a black
    3. Add two slant eyes and a rice hat. You've finished.



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