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    The stars at night are dull and dim whenever they have to be over dumb, old, stupid Texas!
    — SpongeBob SquarePants
    Come and Take It!!!
    — Texas Revolution
    Didn't your mama teach you not to play with matches?
    — TF2 Engineer

    Texasball’s spanish name means Roof Tiles is where all the murican stereotypes come from is Mr. Black People a countryball stateball from USA-icon.png USAball. He is possibly also one of the most likely to secede from USA-icon.png 'Murica, due to his rebellious nature and personality. Should he secede, it would severely weaken USAball, as many states heavily rely on Texas for certain resources such as oil, petroleum and guns. He is a rather trigger happy fellow, even for an American state. He is known for being home to cowboys and bandits, having tons of oil, being home to many big businesses like AT&T, being a big redneck state known for country singers like other southern states have, and for being where the most people are moving to in the USA. Despite being known for being a redneck and a really conservative state, due to people from many states moving into Texas, it isn’t as conservative as other southern states.

    Texasball is sometimes seen wearing shades and his iconic hat. He may also have a Colt Peacemaker, a Winchester rifle, or a shotgun.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Texas was offcially born as a 3-icon.png 3ball. He remained this way until he was adopted by the colonizer, Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spainball in 1519. He was called New Philippinesball by Spanish Empireball. He tried being a republic twice as GM agee-icon.png 1st Republic of Texasball and Long Republic-icon.png 2nd Republic of Texasball. Franceball tried taking him, but natives and the climate killed him off. He then later was adopted by Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball and combined with Coahuila-icon.png Coahuilaball to form Coahuila y Tejas-icon.png Coahuila y Tejasball. He then ROT-icon.png gained independence for 10 years, those ten years were spent deciding if he should Join the United States of America or expand west to compete with America. He decided to join America in 1845. He had a bit of a rebellious phase and seceded then joined CSA-icon.png CSAball. He then rejoined USAball in 1870. In 1900 he struck oil in Spindletop and since then, his economy has been booming rivaling Canada-icon.png Canadaball and Brazil-icon.png Brazilball in GDP. Lately he's been considering secession again. For the past few years, he has been getting a bunch of people moving into his clay from California, which has boosted his growth, however, he is worried about liberals taking over his clay and turning him into another Californiaball, aka liberal state.

    Relations[edit | edit source]

    Pardners (Friends)[edit | edit source]

    • USA-icon.png USAball (mostly) - Mah Pa an' former Civil War enemy, he is still steamed about his confusion with Chile-icon.png Chileball, he also won't let me move out. But ever since Harvey, don't even think Ah'm ready yet.
    • Arizona-icon.png Arizonaball - A good brother! We hunt down illegal aliens together. Plus, it's hotter than dickens!!! And He was James, Jaiden and Adam's Home, and they're Rebecca's friends! We love your YouTubers and You love ours!! We both have the same Storytime Animators! Also, we're both victims of the invasion of those darn Californians. We both know that we wanted Donald Trump 2020!
    • NewMexico-icon.png New Mexicoball - My younger brother, We don't talk much.
    • Kansas-icon.png Kansasball - Good friend, even if we were on opposite sides in the American Civil War. We have things in common nowadays, and people from my clay go to its. However, this stupid Arkansas-icon.png sucker exists. I will help you remove them!
    • Wyoming-icon.png Wyomingball - Fellow cowboy.
    • Colorado-icon.png Coloradoball - Younger brother (Also a bit of him used to be my clay), somewhat a moderate between me and Californiaball. Though he gets annoyed sometimes when Californiaball and Ah both invade his clay, yet he likes weed. He prefers me over California-icon.png this asshole which is good. Also the co creator of South Park (Matt Stone) was born in my Houston-icon.png most populated city
    • Other Southernballs - My half-siblings! (CSA-icon.png special former relationship)
    • Chihuahua-icon.png Chihuahuaball, Coahuila-icon.png Coahuilaball, Nuevo León-icon.png Nuevo Leónball, Tamaulipas-icon.png Tamaulipasball - Mexican stateballs that send too many drugs and immigrants over the Rio Grande. Can't forgive 'em for that... They are all kind of cool, especially Nuevo León-icon.png Nuevo Leónball who is kind of Mexican me (sort of)
    • UK-icon.png UKball - Grandpa.. tell dad to give me a gun this Christmas please...
    • Australia-icon.png Australiaball - Uncle that has a lot in common with me. We wear hats, have accents and very big egos, etc. But annoyingly his son, Western Australiaball, is even bigger than me and the darn Alaska put together!
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - My cutie asian sister outside of US. I really love her culture. And yer food is very yummy! Give Adobo and Sisig, sis! Most of Filipinos living in my clay! I, once, stole her name.
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - I like you because you are former commie soviet and we both hate Russiaball and Vietnamball.
    • Queensland-icon.png Queenslandball - The 'Australian Texas' as they say it here.. So obviously, we get along darn good.
    • Western Cape-icon.png Western Capeball - The 'African Texas?' Don't understand why there's a lotta me's around here, I approve that at least.
    • Bern-icon.png Bernball (canton) - The 'Swiss Texas' wow yuo are neutral version me.
    • SG-HCMC-icon.png Ho Chi Minh Cityball - this guy think that why i hate yuor dad but yuo are The 'Vietnamese Texas'.
    • Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball - The 'British Texas' oh yuo also a outer brother from UK-icon.png grandpa.
    • Kuwait-icon (division).png Farwaniyahball - The 'Kuwaiti Texas' good thing dad liberating yuor mother from Iraqball.
    • Zamboanga Peninsula-icon.png Zamboanga Peninsulaball - The 'Filipino Texas?' yuo also a son from my Philippines-icon.png sister.
    • Grande Comore-icon.png Grande Comoreball - The 'Comorian Texas?' idk why yuor father Hates my Daddy.
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - My Uncle up north, he's loves my culture.
    • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball - My lovely Aunt, she loves the Lord of the Rings.
    • Ireland-icon.png Irelandball - My great-uncle who hates my grandpa.
    • Alberta-icon.png Albertaball - My cousin who's a lot like me, she and I have a lot in common, I love her!
    • Tennessee-icon.png Tennesseeball - Thanks for helping free me in the revolution. Great brother! Both of us are big centers of country music, we both were in the CSA and we both love guns and whiskey.
    • Oklahoma-icon.png Oklahomaball - We have a sports rivalry however we are both rednecks although I’m more of one who like country music and guns. Plus lots of Oklahomans are in Texas and Spongebob’s creator is from Oklahoma, and Sandy is my favorite character on Spongebob and she’s from Texas!

    Ah ain't know 'em (Neutral)[edit | edit source]

    • US Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball - YUO USED TO BE SO COOL, BUT NOW YOU BETRAYED US WHAT THE HELL!! WHY DID YA VOTE FOR THE STUPID LIBERAL BIDEN YUO LIBTARD! YA DOOMED US ALL, AH TELL YA!!! But we like to ride our horses in that Old Town Road.
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - Russia's son, u suck. But i do like your son and your stable relationship with USA-icon.png USAball.
    • Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball (sometimes) - Ah forgive him for bein' an abusive ma back in the day, don't ever mess with me ever again. He's the reason Ah can speak Spanish and tacos are one of my popular food. But please git yer people off mah fence.(Remember the Alamo!)
    • Spain-icon.png Spainball - Grandma, ain't know much about her, she's nice from all Ah remember and from what mah pa told me.
    • Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball - Ah'm using her name and her counties names on one of mah neighbourhoods, also can be strong Pardner against all those Commies and Antifa. But Ah fuckin' hate the Big Smoke Meme because I was spammed with it on TCR. Also stop pissing me off with that fruty ass Texas song okay?

    Bless their rotten hearts (Enemies)[edit | edit source]

    • California-icon.png Californiaball - STOP TRYIN' TO TURN ME INTO ONE A' YER LIBERALS! LOOK WHAT YA DONE TO POOR, LITTLE Arizona-icon.png ARIZONA! YOU TURNED HIM INTO 'YOU'! "DON'T CALIFORNIA MAH TEXAS!" Californians should learn to not bring their crappy politics that ruined their former home in the first place! Those Dems thought that they could turn me 'blue'! Yes, Ah turned blue mahself for LBJ. But for Joe Biden? Hahhahhaw! Nope.
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - STOP BEFRIENDIN' California-icon.png THIS LIBTARD!!!!!
    • Chile-icon.png Chileball - IMPOSTOR! KTVT. But you are mah Uncle also so it kind of makes sense.
    • Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball - Druglord Uncle, stop sending drugs.
    • Alaska-icon.png Alaskaball - 1959 worst day of my life! Your not even part of the contiguous USA, so you ain't hardly count. Ah still am.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - Alaska is yours, ya' commie. You are the reason why Ah'm smaller than Alaska! But, on the other hand, your child, Moscowball, we're in a pretty good relationship.. way better than you. Sometimes I think you adopted him. Props to that, but seriously, why don't you go and whack off to a naked picture of Vladimir Lenin for Christ's sake?
    • Massachusetts-icon.png Massachusettsball - Stupid liberal, fuck him.
    • Moscow-icon.png Moscowball - ..Eh, eh.. I don't want to hate ya, my dad forces me to. You're a pretty nice guy when I think about it. But why are you so shy around me? Are you scared? Hah, anyways, as I'm meant to say, hate you, Moscow..
    • Indiana-icon.png Indianaball - COME ERE YE INDIAN.
    • South Korea-icon.png North Korea-icon.png S&N Koreaball - South Korea, I don't care if you're friends with USA-icon.png USAball! I hate K-POP! REMOVE BTS! REMOVE BLACKPINK! REMOVE RED VELVET! K-POP IS A SIN'!!!' SUCH TERRIBLE MUSIC! At'd least you hate commies. North Korea, And you!!! You are very dirty asian commie!!! Why must you launch to my Austin-icon.pngCapital??!
    • Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball (Formerly) - I sent all of your Japanese to my internment camps! You will pay after what you did to Pearl Harbor! REMOVE SUSHI! You deserved to get bombed!
    • Arkansas-icon.png Arkansasball - YOUR FOOTBALL TEAM SUCKS! We are sooo much better than you. We lost to you in the Texas Bowl though! YOU SUCK! Go back to Kansas!
    • Patrick Star - stop calling me dumb!!!

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